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TRootech was born in the Indian market when clients were having a hard time trusting small and large development industries and the freelancers were gaining the projects making more. The huge abandonment of projects and extended time issues propagating in the market put the first valuable lesson in the founding minds of TRooTech – the driving force behind any innovative business idea is to work in entirety.

The dissatisfaction around then saw the emergence of TRooTech Business Solutions with a want to bring back the trust of clients in IT business.

Niraj being the CEO plays a chief role in communicating the firm’s vision to his fellow members, prospects, clients and business partners. Apart from leading the executive team, the CEO makes sure that team roles are clear to the individuals and the brand value is progressive in the market.

The company’s core strength is  the talented team of various professionals that go in deep understanding of the requirements of clients before the confirmation of any project. Not just that, the CEO personally educates the clients of technical aspects making sure that the project gurus and the prospects are on the same page throughout the development.

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Niraj has also shed some light upon the near future of the company’s upcoming business model called ‘Similar App Development’, that will be highly beneficial from a value addition perspective to the clients. This model has the potential to save high marginal time as clients’ referred choices from the market become the nucleus of the product’s development. Moreover, this solution has been receiving quite a buzz and was even selected for vendor briefing in Gartner last year.

 TrooTech has been successful in acquiring a client retention rate of more than 95% and proudly follows the legitimate mantra in business – Stay Troo to your clients! Niraj even talks about the foremost parameters that decide the cost and time-frame of their projects with respect to the technical complexity involved.

Read the whole interview to know which platform can turn out best for your apps – Native or Hybrid? Android or iOS? TRooTech has worked on projects with budgets ranging from $13K to $65K with a payment structure that consists of milestone payments for a fixed price engagement. Know about the CEO’s Troo suggestions to clients in the IT business on GoodFirms.

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