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At TRooTech, our skilled .NET developers are the driving force behind our cutting-edge software solutions. With in-depth knowledge of the .NET framework, including ASP.NET, MVC, Web API, and Entity Framework, we create robust and scalable applications that meet the complex requirements of global enterprises.

Hire .NET Developer
hire dot net developer

Why Do CTOs Hire .NET Developers At TRooTech?


.NET Developers

Hire .NET developers with top-of-the-line expertise in building secure, scalable, and enterprise-level web and mobile apps.



Projects Deployed

With deep expertise in offering .NET development services, our dedicated .NET developers have addressed the complex requirements of modern enterprises.


Man Hours of .NET Development

Hire .NET developers with an in-depth knowledge of backend and front-end development practices. With 9+ years of expertise, our .NET developers specialize in reducing development time. In addition, we work smartly to smoothen the contraflows and improve the software performance.


Countries Served

With almost a decade of experience in enabling enterprises to become more agile and reduce complexity, our solutions have solved complex business challenges in the US, APAC, Europe, Australia, and other locations across the globe.


Industries Covered

Our .NET developers have implemented robust authentication mechanisms and data encryption to protect enterprise data against cyber threats in multiple industries, including healthcare, retail, logistics, Life Sciences, etc.


Client Satisfaction Rate

With almost a decade of eminence in leveraging the .NET platform and eradicating industry-specific business challenges, we have achieved 98% client satisfaction.

From designing and developing the .NET apps to integrating the databases and APIs, our .NET developers solve complex challenges by bridging the gap between software systems and components.

Stepping Stones from Our Milestones

ERP system for Enterprise billing and document management

ERP system for Enterprise billing and document management


The entire project had a set of complex requirements that posed several challenges. With complex calculations and tax systems, there were issues in ensuring the system could handle all the requirements. There was data duplication and disruption in the existing system. There was a need to integrate a powerful PDF library and a reporting tool that could manage the invoices.


Our .Net developers utilized .NET MVC and SQL Server for robust performance and security and smoothen the deployment with migration. Our team integrated SAP for seamless communication and leveraged iTextSharp for managing customized PDF invoices. It implemented automated email notifications using the built-in email functionality to improve communication and customer satisfaction. The team also provided web deployment and runtime support for smooth deployment and issue resolution.

Streamlining the user flow in iGaming


Since this project was an online betting solution, the developer must know the betting industry extensively. Creating a smooth flow for the users and ensuring the admin panel could manage all the aspects of the application presented another challenge. Developing the user roles and implementing a client support care module added further complexity to the project.


Our .NET developers utilized C# core 3.1, SQL Server, Dapper, Azure function, and iTextSharp to overcome the challenges in developing an online betting application. We implemented an admin panel, cloud-watch monitoring, and N-unit test cases to streamline the operations. Additionally, we developed and deployed a client support care module to offer great customer experience and satisfaction.

Streamlining the user flow in iGaming

Seamless UX with payment orchestration

Seamless UX with payment orchestration


One of this project's biggest challenges was ensuring a smooth flow of payment transactions while maintaining security and scalability. It was a unique challenge to ensure that the platform was easy to deploy, manage and scale without any risks. Additionally, implementing the user roles, managing the admin reports and deploying the client support care module added complexity.


Our .Net developers utilized Angular 8+ and followed the Agile methodology while working with Docker and IIS to tackle the challenges in the project. They developed and integrated the payment orchestration platform and implemented tokenization and encryption. To handle the heavy traffic, we incorporated load balancing and auto-scaling. Additionally, we tested and monitored the platform to ensure smooth operation.

Personalized customer engagement with Ticket Booking System


The project was a park booking platform that posed several challenges. One of the challenges was integrating the PDFs of the booking park data and implementing a customer engagement feature that could offer personal assistance to each visitor. Implementing runtime push notifications and integrating payment gateways presented another challenge.


Our expert .Net developers leveraged C# MVC and SQL Server to develop the facility module and iTextSharp to generate the booking park data PDFs. They integrated ICE for personalized customer engagement and utilized .NET's built-in push notification functionality. Lastly, we integrated payment options with iPay or Stripe for a smooth payment experience.

