We have an evident approach that bags all the latest technologies to equip our clients with the best website development  services that can flourish their business and stand out to be the best in their niche.

Apart from conventional website development, TRooTech also has a firm hand on the latest and emerging technologies and devices such as smart wearable and IOT to boost your business.

We believe that clients can get more satisfaction if they are aware about the framework and functionalities needed for their business. Our dexterous team constantly aims at providing the apt framework that compliments their website to take business a step higher.

So, if you have any idea, we are here to develop it into the most enticing way.


TRoo Process

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Design Strategy

Our diligent approach to deliver an all-inclusive website development is a concoction of the brand stature, proficiency of our designers and efforts to escalate user experience.We strive to meet the demands of uniqueness to keep users glued to your web application along with a touch of the trending technologies.

While constructing the website design strategy, we follow these tactics:

  • Settle with the business goals that needs to be covered in designing
  • Identification of the users and development of user centric design turns out to be useful
  • Design should reflect the brand image
  • Incorporation of design elements that can justify the vision of the web application

Our main virtue is that we try to keep all the services and functionalities unique and user centric, thus creating a visible difference in the user experience.

DESIGN STRATEGY - TRooTech Business Solutions
Technical Strategize - TRooTech Business Solutions

Technical Strategy

Subsequent to the decision of design and functionalities to be incorporated, the next step is to fabricate the technological strategy relative to the features of the web application with the base framework to cover all the features.

This strategy includes the conceptualization of compatibility, database architecture, its execution, security in each tier etc. to be finalized on the basis of the web applications’ functionalities and adaptability.

In this phase we lay the base of your web application by finalizing the appropriate framework that can cover all the functionalities needed for our web application to compete with the similar niches.


In this step we try keeping the true essence of the company’s brand value by maintaining a synergy between the company’s logo, business cards and any sort of advertisement along with the website’s design, color palette, favicons, taglines etc. to leave a long lasting impression on the user’s mind.

We understand the importance of the brand aroma that needs to be maintained so as to develop the business and its impact on the minds of the individuals as well. Needless to say we tend to deploy branding tactics as much as it’s required for a respective brand in order to maintain its brand image rather than degrading it.


Designing is an inevitable aspect of the website development process that can be the reason for your business to bloom or doom.

Our in-house design team can match your specifications exact with the most creative and apt UI/UX design to increase user engagement by keeping the entire process user centric. UI is creatively put up using designs relevant to the business and content that elevates user performance to guide them throughout the website.

In order to make the look and feel of the website rich and interactive we keep trying new elements and designs such as mood boards, style tile, prototypes including various elements, etc.


The main aim behind any web application is the user engagement or client-customer satisfaction, and without a doubt that we do perfect justice to this by providing an easy navigation module.

This special module allows the user to navigate through the entire website in the easiest possible way and without much redirection.

This module plays a role in designing the navigation such that users feel that they can easily navigate through the web application while the designing takes them to where the client wants them to be driven, so we provide the navigation to create a win-win situation for both.


After strategizing the entire blueprint, it becomes evident to check whether the idea or concept that we are trying to depict through your web is reflected through the design and technical strategy or it needs any revisions.

Here we scrutinize all the elements of the project flow and by conducting resolute testing of all the modules we try to deal with the issues in the initial stage itself.

We conduct concept testing in order to test how intuitive the website is just to create a pitch perfect website for our clients and don’t face any issues after the development of the website.

This phase plays a major role in achieving the target of delivery in the pre-defined time accompanied with feature rich website development.


Web Development

This step involves the most crucial part that is bringing the strategies into existence by carrying out adaptability check of various frameworks with the functionalities and the planned strategy by implementation of stack and various algorithms for initiating the functioning of the project.

In this phase we consider each page one by one, list out the functionalities, develop logic’s for the elements in each page and their relevant algorithms to make the page functional and perform the tasks for which it was included in the design.

WEB DEVELOPMENT - TRooTech Business Solutions

Database Architecture

Database being the backbone of any project, we pay complete attention to design it in a way that enables our application to provide all the users with desired data in the least possible time.

The major aspects that are covered here include the designing of the physical and functional capabilities of the database, flow of the data in the system, recalling information, strategies for reuse of the data structures, etc. for smooth functioning of the web application.

Finally, after the database design we carryout database assessment to check the data storage, data architecture,data quality and data security. The database architecture is never completely ready as any changes in the design leads to subjective changes and updates in the database. So after this phase we get a database that is capable of justifying your web application.

Front End Development

We have a creative clan for developing the web design keeping all the functionalities intact and delivering a design that can glue the users to your platform by enhancing their experience.

We adapt and use all the technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, AngularJS, NodeJS etc. that can deliver robust user experience and effects that are needed for smooth functioning and navigation.

Our expertise lies in delivering responsive websites that meets the client’s expectation to satisfy their customer base and that are compatible with all the devices.

FRONT END DEVELOPMENT - TRooTech Business Solutions

Back End Development

In order to make the front end functional, our team develops a persistent back end that justifies the front end features and consists of the logics and codes that enhances the user experience.

