When technology came to the finance field, it welcomed technological changes with open arms and upgraded itself. Handling finances changed forever with the beginning of app development for FinTech companies, making the financial transactions faster and easier. FinTech companies firmly established itself into the real-life to provide the users with the ease to make, invest, send and receive payments.

With so much to do in finance management, it led to the increase in Loans and Mutual Funds Marketplace App Development, Online Bank App Development, Money Transfer / Payment / e-Wallet App Development, Bitcoin Wallet App Development.

Re-vamp the manual process of the finance management and see the App Development for FinTech companies add the element of innovation and see how financially remunerative your own FinTech App becomes.

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App development for
Marketplace for Loans & Mutual Funds

When an app development for Fintech companies specializing as a financial marketplace takes place, it provides a one-stop solution for the investors, funders, loaner, underwriter, loanee, debtor, money borrower, creditor, bank and other financial institution, hits on the bullseye with the app development for marketplace of loans and mutual funds.

It lets the end-users manage, categorize and control varied loans, mutual fund, and other financial products or services from multiple banks and financial institutes into a single view.

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  • Mostly, people of 18-25 years of age would use the application to opt for a student loan.
  • Moreover, people falling under 30-45 age group mostly opt for home loans.
  • The young people take more risk, invest more and opt for more returns on investment.
  • Whereas, people with 35-50 years of age usually play it safe and invest in fixed interest-earning debentures.

App development for FinTech companies has seen early growth in technology advancement, especially in the counties of US and UK. Furthermore, the Asian countries have also marked gradual upswing in the mobile app for loan & mutual funds, emerging as avid users of the web or mobile app development at large.


Web developer for marketplace of loans and mutual funds do use strong content management systems like Magento. A hybrid app or a native app development solely rests in the type of customization required on any operating systems, be it iOS or Android. Consulting and post-development support is in the mainstream to deal with such type of marketplace app.


The marketplace of loans and mutual funds app majorly targets the male audience slightly more than the females as the earning ratio is more in males.

Membership fees

The app for the marketplace of loans and mutual funds earn from the membership fees received from the companies/ agents who want to transact on the platform.

Transaction Fee

The online business in the marketplace of loans and mutual funds yield profits with implementing ‘pay per transaction’ revenue structure.


Having an app development for the marketplace of financial products or services being done gives a pool of scope to earn revenue from facilitating the advertisement feature for the agent or companies to promote and showcase their products or services.

  • Differentiating from others with having a smooth and personalized mobile app for loans and mutual funds.
  • Inbuilt pin and password security.
  • Implementing lean methodology helps for constant improvements and delivering value-added services to the customers.
  • The business is modeled with a performance-driven mechanism.
  • Also, the compliance and security circumscribe in each and every process of the company.
  • Advanced data analysis and reporting
  • Simplified customer acquisition
  • Efficient post purchase support and consulting
  • Effective documentation and data storage
  • Time and cost savvy business tradings
  • Business transparency and accessibility at its best

Features for Development of Marketplace for Loans and Mutual funds

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Online Banking
App development

App development for online banking helps the bankers to go all virtual along with captivating the money managers to adopt a time savvy, smooth and economic banking experience.

There is no need for the audience to come out of their comfort zone standing in a queue to credit or debit the money, inquire on varied loans, account balance, interest rate, demat account, security, updating their passbook and much more.

In this niche under app development for FinTech companies, online banking apps offer a complete turnkey online banking solution to the customers as they can perform any fund, stock or financial activities on their fingertips making it possible for the banker to provide ‘everything at one roof’.

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People falling in 18-40 years of age group usually have high usage of an online banking application.


The banking app for the FinTech companies has marked high implementation across US, UK, and Australian countries, experiencing the need and success through app development for online banking.


Mobile App whether iOS or Android and web application be it based on CakePHP, content management systems like Magento or other platforms with a responsive fluid app design depend as per the custom requirement of the bank, financial institutes, and other funding organizations.


Online banking app usage is dominated by males but females are not far behind.

Currency conversion

A bank can charge currency exchange fees with other value-added services they offer online.

Membership plans

To enjoy all the premium facilities offered to the members, customers can opt for a membership plan by paying a certain amount of fees to the bank.

Subscription fees

The users can also subscribe to online schemes to get banking services.

Transaction fee

Banks are free to charge a fee per transaction.

  • Banking Wallet
  • POS Solution
  • Bill reminders
  • Crypto Wallet
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Review transaction history
  • Smart and speedy banking
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Secure login, custom settings, and password change
  • Savings on the cost of human capital
  • Can Go Global
  • Easy Customer Relationship Management
  • High-quality services
  • Just in time approach
  • Flexibility at its best
  • Smooth internal banking operations
  • Marketing the banking service becomes easy
  • Highlights Business USPs