Contemporary Health Issues Require Contemporary Solution

Human society has come a long way in terms of fashion, art, technology and has gone far back in terms of mental health.

Every 5th post on the Internet is talking about mental health. ‘Stress’ has about 1,16,00,00,000 search results on Google while happiness has about 81,40,00,000 search hits. This just shows how much we are really talking about mental health. 

Actually, there’s only talking about it. 

When it comes to taking actions and sitting still for a while, users dread the very thought of it. Hence, the vicious cycle of toxic thoughts and stress never cease to cloud their mind.

On the other hand, even businessmen don’t notice the long-term returns that the mental health industry can fetch.

The mental health industry is slated to record the value of USD 5 Bn by 2027, while it registered the value of USD 2.3 Bn in 2020. More profitability is coming all the way to the mental health industry at a growth rate of 11.1% during this period (stats by Grand View Research).

“Okay, the current scenario of the mental health industry looks conducive with prosperity. Can a businessman be in the industry for a long haul?”


And I will tell you why.

Meditation is no longer an activity; it is a need for individuals. 

The awareness about mental wellbeing is rising proportionately with the increase in the hectic lifestyle of individuals. So, we know for sure that the urban sprawl is going to be there, leading to more time-exhaustion and, ultimately, mental exertion.

Hence, the sustainability of the mental health industry can’t be questioned.

Do you have some mental space to know about a profitable business? You will get some when you read about our exclusive business idea in the Virgin App Concept repository–VR Meditation App.

Virtual Relaxation App – The Future of the Mental Health Industry is Here

Let’s get to the idea real quick.

Given that most individuals suffer from the mental chatter at most active hours of their day, meditation, in turn, seems like a daunting task. Even when users have their eyes closed, the door to thoughts is wide open, which leads to nowhere. As a result, users only need to sit still with their VR headgears and let the app steer them towards mindfulness.

We propose a VR meditation app with beautiful and exotic locations powered with soothing music to keep away the hustle and bustle of life for users. The VR meditation app is programmed with guided visual relaxation sessions for users to practice visualization with utmost focus. Users need to put on their VR gears, aka VR headset and visualize the scenic beauty.

The admin can offer distinguished features to users in the VR meditation app to help them meditate without any distraction and achieve mindfulness. Users can choose the type of location and music they wish to focus on. 

At the beginning and end of every session, users will receive the option to add their current mood to the mood board. This can help offer personalized mediation sessions to users.

Like this business idea already? Skip the chase

Let’s talk about real business

Why is VR the Best-suited Technology for a Meditation App?

VR meditation near water body- 2- TRooTech Business Solutions

Escaping reality is one of the most sought after adventures for users. If that hadn’t been the case, virtual reality would not have been popular. In fact, gaming would not have been popular in the first place.

What are books and movies for? They lead users to enter into a new world, leaving their real-lives on hold for some moments. Hence, conventionally or contemporarily, users love to escape reality.

That makes virtual reality a timeless technology.

Now, when two dynamics–mental wellbeing and VR technology–are here to stay, the business crafted out of these is definitely a sustainable one if it paces up with the user demands at all times.

The VR-based virtual meditation app serves the following purposes:

  • Meditation is the #1 tool to gain mindfulness. However, users need to be consistent at discarding the thoughts to be in the meditative state. While that takes a couple of weeks and consistent efforts, a virtual reality meditation medium can keep them engrossed in visualization, thereby leading them to thoughtlessness naturally.
  • Meditation should happen effortlessly, just like any other activity. For instance, a user does not need any motivation to get their hands on social media or to watch a movie. However, when it comes to meditating, they are under a lot of pressure to keep the distracting thoughts away. In this case, VR-guided meditation sessions may seem like any other entertainment tool, thereby making meditation happen with special efforts.
  • The key to a good meditation is the overall feeling at the end of the session. Post the relaxation in a usual meditation, users drift back to run errands for the day, without paying heed to the outcome of the mediation. However, using the mindfulness application, users will have an option to fill out a questionnaire regarding their overall mediation experience. This further leads to an increase in consciousness.

Do you know what else feels like attaining a meditative state? Following passion.

If you are passionate about running your online mediation app business, that will bring you the ultimate peace of mind.

Let’s get you some mindfulness

VR Meditation App – Story Behind the Idea Generation

Idea generation for VR meditation app-2-TRooTech Business Solutions

It all started a year ago when the whole world was locked down due to coronavirus. The stress level was higher than usual, as users had to strictly strike a balance between their work and personal life.

Numerous individuals lost their jobs, and the sword of EMIs and loans remained hanging on the heads. In such a situation, going out to a shrine of a therapist was not an option. So, telemedicine came to the rescue.

However, for less serious mental issues such as temporary mental disturbance, overthinking, and work pressure, telemedicine is not an apt solution; it is indeed the last resort. Hence, for day-in and day-out mental peace, the solution needs to be acute and instant.

That’s where the idea of a VR meditation app comes to the foreground.

And yet, it awaits a thoughtful businessman to bring it to real life.

Is that businessman you?

Yes, it’s me!

How to Define the Features of a VR Meditation App?

In the online business, it is crucial to test the market waters before actually diving deep into it. Hence, you can launch your VR meditation app in three phases:

  • Launch with the most viable features.
  • Enter into the popularity phase with some advanced features.
  • Keep up with the market research and add the most demanded features to your app

Features of the VR Meditation App for Users:

Features of the VR Meditation App for Admin:

Have some other interesting features in mind?

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How to Gear Up the Virtual Reality Meditation App Business?

Numerous clients often find themselves in the puddle of mid-business crisis–They have launched the app, which is performing fairly. But they spend sleepless nights over the next step.

The next milestone for your virtual reality meditation app is two-fold:

Engage your users with advanced features.

Entice and attract new users with interesting add-ons.

Advanced Features of VR Meditation App for User

Advanced Features of VR Meditation App for Admin