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Transforming High Volume Data Entry with RPA

Transforming High-Volume Data Entry with RPA


Our client faced a formidable challenge in their daily operations - the need to streamline and eradicate errors in a high-volume data entry process. Manually entering vast amounts of data consumed valuable time and introduced the risk of human errors that could have far-reaching consequences.


We deployed RPA bots powered by UiPath, a leading RPA platform, to automate the data entry tasks. These bots emulated human keystrokes and mouse movements to interact with the existing software systems and applications for data entry. UiPath's automation capabilities allowed us to develop custom workflows that mirrored the client's data entry processes. These workflows were designed to handle a wide variety of data formats and input sources, adapting to the dynamic nature of the client's business operations. Data extraction from source documents was streamlined using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, such as ABBYY FineReader. This technology enabled the bots to accurately capture data from scanned documents, invoices, and forms.

Streamlining Invoice Processing with RPA


Our client sought a solution for managing a substantial volume of invoices in various formats and layouts. Extracting essential data for accounting purposes was labor-intensive and error-prone, leading to processing delays and accuracy issues.


We deployed RPA bots driven by UiPath to automate the end-to-end invoice processing workflow. These bots were trained to recognize and extract key data fields from invoices, regardless of the format or layout. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, such as ABBYY FlexiCapture, was integrated to convert paper-based and scanned invoices into machine-readable text. The RPA bots were equipped with data validation logic to ensure that extracted information met predefined criteria and accuracy standards. In cases where discrepancies were detected, the bots initiated exception-handling processes, alerting human operators for review and correction. A central dashboard, accessible to administrators, provided real-time visibility into the invoice processing pipeline, bot performance, and exception handling workflows.

Streamlining Invoice Processing with RPA

Elevating Customer Support with RPA

Elevating Customer Support with RPA


Our client was looking for a solution to managing a continuously growing volume of customer inquiries and requests, primarily received through email. As the client expanded, responding to these inquiries promptly became increasingly challenging.


We deployed RPA bots, driven by UiPath's automation platform, to automate key elements of the customer support process. Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, integrated into the RPA bots, allowed for extracting intent and key information from customer emails. We employed a chatbot solution for FAQs and routine inquiries, which integrated with the RPA bots. This chatbot, powered by AI technologies, provided instant responses to common customer queries, reducing the workload on human agents. To enhance the efficiency of human support agents, we integrated a ticketing system, such as Zendesk or Freshdesk, into the solution. The RPA bots automatically generated and managed support tickets based on customer emails, ensuring every inquiry was tracked and addressed.

Transforming Compliance and Reporting with RPA


Our client faced a critical challenge in their operations - ensuring compliance with complex regulatory reporting requirements. This task involved gathering vast amounts of data from multiple sources, a process prone to human error and time-consuming manual work.


We deployed RPA bots to automate the compliance and reporting workflow. These bots were configured to access and extract data from diverse sources, including databases, spreadsheets, and web-based forms. Data validation logic was integrated into the RPA bots to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the collected data. The bots performed real-time checks, identifying and flagging discrepancies or anomalies and initiating corrective actions when necessary. The RPA bots leveraged technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract data from scanned documents and images, further expanding their data collection capabilities. We utilized RPA to generate standardized compliance reports for the reporting aspect automatically. These reports were tailored to meet the specific requirements of regulatory authorities and stakeholders. UiPath Orchestrator provided centralized management and monitoring of bot activities, enhancing security. A centralized dashboard, accessible to compliance officers and management, provided real-time insights into compliance status, data accuracy, and reporting timelines. 

Transforming Compliance and Reporting with RPA

Bridging Legacy Systems with RPA Integration

Bridging Legacy Systems with RPA Integration


Our client confronted a significant hurdle in their digital transformation journey - integrating data from aging legacy systems that needed more modern APIs and compatibility with their newer applications. The disconnect between these systems hindered data exchange and efficiency.


RPA bots were programmed to mimic a human operator's manual steps to retrieve data from the legacy systems. The bots navigated the user interfaces of the legacy applications, interacting with screens, inputting commands, and extracting data. Data transformation and normalization were key components of the solution. The RPA bots processed data from the legacy systems, converting it into formats compatible with modern applications. Custom logic and business rules were applied to ensure data accuracy and integrity. Integration connectors, including RESTful APIs and web services, facilitated the seamless transfer of transformed data into modern applications. These connectors allowed for real-time data synchronization, eliminating delays and reducing the risk of data discrepancies. They could detect data retrieval and integration issues, initiate error resolution processes, and notify human operators if necessary.

Technical Expertise of our RPA Developers

  • Platforms

  • UiPathAutomation AnywhereBlue PrismWorkFusionWinAutomation
  • QA Tools

  • UiPath Test SuiteAutomation Anywhere Testing FrameworkBlue PrismWorkFusion Test SuiteTestim.io
  • Databases and Data Storage

  • Microsoft SQL ServerOracle DatabaseMySQLPostgreSQL
  • Programming Language

  • PythonJavaC#VBScriptJavaScript
  • Monitoring Tools

  • UiPath OrchestratorAutomation Anywhere Control RoomBlue Prism Control RoomWorkFusion SPA MonitoringAppDynamics
  • APIs

  • UiPath Orchestrator APIsAutomation Anywhere Rest APIsBlue Prism Rest APIsWorkFusion APIsMicrosoft Power Automate APIs

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RPA Assessment

Our RPA developers evaluate and asses each step of your process and its performance to find automation opportunities. This helps us get a rough estimate of to what extent your job can be automated. We give you an approximation of the cost based on the scope and complexity. Hire remote RPA developers from us and get a complete development roadmap including solution, integration and ROI indicators.

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We provide end-to-end custom RPA consulting services. Our RPA developers recommend the right combination of tools and approaches to automate your processes and upgrade your IT infrastructure for optimized functioning.

Process Mining and Optimization

With TRooTech, Hire RPA developer to simplify the process visualization and workflows. Our RPA developers identify improvement opportunities after diagnosing and monitoring the business processes in the big-picture mode. With this, we are able to analyze the strong and weak points which further helps us quantify the potential by comparing the process variants.

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RPA implementation does not require API setup and has an easy-to-read GUI interface. This simplifies implementation and saves huge costs and time for businesses.


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Businesses can gather and differentiate data in separate fields with Robotic Process Automation. This enhances decision-making and achieve optimal efficiency.


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Design completely automated and semi-automated scheduling to generate a response for any trigger like a human activity or an email.

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