Hire The Best Azure Developers

Hire the best Azure developers with rich knowledge of Azure cloud services such as Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Service Fabric, and Azure App Service. In addition, our dedicated Azure developers have years of experience implementing security, and compliance controls, optimizing performance and third-party API integration.

Hire the Best Azure Developer
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Why Do Enterprises Consider TRooTech As The First Choice

To Hire The Best Azure Developers?


Azure Experts

Hire the best Azure cloud developers with mixed experiences ranging from 4 to 8 years.


ReactJS Projects Deployed

With deep expertise in delivering Azure cloud services, our dedicated Azure developers have solved the complex problems of global enterprises and Fortune 500 companies.


Man Hours Of Azure Cloud

Timely delivery and dedication are two crucial verticals at TRooTech. Our dedicated Azure developers have leveraged Azure cloud services to solve complex business challenges.


Countries Served

Having served 25+ countries and still counting, the roots of our clients go deep in the US, APAC, Europe, Australia, and other locations across the globe.


Industries Covered

We have solved complex industry-specific business challenges in different industries, including eCommerce, Aviation and Logistics.


Client Satisfaction Rate

With 98% client satisfaction, we have emerged as the leading provider of Azure cloud services.

Hire the best Azure developers for developing, deploying, and managing Azure cloud services. Our developers offer resilient architectures, compliance controls and performance optimization.

Taking It To The Cloud - One Solution At A Time


Scenario of Project Management Tool Development


Development of a project management web application for representing AEC-based projects in a 3D model. 


Our software developers worked with firebase, NodeJS, and ReactJS to integrate software components along with the third-party programs for engineers to view the construction materials used for a particular part of a building.

Scenario of AEC Projects Reporting Tool Development


Our client proposed the development of a project reporting portal with simplicity in coding.


 We used multiple markup languages for writing web pages and developing features to enhance the user experience. Our ReactJS developers developed customer-facing UI and backend services with a reduction in overall coding by 35%.



Scenario of Web-based Survey System Development


Development of a survey-based project for staff to build surveys and assessments.


Our ReactJS developers developed a survey-based project with a multi-level assigning system for the staff or admin to assess and find ways for better performance. 

Scenario of Web App Development for Financial Market


Developing a 360-degree tool financial market with much graphical presentation was a challenge for this project. It also requires features to compare graphs with multiple positions.


Our developers worked with the environment of Python, ReactJS, Laravel Lumen, and MongoDB for offering a graphical representation of the financial market to users. 



Scenario of Virtual Doctor Consultation System Development


Development of a medical web app for doctors to register themselves and list their expertise along with laboratory processes.


We worked with the environment with ReactJS and NodeJS for the development of a medical web application for users to register and search for a doctor.

To successfully develop, deploy, and manage Azure cloud services,

Hire The Best Azure Developers

Tech Stack

Hire the best Azure cloud developers with deep aptitude in Azure cloud services including Azure App Service, Azure Functions, Azure Cosmos DB and Azure VMs. Our veterans have a solid understanding of developing and deploying highly secure cloud infrastructure services. At TRooTech, we are proficient in leveraging a variety of languages and frameworks like JavaScript, Node.JS, .NET, Python and Ruby for managing the applications on the Azure cloud platform. With 9+ years of expertise in Azure cloud services, we have been simplifying the value chain of our esteemed clients across the globe.

Comprehensive Azure Cloud Services

Cloud Architecture And Design Services

Hire Azure cloud developers for architecture solutions and leverage cutting-edge Azure cloud services such as Azure VMs, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Cosmos DB, and Azure Functions. These solutions enable seamless deployment of load-balancing and auto-scaling.

Cloud Security Services

Our Azure cloud developers have helped organizations implement cloud security in their Azure environments. We help enterprises configure network security groups, implement encryption and secure their cloud infrastructure. We also fulfill regulatory and compliance requirements such as GDPR and HIPAA.

Cloud Operations And Monitoring

Hire the best Azure cloud developers with a deep understanding of Azure Monitor, Azure Log Analytics and other Azure services. At TRooTech, we also help with performance optimization, troubleshooting issues, and implementing disaster recovery solutions.

