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When we put innovation in words, it feels like a big deal. But then we realize, it is just a routine process and a part of our robust software development approach, here at TRooTech. 

Our tenacity to hold on to our professional and ethical values converged with our technological intelligence creates exceptional outcomes for our clients, spanning the U.S., the U.K, Australia, South Africa, China, and other parts of the world. As a result, we are trusted as the top innovative business intelligence company for custom solutions.

Little did we know that media companies across borders are recognizing this growth potential and innovation abilities of ours. Having said this, we are excited to be a prominent part of the 10 top most innovative business intelligence startups and companies in Ahmedabad (India) by Data Magazine (UK).

What were the Top Criteria for the Selection of Business Intelligence Companies?

Data Magazine is headquartered in London and is owned by Fupping Ltd. The media company operates on a mission to promote and encourage leading companies serving innovation at scale. The media company gauges the pulse of clients and segregates software development companies based on their experience and project development journey.

Data Magazine tries to pick up select companies spanning the size spectrum, right from startups to established software development companies. In addition to this, four key parameters were considered to select TRooTech, the top innovative business intelligence company, from among various software development companies:

  • Innovation: Under innovation, TRooTech emerged as a prominent software development agency with innovative ideas (Virgin App Concepts), innovative products, the best route to market.
  • Growth: At TRooTech, we believe in continuous innovation and sustainable growth to serve our clients just right. As a result, we are keeping up with the needs of our clients and evolving to exceed their expectations. Did you check out our mobile software development expertise yet?
  • Management: Under our leadership and management, we are able to diversify our portfolio and offer distinguished services under Quixom, TRooInbound, TRooBookkeeper, and TRooCreative to empower businesses to reach their true potential in the digital space, thereby making us the top innovative business intelligence company.
  • Societal Impact: We are not profit-makers but change-makers. Our core mission is to uplift businesses with technology and prepare talents to cater to the innovative business demands of the future.

For TRooTech to be the top innovative business intelligence company, the future begins with the analysis of the past & implementation of today. Every project for us is an opportunity to showcase our skills, every client to us is a partner to evolve with, and every technology for us is a toolkit to write sustainable growth for our clients.

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