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He is a Senior Android Developer for Java and Kotlin at TRooTech Business Solutions with a total experience of 7+ years. He has been an active developer for over 15 projects of Android Fundamentals, Activities, Fragments, Broadcast Receivers, and Background Services.

He has been at the forefront of designing multi-device, multilingual, and multi-density Android applications. Besides this, he has worked on the basic as well as advanced level features, including Recorder, Speech Recognition, Fitness Tracking, Social Integrations, and Media Player, among others. His expertise also involves using LiveData using Kotlin Coroutines and Flow.

He is known to and has hands-on experience with Android Studio, Android KTX, and Kotlin-friendly SDK that begin with Android 9 to skip NullPointerExceptions.

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Top Skills: Java, Android Studio, Firebase Database & Firestore, Figma, Kotlin Basics, Python Basics, Linux Fundamentals, PhpMyAdmin

Availability: Available for more than 30 hours/week < 24 hrs response time

Languages: English: Native or Bilingual

Education: 1. Gujarat Technical University - Bachelor’s of Engineering in Computer Science (B.E C.S(2012))

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Overview About Native Android Development Expertise

He has showcased his versatility through his experience of working with Android In-app Purchase, Android Room Database, Camera2 API, Custom Views, Google Auth, Google Location Services, PayPal Payment Gateway, SQLite Database, WallpaperService, and more for making the projects feature-rich for users.

He likes to constantly update his technical skills, and Java is his primary language of coding. One of the distinguishing features of his profile is the diversity of projects and industries that he has worked for. He has developed business directories, eCommerce applications, health monitoring app, radio station app, and social networking websites among others.

When he is signed off from work and Java development, he likes to click pictures, watch science-related videos, movies, and he grabs a book to read if he has some time in his hand.

He has special skills to understand the requirements in a precise manner and work according to the timelines scheduled for the development. Among the other key skills, he holds expertise in client communication, which helps him understand the core requirements of the project.

1. Mystical Cupcakes:

Mystical Cupcakes is an eCommerce platform for the cupcake franchise–Miss Moffett’s Mystical Cupcakes. The app empowers users to place orders for cupcakes and muffins, send them as a gift for a special occasion, and even pre-order these bakery products.

He played an active role in the development of Mystical Cupcakes’ payment integration. He developed the code to integrate PayPal’s payment gateway to the application for redirecting users seamlessly into the payment process.

Skills: Java, Figma, PhpMyAdmin


2. ReMAP:

ReMAP is an application used by psychiatrists to map the patterns of the brain of individuals suffering from depression and anxiety. Using this application, psychiatrists can easily record the user’s behavior, daily work schedules, and interactions to stay updated with their conditions.

He contributed to the development of a pathway that leads to the integration of data recorded by accelerometer and Google Fit API. Besides this, he also developed modules that can track the sleeping patterns of users, the voice memos about their moods, and their current moods.

This project was, in a way, his first interaction with sensors, accelerometers, media recorders, and notifications, which then offered him the leeway to dive into their details.

Skills: Kotlin, Android Studio, Firebase Database & Firestore


3. How is My Driving:

The core function of the application is to provide a score to users based on their driving skills. The application has pre-set data pertaining to the driving speed of the user, the total distance traveled by the user, the number of times the accelerator was used, as well as a number of times sudden brakes were applied.

His scope of work for the project was to connect Google Location API and Accelerometer to the application to compile data for the app to score the user.

Skills: Java, Android Studio, PhpMyAdmin

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