Personalized customer engagement with Ticket Booking System

Technical Expertise of Our Dot NET Developers

  • Technologies

  • ASP.NETAzureSharePointMVCSilverlightSignalRWinFormWindows ServicesWorkFlowsWeb APIWeb Services
  • Business layer & Web Services

  • Front-end

  • HTML5CSS3AngularBootstrap 4CoffeeScriptJQueryJavaScriptTypeScriptKnockoutWPFBlazorVueReactXamarin
  • Data Layer

  • My SQL ServerMS SQLMongo DBGoogle BigQueryHyperionOracleAzure Cosmos DBAzure SQL DatabaseRedis Data Access LayerLINQ to SQLADO.NETNHibernateEntity Framework
  • Cloud Technologies

  • Microsoft AzureCloud FoundryAWSKubernetesMicrosoft Azure FunctionsDocker
  • Business Intelligence

  • Biztalk ServerMicrosoft SQL ServerPower BIStream AnalyticsAzure Analytics Services
  • Testing and Monitoring

  • SeleniumApache jMeterHP LoadrunnerMS VS Team Foundation ServerVisual Studio Team ServicesMS Azure Application Insights
  • CMS

  • KenticoEktronOrchardSitecoreDotNetNukeUmbraco
  • Third-Party Tool

  • InfragisticsTelerikComponentArtOboutDevExpres
  • Payment Gateways

  • PayPalNTPNowGoogle CheckoutSage Pay (Protx)
  • Reporting & Data Mining

  • SSRSAnalysis ServicesReporting ServicesIntegration ServicesMS Access ReportsActive ReportsCrystal ReportsDotNetChartingDundas Charts
  • Methodologies

  • AgileTDDContinuous Integration
  • Deployment Process

  • CI/CD (Jenkins, Azure CI/CD, AWS CI/CD)
  • Upgrade Services

  • .NET Framework 4.8.1.NET Framework 4.8.NET Framework 4.7.1.NET Framework 4.7.NET Framework 4.6.2.NET Framework 4.6.1.NET Framework 4.6.NET Framework 4.5.2

To accelerate both backend and frontend development,

Hire the best .NET Developer

Tech Stack

Hire .NET developers to develop secure, dynamic, and high-performant enterprise applications. At TRooTech, we assist enterprises with mission-critical.NET solutions. With over 9+ years of delivering end-to-end .NET development solutions, we have solved complex business challenges in multiple industries. Our expert .NET developers dive into your requirements to analyze the gaps and devise a development plan. As a leading provider of .NET development services, we have in-depth expertise in ASP.NET, .NET Core, MVC WPF, Sharepoint, and VB.NET.

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.NET Consulting Services

Get access to a pool of highly skilled .NET developers who walk you through the development process with our .NET consulting services.

.NET Web Development Services

At TRooTech, our .NET developers offer customized .NET web development services. Our .NET developers utilize ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, and ASP.NET Core frameworks for developing secure web applications.

Custom .NET Development

Hire .NET developers with 9+ years of experience developing custom applications tailored to your industry-specific business needs.

for High-Performing, Scalable and Secure Enterprise Applications

Hire the best .Net Developer

Hire .NET Developer

Language Interoperability

The .NET platform maximizes code reusability with the Language Interoperability feature for seamless interaction between different programming languages for efficient development.



The .NET framework facilitates portability through open Internet standards. This allows the programs written in different languages to work together on a dispersed network of devices.


Managed Multithreading

With managed multithreading support, .NET reduces code complexity and ensures safe execution on CLR, effectively utilizing threads for efficient task execution.


Maximum Performance

The Common Language Runtime environment improves the performance by removing the bottlenecks with the garbage collector by minimizing the conflicts through namespaces and avoiding versioning issues.


Side-By-Side Execution

Using the assemblies containing the Intermediate Language, .NET supports side-by-side executions and allows the developers to deploy multiple application versions.


Language Independence

.NET supports Language Independence and enables .NET developers to utilize the power of multiple languages on a single platform.


Base Class Library

The Base Class Library allows the developers to offer standard functionalities for all the .NET languages including XML manipulation, file I/O, database interaction, and graphics.

Best Front-End Frameworks That Seamlessly Integrate With .NET

.NET + VueJS

Hire .NET developer with expertise in the front-end framework to integrate .net with VueJS. This powerful combo is perfect for building scalable and dynamic web applications with a robust backend and modern user interface.

.NET + Flutter

Integrate .net with Flutter to develop efficient and maintainable cross-platform mobile apps that handle large amounts of data and complex business logic. 

.NET + ReactJS

Hire .NET developers to integrate ReactJS and .NET for modern and efficient web applications. This combination results in a robust and scalable backend and a responsive front end. In addition, such an environment supports complex web app development.

.NET + Angular

With a combination of built-in security features of the .NET platform and XSS of Angular, developers can build highly secure apps that run on mobile, web and desktop. In addition, you can expect a responsive app by combining the Ahead Of Time compilation and load balancing.

.NET + React Native

Combine .NET and React Native to develop mobile apps on multiple platforms. Hire .NET developers to the business logic of your application and build a cross-platform user interface. React Native blends with .NET to offer the code reuse feature that saves development time.

Hire the Best .NET Developer

With top-of-the-line expertise in building secure, scalable, and enterprise-level web and mobile apps.