Hire Ruby on Rails Developer

With almost a decade of experience developing Rails solutions, our developers have in-depth knowledge of the simple, readable syntax, pure OOP capabilities, dynamic typing, metaprogramming features, and a rich set of built-in libraries.

Hire Ruby on Rails Developer
Hire Ruby on Rails Developer

Why Do Global Businesses Choose TRooTech As Their First Choice To Hire Ruby on Rails Developers?


Ruby on Rails Developers

Our experienced Ruby on Rails developers have 5-8 years of experience developing scalable web applications.


Projects Deployed

With deep expertise in addressing industry-specific problems, our Ruby on Rails developers have solved complex business problems of enterprises across the globe.


Man Hours of RoR Development

Hire Ruby on Rails developers with an in-depth knowledge of backend development practices. Our experienced Ruby on Rails developers work relentlessly to develop secure and scalable solutions.


Countries Served

With almost a decade of leveraging the RoR framework, our Ruby on Rails developers have enabled global enterprises to become more agile. As a result, we have a strong clientele in the US, APAC, Europe, Australia, and other locations across the globe.


Industries Covered

Our Ruby on Rails developers have implemented platform-agnostic solutions in multiple industries ranging from Logistics, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Retail, Aviation, and more.


Client Satisfaction Rate

We have achieved almost 100% client satisfaction rate with nearly a decade of delivering world-class solutions that solve industry-specific challenges.

Our Ruby on Rails developers develop highly performant web applications, from using the OOP methodologies and MVC architecture to RESTful APIs and third-party integration for enhanced functionality.

Stepping Stones from Our Milestones

Improving the Inspection on Rails

Improving the Inspection on Rails


There was no centralized system to manage the inspection process and scheduling effectively. Apart from that, no concrete system could store and manage the inspection reports, images and other documentation. Furthermore, there were a few challenges to implementing a user-friendly interface for inspectors and clients. 


Our dedicated Ruby on Rails developers built an Inspection Software using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL, integrated with Authorize.net, S3 bucket, SES, and SNS. This inspection software included a Centralized Inspection Management System, Advanced Inspection Reporting, and 360 Image Hotspot Details with a user-friendly interface.

Simplifying the information flow using RoR


Building a platform to collect game data from various sources and provide descriptions for each title was challenging. The challenge was to build a user-friendly platform while ensuring the information was correct and up-to-date. It was difficult to handle large amounts of data without sacrificing speed and performance. 


Our dedicated Ruby on Rails developers developed a web-based software platform using Ruby on Rails, MySQL, ReactJS, JQuery, and JavaScript. We simplified the problem of collecting and importing game data, managing large amounts of data without sacrificing performance, and ensuring a user-friendly interface. Our solution automated the game data import process from various sources and added game descriptions and keywords for each game. 

Simplifying the information flow using RoR

Simplifying Data Mining in eCommerce

Simplifying Data Mining in eCommerce


There were some challenges with the integrity of pricing data, slow system performance and limited features. The client wanted to address these challenges and improve the platform's functionality, performance and UX. This was a dynamic project and involved multiple operations on the back end.


Our Ruby on Rails developers developed a retail price comparison platform that eradicated inaccurate pricing data, slow performance and limited features. Our solution includes data cleansing, matching algorithm, feature enhancements, performance optimization and deployment using Capistrano. We successfully delivered a dynamic platform with improved accuracy, increased user engagement, and lower bounce rates.

Integrated Account Management Systems For Financial Advisors


The specific requirements were extensive and complex making the project a significant challenge. The biggest challenge was developing a platform to manage the accounts and provide market data to the registered reps. Data security was the biggest concern as the platform dealt with sensitive financial information.


With expertise in the Ruby on Rails platform, our dedicated RoR developers used Ruby 2.4 and Rails 5.2, PostgreSQL, and Capistrano to design the platform architecture, database, and user interface. Our solution addressed all the requirements, and provided market data, quotes, announcements, and personalized messages to the registered representatives.

Integrated Account Management Systems For Financial Advisors

Technical Expertise of Our RoR Developers

  • Ruby Frameworks

  • RailsSinatraHamaniCrepeRoda RubyCuba
  • Database

  • MySQLMongoDBPostgreSQLSQLiteMariaDB
  • Gems

  • RSpecDevisePRYRuboCopPagyRolifycancancanBraintreeCapistrano
  • CMS

  • Refinery CMSLocomotive CMSCamaleon CMSRadiant CMSComfortable Mexican SofaAlchemy CMSSpina CMSScrivito CMS
  • IDE

  • RubyMineAtom EditorVIMSublime TextAptana StudioEmacsCloud9Visual Studio Code
  • Integration

