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The Twitter camp saw a major reshuffle at management level in June when Jack Dorsey took the handle of things. The co-founder has been verbal about the social media giant’s inability to hold on the users who are infrequent visitors. In July he went to an extent saying that Twitter should be the first thing everyone in the world checks before they start their day.

The company has definitely started working in his projected direction and the the results have started emerging. Twitter has come up with a new tab on its app for iOS and Android. This tab will show the users the latest trending headlines and the tweets related to it.

According to the company’s spokesperson, the app which is live in Japan, is still in experimental stages. He further briefed that the new tab which is currently dubbed as the News tab, aims particularly at gathering news from various famous platforms and show it to users in a single, easy to view, convenient feed. For now the feed consists of the headlines from the major publications. Networks covered currently are NY Times, NBC News, ABC News, and USA Today. Once the user clicks on the headline, he/she can see the snippet of the news with brief summary, link to the original article along with the related tweets.

This new feature comes ahead of the release of Project Lightning, which is Twitter’s attempt in covering the live events, behind-the-scenes photos, videos and posts. As covered in our earlier post Facebook as already launched its experimental Live Event feature which more or less does the same. This is a new kind of competition the social media developers and comapnies are getting into now. How the users will gain from all this will be an interesting to see.

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