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Salesforce is the best possible solution today, for the global businesses that need a 360-degree view of the leads, prospects, and customers, in order to empower the businesses for delivering a smarter, faster, reliable, and personalized service. With the help of Salesforce software, we help the businesses to replace the manual and monotonous process of connecting one-to-one with every customer, across multiple channels on any device. We at TRooTech, understand the existing business need with respect to acquiring customers and provide quality salesforce services in cloud-based salesforce automation along with the automation in the service processes, streamline workflows, and surface key articles, topics, and experts to transform the agent experience at a global level.

How We Develop Salesforce App Projects?


Strategy and Planning

The first step our expert team works towards is to understand the business, the existing practices involved with the CRM and the approaches followed.

This way a clear idea is obtained as to where the lacking is in accumulating the customers and the strategic planning stage begins. We communicate the needs and formulate methodologies, recommend infallible approaches, courses of action, develop practices, and create a Salesforce Implementation Strategy which is custom-made for your business need.


Sales and Service Cloud Setup

When strategizing is done for the business and the solutions are planned for the business and customer management, we setup, configure, and customize the solutions in order to support to the very specific demand for your business and your customers.

For this purpose we create highly effective solutions for providing customized reports and dashboards in order to provide a brief and better glance at the business.

This is done right from the email templates and workflows till the approval processes that are specially designed for the automation of the business process automation.


Data Migration

Data migration is the process of transferring the data from the existing system to the new system along with the new robust and agile methodologies and services that make up to being an effective salesforce service. We extend data migration services that include data extraction, refining, duplication check, standardization and validation, and import the data into Salesforce.

In order to better manage the critical sales and opportunity data, businesses often choose to migrate from one customer relationship management software to another.

As important as it may sound to be, data migration is a one-time activity in order to bring all the existing data from your legacy system into Salesforce cloud without losing any of it.

This is to be done with extremely careful efforts in order to not cascade the data or lose the data during the transfer from the local system to the Salesforce cloud. For this purpose, the order of the migration is decided, creation and setting up a user with a system administrator profile for the data migration is done.



We help you integrate Salesforce with your other business critical systems, financial software, marketing automation software, such ERP applications and more.

All integrations between the Salesforce and 3rd party software are performed through the self-hosted applications. This way we are able to streamline the integration process and avoid any unwanted scenarios in the integration process.

Since Sale4sforce supports SOAP and rest based APIs we can help the organizations perform integrations seamlessly through APIs. Our team of experts knows how to integrate with APIs without any extra efforts or issues. When it comes to connecting multiple solutions, we use platforms to create a real-time integration mechanism. The end result is a well integrated platform which works like a clockwork.



Ongoing maintenance and continued improvements are critical for the success of a Salesforce Implementation.

We offer affordable, reliable Salesforce support services that helps to proactive your Salesforce implementation, identify areas of implementation, recommend courses of action, develop best practices, and create an improvement plan.

Our ongoing administration and maintenance services include user management, security management, standard and custom object maintenance, data management, and package maintenance.

Custom development is required to realize the full potential of Salesforce. End-user adoption is perhaps critical success factor in a CRM implementation.

Our Entire Cart of Salesforce Services


Salesforce Implementation

TRootech has aboard a team of experts in planning out the most efficient Salesforce process workflows that meet your business demands.

We devise strategies for the organizations at every step of their Salesforce adoption process along with the implementation of Salesforce workflow development, creating adoption strategy, consulting on feature sets and customization, building future Salesforce roadmaps.


Salesforce Integration Consulting

Most of the complete business solutions require an integrated software environment in which multiple solutions are integrated alongside with each other and with Salesforce. We are Salesforce Integration experts and help businesses plan and implement these integrations.

This way we find the best methods to integrate services with Salesforce and advise on the most efficient integration tools.

Moreover, we provide consultation on API development or custom integration app along with the cloud-based real-time integration experts.


Integration with Third Party Services

We enable multiple integration channels, so that an organization can integrate custom adapters to create an integration service bus.

For the mobile integrations with Salesforce, greater mobility can be enjoyed as you experience greater flexibility with our customized Salesforce integrated mobile solutions.

For the AppExchange Integrations Apps, our tailored expertise can help create customized AppExchange compatible integration Salesforce apps for different software Vendors.


Geolocation Technology or Location-based services

Many marketing departments have to automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions. The technology of marketing automation makes the task easier than it is for the businesses and the clients.

