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Signup Module with Regular Security Updates

Robust Login/Signup Module with Regular Security Updates


The client sought a robust, user-friendly login and registration solution for his large-scale web app. It also included configuring CRUD(Create, Read, Update, Delete) APIs in Angular to ensure seamless functionality based on the client's specific requirements. The core requirement was developing multiple HTML and CSS templates from scratch for all websites. The development process also involved configuring local and live databases to manage and store user data securely. Furthermore, utilizing version control with Bitbucket for efficient code management and collaboration was essential.


Our Open Source development team leveraged their expertise to address this challenge, particularly in Angular and MySQL. The project began by creating a robust login and registration system that catered to admin and user roles, ensuring data security and access control. For the functional aspects of the application, we configured CRUD APIs in Angular, enabling seamless data management and interaction within the web app. Our team meticulously crafted HTML and CSS templates from scratch to provide an appealing and user-friendly interface, aligning them with the client's design requirements. To manage data efficiently, we set up local and live databases, using MySQL to store user information and application data securely. For effective version control and collaboration, we employed Bitbucket, ensuring that the codebase remained organized and well-maintained.

Multi-Source Store Data Analytics Tool with Real-Time Data Insights


The client faced the challenge of developing an analytic tool capable of seamlessly managing store data metrics from various sources, including Shopify, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and more. Integrating these diverse data streams presented a complex technical hurdle. Additionally, the tool is needed to provide real-time insights and reporting while maintaining data accuracy and reliability.


We leveraged Django 3.2, a powerful web framework, to build a robust and scalable analytics tool. We also integrated third-party APIs from Shopify, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and others. It allowed the tool to collect and aggregate data seamlessly from multiple sources. Using Django's capabilities, we created a unified platform that processed and visualized the data in real-time, providing store owners valuable insights. The technology stack, including Django and various third-party APIs, enabled the development of a comprehensive solution for managing store data metrics efficiently and accurately.

Multi Source Store Data Analytics Tool with Real Time Data Insights

Employee Health Tracking System

Employee Health Tracking System


The client sought a solution to create a compelling user-tracking online application for organizations seeking to monitor the health of their employees. It also involved designing a system to collect and save data on various health symptoms, including COVID-19, and ensuring that employees received a daily questionnaire link at a specified time.


To address this challenge, we leveraged our experience in Django, crontab, and Celery. We designed and implemented a web app that allowed organizations to create and distribute daily health questionnaires to their employees. We utilized Django's robust framework to manage user authentication, data storage, and questionnaires. Crontab was employed to schedule and automate the daily distribution of questionnaire links to all employees at the designated time. As a distributed task queue, Celery managed and processed the incoming data from employees' responses.

Dynamic Marketplace for Real-Estate Business


A renowned real-estate market leader sought a solution to create a centrally connected platform for buyers, sellers, and agents with robust features and user-friendly experience. Additionally, the Client wanted to integrate external data sources, such as Zillow's API, to enhance the platform's property listings and data accuracy.


Python and Django, one of the most robust frameworks, was the finest choice to build the core of the real estate marketplace. We utilized the Django framework to design the backend infrastructure, manage databases, and handle user authentication. Ubuntu served as the operating system for hosting and deploying the application. MySQL was the relational database management system to store and manage property data efficiently. One of the key solutions was the seamless integration of Zillow's API, which enriched the platform with a vast database of property listings and market insights. This integration allowed users to access comprehensive property information, including pricing trends and neighborhood details.

Dynamic Marketplace for Real Estate Business

Finance Report Tool

Finance Report Tool


The client sought a solution for his Financial report tool. The complexity arose from handling extensive financial data and reporting requirements while maintaining data accuracy and compliance. The challenge was developing and managing the Teradata semantic layer for legal structure programming while ensuring seamless data flow and integration with various components.


We addressed these challenges by creating robust data flows using procedures, transformation views, presentation views, and work tables at the semantic layer. It allowed for efficient data processing and transformation, ensuring the financial reporting requirements were met accurately and on time. We participated in developing and deploying code to higher environments, streamlining the release process. We engaged in performance-tuning activities to enhance the project's efficiency and performance, optimizing query execution and data retrieval processes. 

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