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At TRooTech, innovation meets financial investment and stock trading using our advanced capital market software solutions. We have redefined and elevated the trading experience with a potent, intuitive, and comprehensive financial market analysis tool that can be easily customized based on your unique needs and business objectives. Our developers have fully prioritized data security, empowering you to thrive in the dynamic landscape of capital markets.

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Collaborate with a leading capital marketing software company to join successful investors and trading experts to navigate the ever-evolving capital markets. Embark on a journey toward digital transformation.

Let’s Spotlight a Few Interesting Stats and Numbers About Capital Markets


As per a report published by Wipro, Capital businesses have witnessed at least 15-20% cost benefits in their back-office operations using RPA.


A survey by Broadridge finds that nearly 64% of firms have realized their long-term goals using Artificial Intelligence with automation.

USD 98 Bn

According to IDC forecasts, the global spending on AI systems is likely to increase by USD 98 Bn by 2023, with a growth rate of 28.4% annually.

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Automation Capabilities for Capital Market Software

Investment Management Software

Our innovative investment management software is a gateway to your strategic insight and unparalleled precision of financial success. The capital market software solutions drive you through a seamless and efficient journey, empowering you with powerful tools for real-time analysis, intuitive decision-making, and unparalleled control over your financial endeavors. We have redefined investment management with real-time portfolio tracking and AI-powered analytics to drive informed decision-making.

We help you quickly and smoothly navigate the complexities of the financial market to gain the upper hand while planning for profitable investments. Experience innovation that transcends boundaries, elevates your strategy and ensures you thrive in the dynamic world of finance. With us, your investments aren't just managed; they're optimized for success.


Core Features:

  • Real-Time Portfolio Tracking
  • AI-driven Analytics
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Seamless Integration of Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Strategic Decision Support

Axia Suite

Axia is one of the best capital market software development solutions. Developed with modern technologies, Axia Suite offers comprehensive functionality for meeting investment management requirements. The advanced investment management software facilitates multiple operations, including but not limited to a configurable dashboard, fees management, advanced security, and order & transaction processing.

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Alternative Soft

Alternative Soft is known for its versatility that redefines investment optimization and provides the most comprehensive set of tools present in the market for investment management. The investment management software monitors the fund performance and extends assistance for risk analysis and report creation. Alternative Soft is highly user friendly and intuitive, offering extensive analysis and monitoring options.

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Portfolio Management Software

At TRootech, we design a specialized portfolio management software tool for organizations and individuals, enabling them to efficiently oversee and optimize their investment portfolios.  We know that it is one of the most integral parts of capital market software solutions, which is why we have equipped it with real-time portfolio performance tracking and strategic asset allocation based on risk preferences.

Our platform allows you to record and analyze transactions, access historical data, benchmark performance, and generate customized reports. You can seamlessly integrate the software with other financial tools to get instant alerts on market trends and changes.


Core Features:

  • Portfolio tracking and asset management
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Transaction and risk management
  • Performance analysis and reporting
  • Tax optimization and goal tracking


Finfolio embraces a cohort of portfolio management software, including trading, reporting, rebalancing, and billing. The multi-currency portfolio management software calculates performance, cost, and similar financial metrics. FinFolio offers an exclusive dashboard that helps you identify inefficiencies and handle your practice. The portfolio management software boasts a customizable portal for tablets, phones, and the web.

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HedgeGuard is one of the best capital market software development solutions that is designed for offering accurate performance monitoring of funds using a single platform. Using the portfolio management software, businesses can avail middle-office service, mobile office service, and an extension of the fund management team. The order management software also enables the management of orders across numerous funds at the same time with its dynamic capabilities.

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Algorithmic Trading Software

TRooTech can build an automated trading solution known as algorithmic trading software or algo trading platform, which is based on mathematical models or pre-defined criteria. Our software allows traders to automate their trading strategies and simplify the process of complex decision-making in the financial market.

We have built the reading algorithms using advanced visual interfaces and programming languages. These algorithms define the conditions for entering or exiting trades. They are integrated with modern APIs to access real-time market data and execute trading.


