Topic #2 VAC: Why Mobile App For Distributors Should Be Your Next Business Venture


No growth hack, brilliant marketing idea, or sales team can save you long-term, if you don’t have a sufficiently good product.

The marketplaces today stand on innovation.

If your end-product can arouse curiosity among the crowd by its qualitative uniqueness, there is nothing that can obstruct the business potential.

The words of focus here are innovation, uniqueness, and convenience.

Following to these customs of the business course today, we found a broader scope of creative development in the path connecting the distributor and the vendor/shopkeeper.

Talking about the current scenario, where we see a distributor sending a salesman to approach different vendors for the stock information and for placing order requests.

Here the manual process firmly blends with the process, but we cannot overlook the time, resource and cost utilized in the form of the salesman.

With digitalization adding momentum to every industry, don’t you think there is a need of digital change here?

Coming to one such virgin concept of mobile app for distributors, such that they can constantly monitor stockpiles of the product.

In this automated system, when the stock is about to get exhausted in a shop, the distributor gets a notification and following the same, he can request for placing orders to the vendors.

This way, vendors can get rid of utilizing manpower for getting information about the product reserves.

More power can be given to the distributor-vendor relationship by enabling them to order the product from the application itself.

Thereby, we can save resources, time and cost by completely eliminating the role of a physical mediator in the form of a salesman.


What should be USP that intensively helps to grow your business?


In the business world, where everybody is set to be the next clone, you can distinguish yourself by not extinguishing that distinctive spark you possess.

The unique selling point of this module is convenience that it provides to the distributors by being able to track the sales and hoards of the vendor store.

The industries of distributors will be desperate to get enrolled into these systems, as what they invest in the enrollment of the application will get them a peek into the vendor’s store.

So, the process starts with the distributor who constantly monitors the stocks in the stores of every vendor and deals using a single platform.

When the product stock is about to get over i.e. when there are only last few products left in the stock, the distributor gets a notification and can reach the vendor within the application itself.

This way the entire process of distribution can be molded in a seamless flow for both the vendor and the distributor – a truly virgin concept complimented by digitalization.

Detailed List of Market Segmentation


Fashion Industry

Fashion Industry

Such an application can be used by the distributors of apparels, accessories, footwares, bags, etc. to know which piece is getting exhausted in the store.



Distributors who deal with the electronic gadgets such as Mobile phones, Tablets, Play stations, Headphones, Desktops, Kitchen Appliances, Mechanical tools, and the like can extensively use the service.



In order to understand the stock availability of the medicines, sterilizers, injections, saline and glucose bottles in the clinics, hospitals, pharmacists, the distributor can use this application.


Food and Grocery Delivery

Food and Grocery Delivery

The stock information about the food items and grocery, alcohol, beverages, and its kind can be evaluated by the distributors.

Beauty and Wellness

Beauty and Wellness

Stockpile about hair products, cosmetics, skin and similar beauty products for the salons, beauty parlors, can be known.



Reserves for sports related equipments, training modules, sports accessories, and its counterpart can be found out by the distributors.


Get Complete Business Model Of Mobile App For Distributors



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Splendid Revenue Model For Your Long Term Business Growth


There are two parties involved in this application – the distributor and the vendor.

But the overall features and functionalities of the application with good user interface encircle around the distributor by providing him with the ease of business.

So, the most practical revenue model is to charge the distributors for enrolling them with this system for their convenience of tracking their orders.

Apart from the instant stock check which gets an updated list of products with just a tap, the vendors can place their order and can pay using the application’s e-wallet.

How to stand out in crowded market with unique business idea


Various applications can be found in the market in which there are modules for placing the orders, but you will find none as of today regarding the tracking of the stockpile.

Since, the mobile app for distributors makes an exclusive entry in marketing with a completely unheard, untried, and unused concept; it will easily be accepted and adopted by the distributors and the vendors. 

Pertaining to the ease of the entire process, the application provides a harmonious entrepreneurial adoption.

What do you need for a venture of distributor app?



The client should know which category and niche he would like to launch an application for.


Client should go deeper into distributor-vendor relationship and related processes to request for the useful and relevant features



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