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Hire remote developers adept at building custom mobile and web software. Build your dependable Agile custom software development team to scale business growth and maximize ROI. Want to know more about how to hire remote developers from us?

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Build Feature-Rich Custom Software Solutions

Hire Remote Developers Who Overcome Business Challenges

Avail best-in-class services tailored to versatile industry domains. Hire remote developers on a trial basis from TRooTech. 

TRooTech offers a large database of designers, Quality Analysts, UI/UX designers, project managers, and dedicated remote developer for hire.

Every dedicated remote developer we offer has been thoroughly vetted and is certified in utilizing the latest tools and software technologies to build innovative mobile applications, business-centric software tools, interactive front-end development, and robust backend solutions.

We offer a large talent pool of elite 350+ experts with expertise in various industries, from modernization to custom builds, software assurance, migration, microservices, and Cloud. We efficiently cater to more than 19+ diverse industry verticals to create value and drive digital transformation.

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Why Hire Remote Developers From Us?

Maximize Cost Efficiency

Optimize development costs without compromising quality. Hire remote developers from us and take advantage of the mitigated cost of resources and infrastructure like office space, equipment, and other overhead costs.

Access to a Diverse Talent Pool

Eliminate restrictions posed by geographical location; access a rich talent pool from wherever you are. Get access to top developers expertly skilled at utilizing different frameworks and technologies. Hire dedicated remote developers from us and take your software project to new heights.

Enhanced Productivity

Unlock your project's true potential with our offshore dedicated development team. Increase productivity and save development-related costs. Hire developers with diverse skill sets, flexible work styles, and reasonable pricing.

Agile Approach

Integrate efficiency, speed, and quality into your software development projects. Build a team of dedicated professionals with experience and expertise skilled at designing an agile workflow that accommodates every need of your business.

Complete Ownership

Handpick a team that works closely with you to ensure every aspect of the project meets your exact needs. Steer your project towards business growth. Hire remote developers and exercise complete autonomy over your team.

Faster Market Acceptance

Benefit from speed, efficiency, and round-the-clock development that accelerates your software product’s time to market. Our dedicated remote development team enables businesses to take control of their software for quicker market acceptance.

Hire Vetted Developers

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Mobile App Developers

Elevate your digital experiences and transform your innovative concepts into exceptional mobile solutions. Hire remote developers from TRooTech experienced in building seamless Android, iOS, and cross-platform applications with intuitive designs to captivate user attention.

A word from our Head Of Engineering

An agile team focused on software development that accelerates faster time to market.

TRooTech steers diverse project requirements successfully to empower businesses with its agile, flexible, and innovative approach. We have a robust and dedicated software development team of 350+ experts, continuously expanding and efficiently solving complex challenges with ease.

With a collaborative approach and a commitment to meeting your unique needs, our dedicated resources help you achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity. We work side by side with your enterprise to bring your vision to life.


    At TRooTech, We comprehensively address every feature and corner of your digital product to craft the best in-segment user experiences.

    Dipen Patel

    Don't take just our words

    See Client’s Testimonials

    Their deliverables consistently meet design specifications and requirements. They excel in their QA execution and always remain on top of project management. Flexibility is a hallmark of their work.

    CEO, Software Development Company

    They are reasonably good at delivering on time, though our project is massive with multiple changing variables. The team fosters clear communication and goal-orientedness.

    CEO, Health and Mental Wellness Company

    TRooTech was receptive to concerns and even worked overtime to ensure the product’s timely delivery. A flexible approach and post-launch support allowed the client to focus on their own business.

    Co-Founder, Childhood Education Company

    TRooTech followed all project requirements and delivered the solution per expectations. Their team was not only very professional but also knowledgeable, responsive, and supportive throughout the project.

    CTO, Software Development Company

    The app provided by TrooTech Business Solutions has satisfied project stakeholders so far and received extremely positive feedback on its functionalities.

    Founder & CEO, Political News Company

    Drive Cost-Optimization and Efficiency

    Why Hire Us


    Experienced Team

    Our profoundly experienced team of designers brings a wealth of expertise to create outstanding digital products.


    User-Centric Approach

    We deliver tailored and bespoke digital product design solutions that resonate with user needs and preferences.


    Seamless User Experience

    We create intuitive user interfaces and seamless interactions, ensuring a delightful user journey.



    We focus on data-driven decision-making and usability testing, leading to tangible results and improved business outcomes.


    Innovative Solutions

    We help businesses thrive on innovative design thinking methodology that drives creative and cutting-edge solutions.


    Transparent Communication

    We believe in open and transparent communication, keeping you informed and involved throughout the design process.


    End-to-End Support

    We provide end-to-end support providing product maintenance and update to optimize it. 


    Cost-Effective Solutions

    TRooTech is known for offering cost-effective solutions with customer-friendly payment models. 

    Unlock Your Business’s Potential

    with an esteemed and recognized partner

    TRooTech  is the partner of choice for many of the world's leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers. We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development, product engineering, QA and consultancy services.


    Your Guide to Understanding Our Services

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    A dedicated development team is a group of expert and experienced professionals assigned to carry out a specific project. It becomes integral to your in-house staff, offering greater control, improved communication, and alignment with project goals. 

    Communication is critical to completing a project within the stipulated time. Regular video meetings, instant messaging tools, and project management platforms facilitate seamless collaboration. You can set clear expectations, define roles, and establish regular update intervals to ensure transparency and keep everyone on the same page.

    To ensure work quality and progress, you must monitor the task and evaluate performance regularly. You have set specific deadlines and goals and check reports from the team. Implementing project management tools will provide you with an additional benefit. 

    Hiring a dedicated development team can reap several benefits, such as flexibility, expertise, and cost-effectiveness. They ensure greater commitment to completing the project within the timelines and faster development cycles. 

    Yes, of course. You can choose the skill set of offshore dedicated development team members to match your project’s specific requirements. You can discuss your need, outline the roles and responsibilities you are looking for and build a team accordingly. 

    Different critical factors determine the cost of hiring a dedicated development team. These include the team's location, size, project complexity, skill levels, and additional requirements. The average cost of a dedicated team is about $25 to $300 per hour.

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