How Custom Software Beats Commercial Off The Shelf Software Solutions


Let’s take a situation into consideration where you need a software solution for your organization. There are two choices in hand- either you choose custom software or, you go for commercial off the shelf software solution.

Let’s consider the situation where you go for commercial off-the-shelf solution. It is easily available, and is developed using standard practices. The standard software is developed to meet the industry goals, and fulfills generic purposes. You just need to purchase it, and implement it; this is a user-friendly solution, which comes with a full support system and a community help.

What happens here? When you go for an off-the-shelf solution, you get a software solution that can be easily recommended for most businesses around. You will need to revamp your business around the solution that you have chosen. The processes and business model will need to be aligned, while you get no differentiation from the solution you have chosen.

On the other hand, a custom software solution is developed from the scratch to meet your business goals. It is developed with the business needs stated by you in mind; hence it is developed to suit your needs. Now we know what happens in each situation. Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons involved with both so that we can come to a better conclusion.

Off-the-Shelf Solution

When you plunge into buying an off-the-shelf solution for your business, you are actually buying a standard solution that includes all the standard features and functionality. Not all the functionality suits your needs; most of them would not be applicable to your business model. This option is definitely attractive, but the changes you will need to make in the model may seem unrealistic, affecting your business in a bad way. The huge gap between the existing solution and the business model will be huge, which may make this solution not ideal for you.

When you choose the off-the-shelf model, you will face a certain friction with your supplier in any given industry. Chances are the supplier is not ready to accommodate the solution to such that it suits your business model. When you start adjusting your business or the solution in order to make the best-fit, you will realize that the costs will go up immediately, resulting in extra expenses for your business. Where you are planning to save the money, you will end up spending more. Feasibility of the solution is also questioned in most cases. You will see that the off-the-shelf solution may or may not fulfill all your software needs. The gap between the software solution and the way it should work for your processes is huge, and this gap can act as a con for choosing the off-the-shelf solution.

You will need to consider the future and scalability of the solution as well when choosing the off-the-shelf solution. The support and manpower cost as well as efforts when new versions of the product are released need to be considered as well.

Customized Solution

When you drive in a software solution for your business, you need to make sure it is aligned to your business model, and will help achieve your business goals. When you have a software developed to suit your business processes, and aligned to your business goals, you are in for smooth operations and streamlined processes. This will act as an advantage for your operations as well. Overall process and business efficiency is boosted with this customized solution.

With customized solutions, you are in control of not only the custom software aspect but also the business process. Whenever you want to introduce a new process to the software solution, you will find it to be easy with a custom solution. The custom solution can be easily modified to your business needs, which is not possible with your ready-to-use solution.

You own the source code to the solution, which makes causing modifications easier and faster for your team. When you are creating the solution in line with your business need, customizing it further is easy and efficient.

With such amazing advantages, it is the best for you to consider custom software solution for your business. Scalability and flexibility is heightened with this type of solution. So if your are looking for custom software development, we are here to cater your needs

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