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Hire Blockchain Developers
hire blockchain developers

Hire Blockchain Developers

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NFT Marketplace Development

NFT Marketplace Development


The primary challenge was creating a blockchain-based platform for effectively buying and selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These smart contracts were crucial for exposing data from a distributed file system for storing and sharing data called the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). The project's technology stack included Solidity, Web3.js, Ethereum.js, and Node.js. 


The smart contracts were developed using Solidity to facilitate the Blockchain's secure and transparent exchange of NFTs. Connecting the smart contracts to the front end was achieved through Web3.js which allowed seamless interaction, and Ethereum nodes that enabled users to buy and sell NFTs on the platform. This connection between the front end and smart contracts was essential for the platform's functionality. GitLab was utilized to maintain source code integrity and enable continuous integration and deployment. 

Bitcoin Lightning Network


The primary challenge was to develop a "layer2" payment protocol on top of Bitcoin, aiming to enable fast transactions among participating nodes. The idea was proposed as a solution to the Bitcoin scalability problem, which had limited its transaction processing capabilities. The Lightning Network's capacity to handle innumerable transactions per second posed a complex scalability challenge that needed to be addressed effectively.


The development of the Lightning Network itself involved advanced protocol design and optimization to enable fast and scalable transactions on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain. This solved the Bitcoin scalability problem, allowing millions to billions of transactions per second across the network. The technology stack, including HTML, JavaScript, Core UI, Node.js, and MySQL, was effectively integrated to provide a seamless user experience and robust backend infrastructure for Lightning Network transactions. Deploying the system on Azure Cloud was accomplished by creating Web Apps, App Service Plans, SQL Server databases, and API App resources. This cloud-based infrastructure provided the necessary scalability and reliability for the Lightning Network to operate efficiently.

Bitcoin Lightning Network

Trusted Crowdfunding Platform Using a Smart Contract

Trusted Crowdfunding Platform Using a Smart Contract


Client aimed to create an online money-raising platform that enables the public to donate small amounts of money to support creative projects. One key challenge was designing and implementing a smart contract in Solidity that could securely manage the fundraising process. Ensuring that the smart contract was free from vulnerabilities and could handle donations securely was crucial. 


The intelligent contract creation in Solidity was a meticulous process. The smart contract was designed to securely manage the crowdfunding process, handling donations and ensuring transparency in using funds. Extensive testing and auditing were performed to identify and rectify vulnerabilities, ensuring the smart contract's security. Testing the smart contract on Ethereum test networks like Ropsten or Rinkeby allowed for thoroughly validating its functionality and safety. This iterative testing helped identify and address any issues before deploying the smart contract to the leading Ethereum network. The integration of Web3.js and Ethereum.js enabled seamless interaction between the smart contract and the front end, allowing users to contribute to crowdfunding campaigns easily.

Decentralized Web Hosting


One major challenge was designing and implementing a decentralized hosting system using smart contracts in Solidity. Ensuring the system could distribute and host website components across multiple nodes while maintaining redundancy and availability was complex. Managing the dynamic nature of web content and handling updates without central points of failure posed additional challenges.


Smart contract creation in Solidity was crucial in designing the decentralized hosting system. The smart contracts were designed to distribute and manage website components across a network of nodes, ensuring redundancy and availability. The dynamic nature of web content and updates was managed through a decentralized approach. Content was stored on IPFS, allowing for decentralized file storage and retrieval. This approach eliminated central points of failure and ensured the website would continue functioning even if one component experienced an outage. Web3.js and Ethereum.js facilitated communication with the Ethereum blockchain, enabling users to interact seamlessly with the decentralized hosting system.

Decentralized Web Hosting

Loyalty Points Exchange System

Loyalty Points Exchange System


The main challenge was designing and implementing smart contracts in Solidity that could effectively manage loyalty points. The system needed to create and manage two types of tokens: ERC20 tokens for traditional loyalty points and ERC721 tokens for unique collectible rewards. Ensuring these tokens' secure and efficient operation within the Ethereum blockchain was essential. The technology stack included Solidity for smart contract development, Web3.js and Ethereum.js for blockchain interaction, and IPFS for decentralized file storage.


Smart contract creation in Solidity was pivotal in developing the loyalty points exchange system. ERC20 tokens were created to represent traditional loyalty points, while ERC721 tokens were used for unique collectible rewards. These tokens were designed to be secure and efficient, ensuring smooth operation within the Ethereum blockchain. The system allowed users to earn, redeem, and exchange loyalty points seamlessly, encouraging repeat purchases and customer retention. Integration with Web3.js and Ethereum.js enabled users to interact with the loyalty points system, view their balances, and exchange points for rewards effortlessly. 

Technical Expertise of our Blockchain Developers

  • Frameworks

  • StellarEthereumHyperledgerEOSHashgraphSolanaPolkadotSubstrateCosmosTezosAvalanche
  • Programming Languages

  • Node JSRustC++React JSSolidityJavaScript/JqueryJavaGolangReactJS
  • Tools

  • Web3.jsMetamaskEthereum GethTruffle

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We understand that trust is fundamental for building any long-term business partnership. This is why we provide comprehensive Blockchain development services to design a transparent, resilient and secure system for streamlined business operations. Hire Blockchain developers from TRooTech to streamline your business operations with their strategic development and industry expertise. We are skilled in designing highly secure Blockchain-driven software solutions to strengthen your business operations.

Services Offered by Our Blockchain Developers

ICO Development

We provide extensive ICO (Initial Coin Offering) development services whether you want to develop smart contracts or create a token. We leverage the latest technologies to provide top-notch solutions. 

Smart Contracts Development

Make cryptocurrency management more precise with TRooTech’s Blockchain developers for hire. Build smart contracts like crowdsale to streamline the sales procedure.

Private Blockchain Development

Build a Blockchain wallet application and augment your business growth. Bring your business ideas to reality with our modern services.

Why Investing in Blockchain Can Be Promising?

Benefits of Blockchain Integration

Hire Blockchain Developer

Creates Transparency

Blockchain development services enhance transparency by allowing easy tracking of transactions and investments to their origin. So, no one can make any changes without other participants getting notified. 


Enhanced Security

Blockchain prevents any form of unauthorized activity through its end-to-end encryption. It also simplifies privacy management by maintaining individual authorization and data.


Easy Tracking and Tracing

It is easy to trace the minutest dissimilarity to its origin with Blockchain. Since changes made cannot be modified and are difficult to eliminate, tracking and registering them on the ledger gets easier and can be accessed by everyone. 


Cost Reduction

Since Blockchain does not require any centralized performer, it eliminates the need for any third-party moderator thus providing a secure transaction between the parties without additional charges. 



Blockchain speeds up the process using smart contracts that automatically trigger transactions if the prerequisite conditions are met.


Decentralized Network

Everyone in the system has the same copy of the ledger, so if one group’s copy gets corrupted, it can be rejected by the other group. Thus ensuring that there is an equal distribution of power among the members while maintaining the accuracy of the ledgers simultaneously. 



Real-world digital and material assets are converted into digital tokens registered on the Blockchain network as security. This allows more liquidity and efficient transfer of value in the system.

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