Core Features:

  • Algorithm Development and Automated Execution
  • Market Analysis and Risk Management
  • Low-Latency Execution and API Integration
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Arbitration Opportunities


MetaTrader5 unlocks new fascinating possibilities with its comprehensive capabilities. The algorithmic trading system enables robots to facilitate trading. MetaTrader5 offers a special environment for algorithmic trading. MQL5 IDE programmers and traders to debug, develop, optimize, and test trading robots. If you have recently started trading, you can use algorithmic trading using the MetaTrader5 platform.

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eToro is one of the best capital market software development solutions, which is trusted by millions of users across 140+ countries. The algorithmic trading platform provides numerous financial assets to determine the best out of these for investing and trading. The stock market software with algorithmic trading solution provides over 2000 financial instruments across various classes–crypto, stocks, and more. In addition to this, eToro uses advanced trading features for short selling and utilizing Contracts for Difference.

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Stock Analysis Software

We are a frontline market capital software solutions company that has been developing powerful stock analysis tools leveraging advanced algorithms and data analytics to evaluate stocks accurately and identify the latest market trends. Our software offers insights into potential investment opportunities and lets users access comprehensive financial data, including historical stock prices, earnings reports, and key performance indicators.

We have implemented the software with technical analysis tools, charting capabilities, and financial ratios to aid in the identification of buy or sell signals. Features like portfolio tracking and risk management help users optimize their investment strategies. Our capital market software also provides backtesting functionalities, allowing users to assess the historical performance of trading strategies.


Core Features:

  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Comprehensive Financial Data
  • Technical Data Tools
  • Real-Time Market Data
  • Portfolio Tracking and Risk Management

Stock Rover

Stock Rover is recognized as one of the best stock analysis software with a wide spectrum of information for stock research. The stock analysis software provides over 650 financial metrics to research and analyze securities. The investment software for stock analysis features a broad set of views with portfolio performance, valuation, growth, and returns. You can sort the view in the software to check out the technical indicators.

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Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas is considered one of the best capital market software development solutions with a market intelligence platform. Using the real-time Paper Trading stimulation, you can optimize your investment strategies and set alerts on the charts. The stock market analysis software empowers you to explore hidden profit opportunities, regardless of their risk tolerance capabilities. In addition to this, the stock analysis solution is backed with alert windows, stimulated trading, and chart windows.

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Financial Risk Management Software

Are you searching for top-grade financial risk management software to quickly and easily identify and mitigate financial risks? We have one for you that helps you navigate market volatility, credit risk, liquidity issues, and operational uncertainties. Our software offers best-in-class functionalities like market data analysis, comprehensive risk assessment and evaluation, and stimulation of different financial scenarios.

We help you create effective strategies to minimize risks and provide real-time access to financial instruments and portfolio aids for monitoring and alerts. The software adheres to financial compliance and regulations, following the industry standards.


Core Features:

  • Risk Assessment and Evaluation Tools
  • Scenario Modeling and Stimulation
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Comprehensive Decision Support


The financial risk management solution leverages the power of risk alignment to take a better fiduciary approach and pave the growth path for your business. The financial risk management solution enables you to tap into exponential ROI with incisive analysis. Riskalyze also enables clients to tap into sophisticated insights to devise the perfect investment strategies for clients. In addition to this, the financial risk management software monitors the segment that requires attention.

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Hidden Levers

Hidden Levers is one of the best capital market development solutions, claiming to be the business intelligence tool for wealth management. It offers numerous functionalities, spanning automatic reports for new clients, reconciliation of net flows, and profitable investment buckets. The financial risk management software also offers the capabilities to check out the Upside and Downside risk of the assets, revenue, cash flows, as well as EBITDA across various macroeconomic scenarios.

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Cyber Security

Keep the cybercrimes at bay from your capital business by leveraging emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Analytics, Machine Learning, and more to tackle the underlying risks and challenges.


Data Analytics

Glean voluminous piles of data collected from various sources and channel them into a structured format using data analytical capabilities.

Data analytics


Integrate automation to converge multichannel possibilities and efficient workflows to accelerate tasks and resolve discrepancies.


Develop top-quality capital market software from scratch or integrate custom features into existing systems to drive business' growth

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