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He holds 8+ years of experience as a Magento developer. He has claimed over 20 eCommerce projects to his name with his skills in the integration of Magento with SOAP/REST API as well as in the migration of Magento 1. X to Magento 2. X.

He is known to and has utilized PHP, SQL, JavaScript, and other libraries for the creative development of web pages and websites. He is proficient in the installation and customization of Magento. His skill set includes setting up and upgrading multi-store, multi-currency, and multi-lingual eCommerce implementation. Besides this, he has even worked on the refactoring of eCommerce web apps for bug fixing, theme modification, speed optimization, and API integrations.


Projects DoneYears of ExperienceCustom Plugin Developed

Top Skills: Magento, Jquery, JavaScript, WordPress

Availability: Available for more than 30 hours/week < 24 hrs response time

Languages: English: Native or Bilingual

Education: 1. Gujarat Technical University - Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication (B.E E.C(2014))


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About Magento Development Expertise

He consistently explores his capability as a Magento developer by complying with the latest eCommerce extensions. He can offer Magento SEO recommendations, upgrade Magento to the latest version, configure paid themes, develop a custom Magento eCommerce website, and add extensions and plugins to it. He boasts problem-solving and analytical skills during deadlocks to keep the development cycle on track.

In addition, He has played an integral part as a Magento developer in his career with participation in eCommerce stores’ design and development for various niches, including fashion, jewellery, photography, fuel & lubricant products, and wedding cards. These projects have been developed with his coding proficiency and Magento compliant frontend. That’s why our clients recommended others to hire remote experienced magento developer from TRooTech Only.

He is on and off all about programming. When he is not working, you can catch up with him while he is either planning to travel, traveling, or reading a book. The timely development comes from his strengths which include leadership, team player, and self-discipline.

1. eCommerce Store Development for Diamond Jewellery:

The client wanted to develop an eCommerce diamond store to offer the most extensive collection of diamond jewelry online. He worked on the development of custom jQuery and JavaScript Modules as recommended by the client, Sarvada Jewels.

Skills: Magento, Jquery, JavaScript


2. Magento 2 Product Review and Shop–Group Extensions:

Given the importance of reviews for the modern customer, He worked on an extension, Product Review. He is known for the integration of the Magento 2 extension that expands the functionality of product reviews with variable parameters.

Skills: Magento, Jquery, JavaScript


3. Website Scrapping and Display:

One of the websites required custom functionalities using an external database, which implied it has to be scrapped and displayed on the product listing page. He leveraged NodeJS skills to save data to an external database connected with the Magento store. Upon clicking the Add to Cart button, the product gets created in Magento.

Skills: Magento, Jquery, JavaScript


4. Recipe Blogging Platform with eCommerce Support:

Our client identified an opportunity amidst COVID-19 in the blogging industry with a recipe niche. The comprehensive recipe blogging platform enables our client to monetize the platform through ad placements & through an online store. He utilized his Magento expertise to set the themes & extensions that turned the blogging platform into a storefront for our client.

Skills: Magento, Jquery, JavaScript

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