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He works as a senior Python Django developer for TRooTech and holds over 3 years of experience in his field. He is a versatile Python developer with expertise in designing, developing, testing, and implementing various architectures and enterprise applications.

He loves to dive deep into development and keeps on exploring new tools and technologies–PyQt5, Beautiful Soup, Pandas, Numpy, matplotlib, and other frameworks to boost the efficiency of the software development cycle. Despite the fact that Deep has been in the IT industry for less than a decade, he has rediscovered himself within this time period by gaining experience in numerous Python-integrated Development Environments such as PyDev, Eclipse, PyCharm, NetBeans, and Sublime Text.


Projects DoneYears of ExperienceCustom Software Developed

Top Skills:  CSS, Bootstrap, Python, REST API using Django, Expertise in using NoSQL database – MongoDB, SVN, Git, GitHub

Availability: Available for more than 30 hours/week < 24 hrs response time

Languages: English: Native or Bilingual

Education: 1. Gujarat Technical University - Bachelor’s of Engineering in Computer (B.E C.E(2012))

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About Python Development Expertise

He aims to significantly contribute to the software lifecycle with his Python development, testing, and implementation skills. He has played an integral role in the development of client-server architecture-based applications as well as server-side technologies, including restful API, databases, and MVC design patterns.

In addition, he stays abreast with the latest technologies such as databases, MVC design patterns, and restful API. He can even handle the maintenance aspect of the project post its deployment. He holds proficiency in troubleshooting as well as technical support abilities with Migrations, Security, Network Connectivity, and Database Applications. Besides these services, He remains a dedicated remote developer with good experience in utilizing charting libraries such as Pychart and Highcharts for the addition of interactive charts to various web applications.

Talking about his hobbies, He needs no excuse to play Cricket. He is an ardent believer in outdoor sports and listens to music as an act of unwinding.

1. Chatbot for Organ Donation

Often than not, individuals signing themselves up for organ donation struggle to add the right information in their forms. To provide them with the required ease, a project was ideated, wherein a web-based organ donation app is developed with chatbot functionality. The organ donation app is integrated with Flask. Such a chatbot-based app for organ donation helps in filling forms for donors and recipients easily.

Skills: CSS, Bootstrap, SVN, GitHub


2. An Internal Attendance System:

Since there are many frauds when it comes to the internal attendance system, one of the most ground-breaking revolutions is based on facial recognition technology. He leveraged OpenCV framework using the SQLite database for the development of the facial attendance system. Using this system, users can simply face the camera and mark their attendance.

Skills: Python, REST API using Django, NoSQL database – MongoDB, SVN


3. Railway Refund System:

Yet another interesting project worked on by He includes the development of a refund system. The refund system is developed for buyers, who often struggle for getting their refunds. To curb the long withstanding issue, the railway platform has been developed using Python for automating the process of railway refund system. The ticket purchase platform offers about a 10% refund of the ticket price, directly into the buyer’s account. The railway refund system has been built using Ethereum with Solidity and then it has been integrated into Django.

Skills: Python, REST API using Django, NoSQL database – MongoDB, SVN

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