To Couple your cloud migration with best practices to harness business insights.

Hire the best Azure developers

Hire Azure Developers

Easy Integration

Azure integrates well with other Microsoft products, including Office 365 and Dynamics 365. It also goes well with other third-party tools and services.


Innovation For Cutting-Edge Solutions

With futuristic technologies, including ML and AI, Azure offers various innovative services to help you build cutting-edge applications. 


Global Reach

With data centers in 60+ locations across the globe, Azure makes it easy to deploy your applications and services.


Disaster Recovery Features

With Failover and Replication as built-in disaster recovery features, Azure protects your enterprise data and applications even during an outage.


Developer-Friendly Environment

Azure provides a developer-friendly environment with a dedicated suite of developer tools and utilities, such as GitHub and Visual Studio, for developing and managing applications.



Compliant with a massive range of government standards, including HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR, Azure ensures that your data and applications meet regulatory requirements.

Container Orchestration

Supporting Kubernetes and Docker, Azure provides a powerful platform for container orchestration to deploy and manage your applications quickly.

Open Source

Azure enables you to deploy applications using your preferred frameworks and tools. It supports many open-source technologies including Linux, Java, and Node.js.

Low Latency

Azure supports faster data transfer and low response times for improved UX and faster application loading. In addition, it provides a low-latency network.

User-Friendly Interface

With Azure portal, Azure PowerShell, and Azure CLI, this cloud computing platform provides various management tools and a user-friendly interface.

Huge Community

Azure has a vast community of active experts and dedicated developers who provide tech support and guidance on using Azure services.

Best Back-End Frameworks That Seamlessly Integrate With Azure

Azure + NodeJS

Azure integrates with NodeJS to ensure that the application and enterprise data remain secure despite sophisticated cyber threats. 

Azure + PHP Laravel

A rich set of Azure features and the development flexibility of PHP Laravel make this integration a unique combination to build modern web applications.

Azure + Python Django

Python Django combines with Azure to offer higher scalability, application availability, ML capabilities, DevOps support and greater compliance.

Azure + Java Spring Boot

Azure offers insights that provide analytics and real-time monitoring of applications for troubleshooting and optimization. This combination is best suited for scaling Spring Boot applications. 

Azure + VueJS

By integrating Azure with VueJS, our developers can leverage the cloud-based hosting capability of Azure to deploy VueJS apps at scale. Hire the best Azure developers to integrate Azure with VueJS for dynamic web applications.

Helping You Hire The Best Azure Developers At TRooTech

At TRooTech, we follow a rigorous vetting process to offer you only top-tier talent whose experience matches your requirements. In addition to that, our technical experts analyze your particular needs, team dynamics, and business goals to help you build a team of experienced Azure developers.

YES! Our remote resources work with you without compromising on the solution. Our dedicated project leads arrange scrum meetings in an intersecting time zone that is feasible to you and our resources. This ensures nobody drifts out of their work hours.

YES. At TRooTech, we sign all the required documents and follow a strict approach to maintain confidentiality.

Hire the best Azure developers who can work offshore without compromising the product development lifecycle. However, we can sign an SLA and send our resources on-site.

YES. At TRooTech, we encourage brainstorming ideas for your project with an open discussion to identify the gray areas and connect the dots. Of course, we focus on productivity and results, but one of our objectives is to offer complete guidance.

At TRooTech, our Azure developers carry mixed experience ranging from 3 to 9 years. We have deployed our Azure developers on multiple client projects across different industries. Hire a junior Azure developer to develop and test the code, deploy applications, and troubleshoot the issues. Hire a senior developer if your requirements are complex.

Our talent pool also includes experienced Project Managers and certified SCRUM Masters. While focusing on the expected results, we deploy project managers who understand your requirements, ensuring your project runs without a hiccup.

At TRooTech, we maintain flexibility when it comes to contractual arrangements. Once you share your project requirements, we can analyze and prepare an estimation for end-to-end project completion.

AT TRooTech, we ensure that our resources are well-equipped with the best and latest working infrastructure, keeping comfort at the center. In addition, our Azure developers adopt the latest technologies to offer the expected results.

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