Why Mobile Commerce Is New Sense?


Mobile commerce is no longer a future trend. It is settling in with great speed, offering more convenience to both the shoppers and the businesses. With about 1.7 Bn Smartphone owners approximately, it is only fair for retailers to set their shop on the device that seems to be seen more often in the hands of the end users.

Carrying out transactions using mobile phones is becoming common, as most shoppers prefer buying or at least checking out the products on the go. This is made possible with the mobile phones. mCommerce has not just facilitated convenience, but also improved conversions for the retailers, which has drastically improved their profitability.

mCommerce has created a more personalized user experience for the shoppers, which has again heightened their in-store as well as online experiences, thus giving out satisfied customers. Various services, and features included in the mCommerce sites has helped improve the overall customer experience with mobiles as far as shopping is concerned.

mCommerce has its own set of benefits and it helps you strategize your business, which you cannot miss out, especially if you are a retailer. Here, we will discuss a few benefits of mobile commerce that will help you understand why you should go mobile.

Improves Sales

When you have a device that can further impulse buying, it is surely going to reap in more conversions for your business. Shopping on the go, or searching for products while in the store has been made easy and convenient with mobile commerce, which is another reason why it has improved sales. In 2014, there was a 300% increase in sales as against the previous year. Most people prefer shopping on their mobile phones, or searching for products using their mobile phones. This is why mCommerce is being given more importance.

Easy Access

You don’t need to go through the trouble of taking your own vehicle or a public transport to complete your shopping. In fact, with mobile commerce, you don’t even need to be rooted to a single place while shopping. While in the store, or outside, you can not only check out for the products but also buy them. In fact, the whole experience of buying is unique in this case. You can select the products, add them to the cart, and checkout in a single step, thus making sure the product is yours.

Interactive Interface

It is not just important to offer convenience, but also important to offer them thorough engagement when they come to you for shopping. It is important to have an intuitive interface that can help people search for the products, and buy them with ease. Mobile commerce with a single checkout process, and easy to use site navigation offers an interactive interface that promises able engagement. It will not just make sure people stay on your site, but also ensures they convert thus improving your profitability.

Instant Reach

Connecting with your customers is pretty easy with a mobile commerce solution. You have live chat assistance, one click calling feature and other benefits associated with mobile commerce. Most people love retailers who aim to solve their issues as soon as possible. With these features included, you reach out to the customers in an instant, and solve their issues, thus keeping them happy. This is one of the best benefits associated with mobile commerce.

Helps Boost Offline Retail Sales

Yes, you heard us right! With mCommerce you can surely boost offline sales for retailers. Many customers don’t feel like buying products online; they do rather buy them offline. But, that does not stop them from searching for these products online and know more about it. That’s why you would see a rising search volume for products online. Most people prefer searching for these products while in the store, and finally buy it offline. The online stores tell them a good deal about the product, and become apt sales people for such customers.


Mobile commerce using the insights and data available, offers more personalized interface to the end users, thus ensuring people shop and buy the products. Including maps in the store solutions on the mobile is one of the most important factors in the modern times, as it allows people to trail through the maps and reach the store for shopping. Incorporating discounts that will benefit the end user is also a result of personalization.

These growing benefits of mobile commerce is helping retailers get more sales and improve their profitability.

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