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Why CTOs Opt to Hire AngularJS Developers from TRooTech?


AngularJS Developers

(Hire the best AngularJS developers or a full-stack development team with vast experience)


AngularJS Projects Successfully Deployed

(Small-, mid-, or large-scale web app, our seasoned AngularJS professionals know how to get the best out of your product.)


Hours of AngularJS Development

(We have assigned a couple of thousands of hours on AngularJS development projects and new hours add up every day!)


Countries Served

(We have pinned over 35 countries with our best AngularJS software development services and the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand are just some of these.)


Industries Covered

(Be it entertainment, education, utility, fintech, or eCommerce, we have a range of industry expertise towards web app development services.)


Client Success Rate

(Our visionary approach to AngularJS web app development services helps us eliminate hitches for a successful project development lifecycle.)

Here’s what successful products look like when you hire the best AngularJS developers from TRooTech with a fully-managed development team.

Stepping Stones from our Milestones


Restaurant Table Reservation & Food Ordering System


Web app development for a restaurant with comprehensive features for a table reservation and food ordering system. 


Our software development team created a separate dashboard for diners, admin, and workers to seamlessly handle the workflow with the management of bookings, RSVP features, multiple payments, and more.

Sales Management System


Our client proposed the development of a sales management system with real-time visibility of new stock and inventory.


The client outsourced our AngularJS development team with sales representatives and admin onboard with real-time reports of stocks and sales data along with field visits of the sales rep.



Global Distribution System


The product idea was regarding a global distribution system for travel and hospitality operators to effectively handle their workflows


We enriched the database with cloud functionality for adding, updating, deleting, and retrieving data pertaining to customers and added new patches for security updates.

Field Force Management System


Development of a field force management system for monitoring the performance of a field executive to handle service tickets of customers.


Our AngularJS developers developed web pages using HTML, velocity, Ajax, jQuery, and CSS for modules, including dispatching field workforce, efficient scheduling, lead management, and more to efficiently manage customers and workforce. 


Technical Expertise of Our AngularJS Developers

  • Theme

  • FuseVexCleanUICoreUI
  • Libraries

  • Angular7/8 Custom Create LibrariesRXJSFullCalendar@Types/Googlemaps@Types/Fabric (For Canvas)For Cropping – @Types/Cropperjs
  • APIs

  • Facebook APIInstagram APIYouTube APIGoogle APITwitter APISlack API
  • Platforms

  • FirebaseDockerHerokuAzureAWS LambdaAmazon Web Services(AWS)
  • Framework

  • AngularJSAngular2+NGRX(Angular + Redux)
  • Backend

  • Ruby On RailsNodeLaravelJava.NetPython
  • Version Control

  • GitSVNBitbucketGitlab
  • Database

  • MongoDBPostgreSQLMySQL
  • Other

  • TwilioAgileTest-Driven Development (TDD)GooglemapStripe Integration (Payment Gateway)
  • Upgraded services

  • Language

  • NodeJSTypescriptJavascriptRXJSJQuery
  • Deployment Process

  • CI/CD

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Hire Angularjs Developer

Tech Stack

We at TRooTech provide dynamic, reliable, and data-driven Angular web development services combined with seamless functioning and user-friendly and interactive designs. Hire well-experienced and knowledgeable Angularjs developers from us for your app and web development.

Our Comprehensive Development Services

Angular Web and Mobile App Development

Build secure, flexible, and feature-rich web and mobile apps with the help of our dedicated AngularJS programmer's team.

Angular Upgrade Service

We will ensure your business is not interrupted while updating to the latest Angular version. Whether an independent consultant or a CEO, your system will stay updated without hindrance. 

Angular E-commerce Portal Development

Hire Angular developers from us to build an interactive, user-friendly, and captivating portal system for your e-commerce website and mobile application.

Advantages of AngularJS

Why Use AngularJS for your Product?

Hire Angularjs Developer

Cross-platform Development

AngularJS can be used to develop progressive web apps to offer an app-like user experience.


Speed and Performance

With code-generation and code-splitting features, AngularJS offers highly-optimized code for better performance.



AngularJS offers templates for quick viewing of UI and intelligent code completion with IDEs for quick feedback and development.


Less Code Framework

AngularJS is a low-code framework, which enables to use separate code and link them to MVC layers.


Two-way Data Binding

The framework offers a two-way binding feature for developers to view the model and make changes at the earliest.


MVC Architecture

AngularJS can split the app to write the code and then connect to the app, thereby saving a lot of development time.

Best Backend Frameworks to Integrate with AngularJS

AngularJS + Django

AngularJS and Django share the Model View Template architecture for developers to write powerful, efficient, and clean code.

AngularJS + NodeJS

NodeJS is known for its scalability and event-based model, which can seamlessly complement the ability to manage multiple requests of AngularJS

AngularJS + Laravel

Laravel offers simple website maintenance and with AngularJS, it can improve the website performance.

AngularJS + Java Springboot

Java Springboot features hold the ability to develop standalone apps and decrease the overall time of the source code.

Frequently Asked Questions to Hire the Best AngularJS Developers for Product Support

AngularJS is an established frontend framework with nearly 60k stars. With vast community support and an easy learning curve, the proclivity towards AngularJS as a serious career choice is rising. This means you can get experienced, seasoned, and senior-level AngularJS with just a little effort.

Generally, we hire AngularJS developers with the right thought process and will to catch up on a broader scope. Hence, when you hire AngularJS developer from TRooTech, you can get a pool of tech talents with 3-7 years of experience.

We have pinned many countries on our service coverage map from different parts of the world. This depicts our flexible working hours and readiness to work during our client’s time zones.

As of writing, we have our tech professionals working from our Surat and Ahmedabad locations in India. Hence, as per the engagement model you choose, we identify overlapping time durations between your working hours and ours for communication.

Besides offering to hire the best AngularJS developers, we also offer consultation services for product engineering. You can send in your idea and we can discuss the way to go about it.

We possess the time-tested infrastructure and proven methodologies for software development with the latest devices for testing responsive apps.

Once you share your requirements, we analyze the technical setup required and confirm the same for offering the best project development environment and test use cases.

TRooTech offers multiple engagement models for you to pick from–fixed time and material, fix cost, and remote resource hiring.

Based on your requirement, we can define the minimum term of engagement that can justify the development of a successful product. However, most of the clients that we collaborate with engage for at least three to four months for having relentless support and maintenance.

Upon discussion and based on the project requirement, we can definitely allow our resources to work at your location. To achieve that, we can work on an additional service-level agreement for on-site engagements. We can sign it and begin processing the on-site engagement model.

Yes. We have certified project managers and SCRUM Masters tracking how the project is taking shape in real-time. We usually have all these resources occupied on various projects.

However, before kickstarting the project, we ensure that you get one for your project If you want to begin with the project development ASAP, you need to request one at the earliest.

Being a responsible software development house, we believe in transparent undertakings and data security of our clients. We sign all the necessary agreements to ensure the confidentiality of your product.

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