TRooTech Profiled among Top Custom Software Development Company

Since 2014, TRooTech Solutions has proactively been pushing transformations in the custom software landscape. With sustainable development at our foresight, we have continually been working to develop compelling solutions and our trajectory has only witnessed an upward shift in recent years.  



Over the course of 8 years, TRooTech has garnered a lot of accreditations for its contribution to developing exemplary software solutions. It is yet another crowning jewel for us to be recognized as one of the key market players for custom software development in the Asia Pacific region by Research and Markets. 

Software development propels the digital transformation efforts of any organization. TRooTech Business Solutions, an industry-proclaimed leader in end-to-end custom software development services, is committed to steering the design and development of large-scale intelligent software solutions across diverse industries. 

We are continually working to bring about transformation in the software development sector, and our efforts aren’t overlooked. Just recently, TRooTech has been picked by The Asia Pacific Custom Software Development Market Report 2022 as one of the essential motivators for development of custom software solutions in the Asian region. 

The report assesses and recognizes trends in Custom Software Development and analytically dissects them based on solutions, end user, enterprise size, deployment, and country.

Our solutions are targeted to improve organizational efficiency, asset visibility in real-time, end-to-end asset observation, asset management, predictive analytics, and an omnichannel customer experience in a global scenario. We have successfully been assisting businesses across the globe in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the world. 

We help businesses annex the opportunities offered by the Internet of Things through our platform, tools, and custom software development expertise. 

What Makes Us Expert Software Consultants?

At TRooTech, we are a team of innovators and visionaries who believe in pioneering industry-specific unique solutions that identify patterns to connect smart technology with industrial processes. We impart a human touch to our solutions and offer consultancy services that help businesses accomplish their strategic goals. 

We aren’t limited to a specific application area by our expertise. We offer skilled developers adept at formulating end-to-end digital solutions. Our team of qualified developers refines the design and development of software applications and infrastructure. 

We are dedicated to equipping stakeholders with scalable and secure infrastructure aligned with the company’s growth objective and optimized for efficiency, flexibility, and deployment speed.

Our team of developers provides services from conceptualization to implementation. TRooTech is a full-stack software development company allowing us to build client-specific custom software solutions. We conduct a thorough audit before each deployment by both manual and automated testing, to identify and mitigate bugs and enhance performance. 

Custom Software Development Services That TRooTech Offers

  • Software Consulting: We offer end-to-end software consulting services to support enterprises through their digital journeys. 
  • Custom Software Development: One of our key competencies, our experts devise a roadmap that analyzes and leverages cutting-edge technologies to meet client expectations. 
  • Custom Mobile App Development: We build solutions from scratch for ioS and Android applications. 
  • Custom Web App Development: Our expert developers develop custom web portals, dynamic web pages,single-page websites, cross-platform applications, and eCommerce websites. 
  • Cloud App Development: Our cloud experts use industry-leading methodologies and tools to deliver highly secure and scalable cloud-based applications. 
  • Customized SaaS Development: We transform your product idea into scalable SaaS solutions. 
  • Remaking Legacy Software: Our modernization experts utilize the latest technologies to tailor a customized modernization plan for your legacy infrastructure. 

What Do You Think Is the Future of Software Development?

The future of software development is limitless. The increased technological engagement across varied industries predicts a rise in human interaction with software applications. 

Our team at TRooTech exceeds business /client expectations by delivering strategic results fuelled by a client-centric approach and deploying solutions that align with organizational objectives. 

Our top priority at TRooTech is to develop a strategy that works on a client-first approach to deliver tangible results. We work collaboratively with our clients to deploy solutions tailored to their business objectives. 

Our focus will continue to be on overcoming the differences and bridging the gap between the real and digital world by promoting innovative solutions and a scalable software ecosystem to create a close synergy between IoT and network platforms. 

About Research and Markets

Research and Markets is a trusted source of news publications. It provides accurate market data pivotal to an effective marketing strategy. 

The future of software development is limitless. It is being engaged across varied industries. The future technology scenario will witness a wave of custom software applications powered by human-machine interactivity.


TRooTech will continue to create custom software solutions that present newer opportunities across diverse industries that work based on learning models. 

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