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With the transformation of the Fintech industry into the digital space, the platforms for various niches such as money transfer, loans, funding, cryptocurrency, online payment are firmly establishing themselves into the real-life to provide the users with the ease to make, invest, send, and receive payments.

Re-vamp the manual processing of the Fintech industry by adding the element of your innovation and see how financially remunerative your own Fintech Industry becomes.

Fintech App Development Segments & Niches


We offer to create a dedicated platform for the processing of the loans from any location, anytime.


The people with the age of 22-45 years are the active users for the loans than any other age group of people.


The most active users involved are the Asian and US audience. Apart from these, the audience with UK and Australia are active users in the process.


The technology is used for the devices with the Android technology and the devices with the iOS technology.


The target audience for the gender is majorly males as compared to the females.


The revenue from the loans can be the processing fee, document verification fee, and the service fee.


Providing the users with the accounts, registration, modules to check the eligibility criteria for the loan.


Majority of the expensive things today bought are on loans and a dedicated digital platform is a huge plus. Thus, the customer acquisition will easy for the niche.

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Online Payment

With the emergence of online banking there is a new era to create a sense of convenience and security while the users can manage their money and can transfer receive from anywhere across the world, at any time with the help of the online payments


The age group of the target audience for funding is mostly the people with 20-35 years of age.


The US audience dominates the online payment niche marketplace as compared to the Asian, Australian, and UK audience respectively.


The technology used for the online payment is mostly with the devices with the iOS technology. Next, due to allowing the ease of use better than web applications, devices with Android technology also involves in the process.


The technology used for the online payment is mostly with the devices with the iOS technology. Next, due to allowing the ease of use better than web applications, devices with Android technology also involves in the process.


Currency conversion fee, transaction fee


A receiving limit per transaction is to be set and then on the basis of the amount of the transaction, a fee can be charged.


Sending/receiving online payments, integrating the payments on website, and payment through invoices.


Allowing the individuals to incorporate the sales and purchases using the online payment methods.

Globalization of Business

Can access a whole new bunch of customers from a platform and prompting them to make purchases.

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Money Transfer

For the online transfer of money from one place to another, the digitized platform for the money transfer can be made in a way that navigates the users efficiently through the online money transfer method by providing a plenty of option such as send money to a location, send online, and send money with the help of various payment method.


The people with the age of 18-25 years and the users with the age of 60 and above are the audience to target more since they are the ones to whom money is to be transferred. While the people in between initiate the process and so are an important part for the niche.


Across the world, the main audiences who are active are – US at the top, UK following it and Asia after them.


The technology used by the target audience is mostly devices with iOS technology as compared to the devices with Android technology. The web applications are not preferably used as seen with the mobile devices and technologies.


On the basis of the gender, the males dominate the money transfer niche more than the females.

Membership Plans

Membership plans for the users who frequently are involved in transferring and/or receiving money.

Transactions & Conversion

Transaction charges &Currency conversion charges.

Fund Management

Managing the funds transferred by the sender, looking out for the receiver, conversion of currency.


Allowing the members to make the transfer with a pre-determined amount.

Fund Tranfer

The businesses are able to manage the fund transfer online with the help of the backend support.


Can make use of the reports and graphs to analyze the demographics they can well target and expand their company in.

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With quite a buzz in the market about the cryptocurrency- Bitcoin, it is essential to understand the pre-requisite of a dedicated cryptocurrency platform. Since many of the modules can be involved in the cryptocurrency, for buying them, selling them, converting them, and acquiring them as a way to investments, such a platform will be extensively used by the users all over the globe.


Mostly, the people involved in the cryptocurrency are with the age 30-60 years of age.Apart from this, the people involved are with the age of 25-30 years.


The target audience for cryptocurrency is the US audience. Following the US audience the Asian audience shows equal engagement in the cryptocurrency engagement.


The technology that best serves the purpose for the cryptocurrency is mobile application with the Android and iOS technology, while the web application is less preferred.


Mostly, cryptocurrency is dominantly influenced by the males and females show a lesser involvement.


Processing fee, conversion fee

Membership Plans

Membership plans for the frequent buyers and sellers of Bitcoins.

User Management

Managing the registrations, sign up and sign in of the users, downloading the wallets, managing the accounts and transfer history.


Bitcoin is highly used for the investment purposes. Thus, the customer acquisition can also be easily done.


With the help of the analytics and reports, the business ease to have an overview is incorporated in the application.

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We Suggest This Ideal Modules For E-Commerce Niches

How Your Idea Can Impact On The Type Of Market

Fintech App Development Impact of The Business TRooTech Business Solutions

Understanding the aspect of a niche, we come up with the development type and technology that should be used for such an online platform in order to create an intended effect on the market, thereby making the customer acquisition easier. Also the branding aspects are taken into consideration so as to make the have a lasting effect on the market.

Fintech App Development User Personas TRooTech Business Solutions

Keeping in mind the end users, we build a platform that allows the customer to come up with the idea to accommodate and bring on board various users with the help of the user personas. Thus, by keeping in mind the target audiences’ usage preferences, the application we built is apt appealing for them.

Fintech App Development Demand Based Marketing TRooTech Business Solutions

To truly get into the market and their demands from the platform, we intensively study and research the market and the end users who would be making use of the platform. This simply implies the fact that the users are taking into consideration.

Fintech App Development Features TRooTech Business Solutions

We understand the entire process of the Fintech Industry and come up with the functionality that manages the funds of the users efficiently while keeping in mind the basic operation of the platform. Also, not to stuff the functionality, we build only the meaningful features for the application which does not distract the users from the basic operation of the application.

Development Process


Any industry or business requires a seed to be sown before it flourishes, and our seed here is the idea that clients bring to us for its development into a fully function application that fulfills their vision behind embarking the project development.


We believe in making our ground work sturdy with extensive research on all the aspects related to the idea under consideration, as this research will be portrayed in the application that will be delivered at the end.

Clarity of functions

After conducting deep research on the idea, we come up with a list of functionalities that will be reflected in the application. All the features are listed in this stage, whether they are basic, advanced or suggested by us.


This is the time when the techies enter the scene and the entire strategy is planned on the basis of the research and the features to be added into the application. This process is carried out into two stages: Design Strategy & Technical Strategy.


After planning the strategies for designing the front-end with the customer satisfaction to the brim, we focus on the creating brand awareness with the effective design and placements of brand logos, favicons, and taglines.


On the journey to reach a fully-functional application, priority and detailed attention is given to the UI design for enhancing the appearance and UX for a feel-good factor of the application.

Database Architecture

For getting access to the data within instants, we employ practical database architecture that helps the application to provide content and viewing ability without a lot buffer time.

Front-End Development

All the results of the above phases are poured in this stage to design the front end as per the design that is visualized and fabricated by the designers in the former stages. This gives birth to an impressive front end which then goes into next phase to become functional.

Back-End Development

Time to pour life into the front end developed in the previous stage. The backend is designed to control, handle, and manage the entire application, a function-rich back end is designed for the admin end.


Once the modules are done with the integration to form a complete application, testing of each function and module is undertaken. By making use of unit, regression and integration testing, bugs that pop-up are fixed and the maintenance of the application is done.

User Acceptance Testing/Client Review

Once the flow of the project is constructed, we re-validate the direction and aspects leading till the end, and hence, we are able to keep our promise of delivering the best in the market within the estimated time frame.


After the entire project is ready and confirmed by the client too, then comes the actual time for its deployment. In the deployment stage, the application is handed over to the client, configured and explained in detail.

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