  • PHPAll Javascript Tech.NetPython
  • Testing

  • UnitCucumberTimecopFabrication
  • TDD Tools

  • Rspec-RailsCapybaraMinitestFactory_girl_railsSporkDatabase_CleanerSimplecovFakerLaunchy
  • Rest API

  • SwaggerDocAPIPieGrapeActive Model Serializers
  • Deployment Tools

  • CapistranoMinaHeroku
  • Server

  • AWSDigital OceanHerokuLiquid WebDreamHostBluehostHostGatorRackSpace
  • App Server

  • PumaPassengerUnicornWEBrick
  • Web Server

  • NginxApache
  • Scheduled/Recurrence Jobs

  • WheneverDelayed JobSideKiqRufus-SchedulerResqueSucker PunchSidekiq Cron
  • Searching

  • Elasticsearch-RailsRansack
  • Coding Style

  • RuboCopRails Best Practice
  • Catching

  • Redis
  • Version Control

  • GIT (GitFLow)
  • Process

  • Agile Scrum and Lean
  • PM Tools

  • JiraTrelloSlackLinear
  • Deployment Process

  • CI/CD

To build high-performance web applications within a shorter span,

Hire the best Ruby on Rails Developer

Tech Stack

Hire Ruby on Rails developers with advanced technical knowledge in building complex web apps using the Ruby language and Rails framework. At TRooTech, we are eminent in OOP, MVC, and front-end technologies. On top of that, we also create RESTful APIs and database schemas for smooth integration with third-party services. Our dedicated developers have years of technical know-how of the language, enabling businesses to achieve better results smartly. With our solid commitment to delivering expected results, we are a leading Ruby on Rails development company.

Our Wide Spectrum of Ruby on Rails Development Services

Rails CMS Development

Hire Ruby on Rails developer to develop customized CMS with plugins, themes and extensions to meet your organization's specific requirements.

Performance Optimization

By identifying and resolving the performance bottlenecks, addressing the database queries and improving the response times, our Ruby on Rails developers help you with performance optimization.

App Development

Hire Ruby on Rails developers with 9+ years of expertise in leveraging Ruby language to build dynamic applications that run smoothly on both mobile and desktop devices.

For rapid prototyping and maximum application security,

Hire the best Ruby on Rails Developer

Hire Ruby on Rails Developer

Convention Over Configuration

RoR favors convention over configuration and reduces the amount of boilerplate code. This enables the developers to focus on the business logic of the application.


Model View Controller

The MVC feature of RoR provides a clear separation of concerns between the data model, presentation layer, and application logic. As a result, MVC simplifies application maintenance and testing over time.


Active Record (Object Relational Mapping)

Object Relational Mapping (ORM) enables the developers to work with databases using a high-level object-oriented interface for effectively querying, updating and deleting the records.



RoR supports scaffolding and automatically generates the code for standard components, including models, views and controllers. This speeds up the development process.


Testing Framework

RoR offers a built-in testing framework that allows the developers to test the application for glitches and errors, ensuring the app works as expected. 


Rapid Prototyping

With built-in tools for code generation, automation testing and conventions, RoR facilitates rapid prototyping for faster time-to-market.



RoR supports a broad band of programming paradigms, including object-oriented programming, procedural programming and functional programming, which can streamline complex application development.


Enhanced Security

RoR offers a range of built-in security features, such as protection against cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection attacks and cross-site request forgery (CSRF).



RoR supports caching, clustering, and load balancing, which can handle high traffic volume and large amounts of data. As a result, roR-based applications are highly scalable.



RoR is a platform-agnostic framework that can work on different operating systems and web servers, including macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Best Front-End Frameworks That Seamlessly Integrate With Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails + Flutter

Hire Ruby on Rails developers with expertise in Flutter to develop flexible mobile solutions that address complex business logic and handle data management requirements.

Ruby on Rails + Angular

Combining Ruby on Rails and Angular results in a powerful backend API that communicates with the Angular app for adequate data storage, manipulation, and management.


Ruby on Rails + ReactJS

Ruby on Rails integrates with ReactJS, resulting in a dynamic web application with increased flexibility, scalability, and high performance.


Ruby on Rails + React Native

Ruby on Rails combines with React Native to result in powerful mobile and web applications that are scalable, flexible and responsive. In addition, this powerful combination supports rapid prototyping.

Ruby on Rails + VueJS

Leverage clear separation of responsibilities by combining Combine RoR and VueJS. This unique combination supports the development of high-performing and modular web applications. 

Hire the Best Ruby on Rails Developer

Our certified RoR experts have incorporated expertise in all the versions of RoR from 2.0 to 7.0 and hold top-of-the-line expertise.