With the existing softwares, the main focus is on who the prospects are, what the lead source is, and when to schedule the upcoming demos.

When this is compared to the Geolocation technology, it also gives the 'where' and takes your data to the next level We also help you with the visualization and mapping insights which can elevate your CRM to another level of performance.


Migration and Management of Data

We help organizations leverage our planning about an efficient migration and data management strategy.

With our intensive research, we can show how best the businesses can utilize various different Salesforce database by developing efficient migration process, offering manual as well as script-based migration by exploring the best data migration tools and most efficiently utilizing Salesforce databases.


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions.

Many marketing departments have to automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions. The technology of marketing automation makes the task easier than it is for the businesses and the clients.

This way the businesses can handle the promotions, marketing, execution, and development of the projects.


Sales Force Automation

For providing the Sales force automation, we provide you a type of program that automates business tasks such as inventory control, sales processing, and tracking of customer interactions, as well as analyzing sales forecasts and performance. Businesses may have a custom version developed specifically for their needs or choose from among the increasing number of sales automation software products.

This package typically includes a data-base, an email package, and customizable templates.

A three-tiered architecture is used to separate the database, server, and application to reduce programming demands on clients.

A module-based design is generally used to allow users to customize the package to suit their needs.


Contact Centre Automation

The contact centre management is more than just case management and customer service software; it helps increase the agent productivity and improve customer satisfaction with the use of Salesforce software.

From self-service portals to knowledge management, live chat software to mobile service, the Salesforce delivers tools the agents need in a unified, multi-monitor desktop, giving them a complete view of the customer along with embedding the best practices into customer service software.


Custom Application Development

Salesforce is a highly customizable and extendable solution. To properly utilize its potential, it is important to strategize and plan how exactly the users can use the features and how you can implement the business specific workflow in the solution.

A properly planned and implemented solution can save a lot of time and resources. We here at TRooTech, are experienced salesforce consultants and have expertise in helping organizations make more out of the Salesforce instance.

Focusing Measure on Salesforce for better CRM Apps


Saves Time

Consider the number of hours taken by the sales team on scheduling sales appointment, following-up with the leads through emails and tracking contacts while updating the sales opportunity.

Now when you consider implementing salesforce automation software, majority of the above- mentioned tasks will get automated. The journey from generating estimates to proposals, to quotes and then the orders will be done at a much greater speed.


Opportunities for up selling and cross-selling

The Salesforce software can be used the salesforce automation software to understand past and current sales trends and number of opportunities in the pipeline.

This can be done by analyzing the past sales information to understand:

  • &nbsp &nbsp•&nbsp Customer's demographics
  • &nbsp &nbsp•&nbsp Order pattern
  • &nbsp &nbsp•&nbsp Customer's preferences

This can better help them better deal with the present leads. Furthermore, marketing professionals too can use the metrics to create precise campaigns more specific to generate prospects.


Ease to Lead Management

The Salesforce automation software facilitates automated lead conversions.

Most of the Salesforce automation programs extract leads from marketing campaigns, website visits, or outbound calls.

The SFA software can help the sales reps to quickly view all the leads on a daily basis and schedule a time to contact them. When the prospects are contacted immediately, there are more like-chances that the prospects will be engaged and ultimately result in a sale.


Sales Forecasting

The Salesforce software can be used the salesforce automation software to understand past and current sales trends and number of opportunities in the pipeline.


Sales Team Management

Salesforce automation software implementation calls off the tallying sales-call sheets daily or weekly. It equips the sales manager with an all-around view of all the metrics required for measuring sales revenue.

With accurate metrics in hand, the sales managers can have immediate access to each salesperson's activity, opportunity, and sales figure.

Using the Salesforce management software, the sales managers can have immediate access to each salesperson's activities, opportunities, and sales figure, in order to gauge the chances of the customer retention.


Long Distance Collaboration and Support

The Salesforce Automated software helps the stakeholders by giving users, developers, and specialists the ability to work from anywhere at any time in one place with the ease of long-distance collaboration and support that the software provides.


Cost Effective

There is little to no risk when using salesforce since the customer acquisition cost is too low along with the easy-to-manage organizational tool. The database that Salesforce uses is also helpful in digitizing and organizing the company's sales record, thereby improving the overall organization.

The integrated solution allow the users to work more efficiently and increase the value of each part of the customer life cycle. Moreover, Salesforce analytical and reporting function gives its users the ability to expand their campaign capacity.

As a result, overall productivity can be increased and profit can be maximized.

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