On-demand Trucking and Logistics Solutions have Taken an Interesting Form

The eCommerce arena is revolutionizing. Next-day delivery is no longer a USP; it is an MVP. Along the same lines, logistics and transportation industry solution providers are striving to achieve more in less time to optimize their business processes. The future relies on same-day and even same-hour delivery. As a result, the need of the hour is to focus on solutions that accelerate the internal processes for the trucking businesses.

TRooTech has been working closely to foster and shape the future of the on-demand economy. Using its expertise in the development of Uber-like applications and on-demand delivery applications, TRooTech placed a bet at the development of an on-demand trucking application that helps logistic owners efficiently partner with truck drivers and manage their consignments.

TruckLinks, a ready-to-deploy software suite, is a smart business solution for logistics startups. Individual courier owners can, in turn, leverage TruckLinks to establish an online presence to receive ease of business handling.

The business analyst behind the development of TruckLinks affirms that the Uber-like trucking app is flexible, user-centered, scalable, branded & customizable, and logistics owners can launch it at the earliest to get the benefit of COVID-19. Since numerous customers are availing online delivery services, the eCommerce is going to boom. As a result, online delivery is going to receive a massive traction.

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What Makes TruckLinks a Unique On-demand Trucking Application?

Numerous advanced technologies have been used by developers for building Uber-like applications for trucking. Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, and Amazon EC2 are used for storage, database, and web server respectively.

In addition to this, there are numerous features such as notification, integrated payment solutions, geo location, and more. As a result, developers of TRooTech leveraged Twilio for the SMS adapter. Stripe has been used for encouraging seamless payment, and Google Maps are used for geo-fencing functionality for admin.

Below are some of the features that help TruckLinks stand out from the other online trucking applications:

  • Chat Module

  • Voice Assistance

  • Reward System

  • Geo-fencing

  • Bidding Tool

  • CRM Tools

  • Detailed Dashboard

  • Refund Management

  • Tariff Handling

These are some of the features for admin. TruckLinks holds numerous exciting features for drivers and Users.

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Why TRooTech’s TruckLinks is the Right Business Solution?

TruckLinks positions itself as the best on-demand solution in the logistics and transportation industry, owing to the advanced features and revenue model that it boasts. The ease of handling business and opportunities regarding eCommerce on the horizon makes it a profitable business.

The right time to own TruckLinks is now and the right time to launch TruckLinks is tomorrow, as numerous logistics players are betting on similar kinds of solutions.

Below is the step to procure TruckLinks:

  • Request for a demo: Our executives will guide you through the detailed functioning of TruckLinks.
  • Seek consultation: We have got plenty of room of customization in TruckLinks. You can seek consultation and ask us to integrate the features of your choice.
  • Sign the contract: We have a client-centric contract that covers maintenance and training for our clients for a certain period of time.
  • Own it: Upon successful completion of the payment, our executives will deploy the product to you and provide the necessary training.

Why wait if you can run a business starting the day after tomorrow?

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