Topic #3 SCAD: How Digitized Content Management Tool Will Help Media Agencies to Reform Content Development Procedure


Talking about digitalization – the print media, electronic media, and a step extending towards the Internet and the content developing agencies it is – ‘The Internet Era’.

Starting exclusively from the brick and mortar functioning, today news, press and similar other content developing firms have extended their hopes of expansion towards digitalization.

“Yeah! We are obviously digitalized. We use web and application space for spreading our content.” – claims the news agencies.

Even the EdTech industry believed that they were digitalized until we gave them the sights to perceive their industry in a modernized way. You can see the efforts that we put in the intensive analysis to upgrade EdTech industry digitally here.

Coming back to the news agency, without a doubt the press and content developing firms have settled their functioning on the web and mobile space, but the actual agony it faces is behind the development scenario.

I will say, the press industry overlooked some aspects of its functioning where the better management could have been possible and digitalization has not completely casted its magical spell is in the News Agencies and how it can be replaced by digitized content management tool

But in order to thoroughly understand the scope of the digitalization that I am talking about, allow me to walk you ‘behind the scenes’ of the content development team in the news agencies.

And mind you, this is going to be really interesting update in the monotonous functioning of the news agency.

The Shift From Analog to Digital - Trootech

“Hey! Did you hear about….? This is exclusive and ground breaking at the same time. Let’s create news content and publish it as soon as possible.”
And the research work begins immediately to be the first in the industry to spread the news.

“Hey pass me the research work and I will start organizing my content.”

Meanwhile the editor asks for a new piece that was written ages ago and the working on the current topic comes to a halt.

Never mind, the aggregation of the content begins and yet again another document is asked for by the graphic designer, publisher, assistant editor, editor-in-chief, and focus on the piece of the assigned task goes helter skelter.

News content is for one time – agree or agree?

Once your competitors makes the news go live, you probably lose major chances to exceed in the race and succeed.

And why not?

If someone else has a better efficiency to provide the audience with exclusive news pieces, obviously they would be sloped towards them making all your agency’s efforts go futile within seconds.

Now do you get the point that just the sharing of the materials from one person to another collectively consumed a considerable amount of time?

Are you feeling like “OMG! Realized this now.”? Or did you realize this earlier and are working in the direction to reduce time in this space?

Whatever it is you are proceeding in the right direction.

The conventional content-based pre-press procedure for content development includes the process of researching, writing, gathering, organizing, and editing information for publishing on the websites, applications, or for telecasting.

The content developers are expected to show the skills of graphic designing, multimedia development, professional writing, documentation, and sharing the news piece as and when required to the concerned person.

So many tasks! So little time!

How about getting a digitalized common platform for all the users ranging from the researchers, writers, aggregators, organizers, editors, and publishers?

Now is the time to

take a paradigm shift from the manual to the digital.

Going deep into the process, this platform will be available for all where everyone has an access to it.

Moreover, any content which is next to being published is to be uploaded on the platform.

Resulting, anyone can use that uploaded content according to their requirement. Here the manual process is replaced by the digitized content management tool is carried out in a good way.

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How Is It Possible To Make Your Business Available For Global Acceptance


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Today, the news agencies are running towards the point-blank without having a designated direction in their internal processing.

I believe that the complete internal functioning of the news agencies will be revolutionized with the help of this digital platform.

I duly agree that the processing and the culture of every news agency are different. The process of one firm may not firmly be the same as yours.

Thus, call it a web portal, mobile application or simply a digital platform, it can be innovatively customized and can be used for the functioning inside the firm

Another advantage of such a platform is the elimination of the physical boundaries in the recruiting process.

When your firm deserves a qualitative work to be done by an expert but is situated hundreds of miles away from your brick and mortar agency, you can still get the work done skillfully and the same can be shared using your personalized digital platform.

The same idea can go wide for the firms who work in close proximity with the freelancers as a SaaS tool for any bloggers, designers, researchers, editors etc.

Always Be A Part Of Revolutions


The time consuming and costly business of transcribing documents by hand was how news was reported and preserved.

The production, transmission, and survival relied on that news.

The printing press broke the monopoly of the scribes which revoltingly surfaced ideas as people were suddenly able to print their own pamphlets on all kinds of subject.

This led to the evolvement of the newspaper and gradually computers became the chief source of development.

Then came the era when the news and media upgraded their industries with the inception of TV and it’s ruling the Internet space with the search engines and social media revolution.

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Why Your Customer Should Use Digitized Content Management Tool


As an entrepreneur, by using SaaS tool extensively the application to entice the freelancers, news firms, Online news aggregators, etc.

By going digital you can eliminate many inherent drawbacks of the manual processes for the internal processing.

Thus, by exhausting comparatively lesser time in the sharing, uploading, and searching of the media, there opens up a space for the efficient functioning of the organization.

For Management

For Writers

For Editors

For Management

For Writers

For Editors


How This Will Help You To Generate Revenue


It was incredibly expensive to make publish a story and make it available to a mass audience.

Freemium Model for News Agencies


Freemium Model for News Agencies



Why should you eliminate analog procedures of content management?


By going digital in the pre-press you can significantly increase efficiency, eliminate unnecessary errors and ultimately boost the publishing time.

In the manual processing, it is the responsibility of the management to store the content that is to be published daily by the agencies.

Moreover, the manual process is more time consuming where the content follows the complete hierarchy from the editor-in-chief to the assistant editors and the subordinates before publishing.

So, for any of the news agencies time is a factor taken into consideration so the automation at this point is necessary.

The digital publishing has compressed the timescales for the news production staff. The World Wide Web along with a good exposure becomes a source of increasing competition newspapers.

With the concept of digitalizing the internal processing, the time and cost are significantly reduced.

And in the end, the record of all the material is updated and can be accessed by the authorized individual with utmost confidentiality.

Now that you went through the campaign initiated by us, how about being a trendsetting contributor in the domain?


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