Admin side module is developed in this phase and it includes data transfer from third party, security, authentication mechanisms, etc. to keep client’s data safe and intact.

We try to develop the back end technology such that it can bind the database, server and the application together, to make database creation in the server quick and easy by making use of the information provided by the user. By optimizing the performance and reducing website development time to enhance re-usability, we assist our clients in all possible ways.


Time to get all the pieces of the puzzle together, let’s get your web application ready by connecting all the modules that are developed in the initial phases and are completely operational and tested.

Now the actual process of connecting all the modules along with any third part API’s and database is carried out. After the successful commemoration, it is connected with the servers and your fully functional web application is ready to be delivered.



TESTING- TRooTech Business Solutions

After successful integration, the web application needs to be tested whether it meets client’s expectation along with our quality principles. Here’s our testing techniques check list:

Functionality Testing

Test for all the forms, links, its landing pages, HTML/CSS functionalities, navigation testing, cookies testing, database testing, relevancy of content etc.

Compatibility Testing

This is one of the most important tests as we desire that the website is used on all the platforms and supports all the technologies. We check compatibility for browser, mobile browsing, operating system, external devices such as printer, scanner etc.

Security Testing

Here we test the web applications for various test cases such as authentication credentials, URL of any page should not open without log in, record of all the errors and security breach attempts.

Interface Testing

Evaluation of application server interface, web server interface and database server interface for error free interactions and behavior in case of any undesired situation such as interrupt in connection, abort process, etc.

Performance Testing

There are basically two parameters to test the performance of a website, one is load and the other one is stress. In web load testing, we check whether the application or website is capable in the peak load time to handle number of simultaneous user request, huge amount of data input, and various concurrent connections. In web stress testing, it is observed how system reacts to the stress or how recoups with the breakdown. Along with it we check for all the software and hardware platforms to determine if there is any sort of memory leakage.

Niches We Cater

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Why not design a social media platform with the most enticing UI/UX designs and trendy features to elevate the user experience that helps them connect with people through easy navigation and accessibility.

How can we forget this niche, we make customized web applications for drugstores, hospitals, fitness centers, sports club, gym etc. You can make user experience more relevant as we provide facilities such as online trainer, fitness goal, information about medicines and alternatives for them, tracking of calorie and exercises etc.

Thinking to develop your own trading application? We are here at your service by providing an all-inclusive trading system with customized features that covers all the areas of trading right from stock market to mutual funds and include your demands also.

Reach the students around the globe with your web application and provide them a platform to learn and develop whichever skill they wish for. We can include various facilities for you such as e-library, online tutors, video lectures, study materials, quiz, assignments etc.

In today’s era of internet and technology any business whether it is law firm, consultancy, or any industry without an online presence can suffer a huge loss as mostly all the service seekers and providers have chosen to focus more on their online presence. Let us design a tailor made web application and various tools that can flourish your business by keeping the essence of your business alive.

The era of standing in a long queue, struggling over the phone, bad service, etc. for ordering food has passed a long time ago. We can equip your restaurant, café or shack with an application that can make this process easy for customers as well as restaurants with lots of filters and options for customization to satisfy the user’s desires.

Let’s make the cumbersome process of hiring easy by digitizing it. We can equip you with the best recruitment platform with various facilities such as resume building, filters and applications, advanced search facilities and secure payment gateway as well.

Software as a service is the need of the hour, we can help you provide your software and hardware as a service and even earn with our customized web service delivery. We offer easy installation, delivery and security of your resources by our proficient team.

We assist you in extending your travel and hospitality services to remote users just by a web application to give them a seamless experience and the most interactive interface. There can be innumerable features that can be customized according to your requests such as marketing tools, promotional offers, robust admin side, and easy booking facility.

Artists!! Let’s uplift your popularity and business by creating your online presence so that you are reachable to your audience without any barrier. Whether you are a musician, photographer, architect, dancer, or possess any form of art, we are here to aid you to set up your vogue.

If we are making everything easy and accessible, why not cover the aspects that can make people happy and satisfied. Right from wedding planner, gifts and flowers on special occasion, interior and furniture, fashion, jewelry, beauty and what not. Reach us with your idea to elevate these areas.

Are you in real estate? Why not join the trend of an online real estate portal, as people now find it convenient to just lay back and scroll through the options for their new home. We can come up with an apt web application for brokers, real estate agency, or any individual dealing with it.

TRoo Engagement Models

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If you are ready with an idea that needs to be developed within a given time frame and you are to the core sure about the number of functionalities and features you need to incorporate than we offer you a project based engagement model. In this approach we make sure that your application is developed in the given span and fledged with the pre-defined functionalities by assistance of our team that possess the caliber to entertain you with utmost dedication and pour out their experience to enhance your application in every possible way.



In case you want an application with volatile requirements and meeting the need of digitization is your goal, then we will provide you a dedicated development team who will commit their technical capabilities throughout the process.

We understand the need for advancement and addition of features and modules depending on the changes in the market and technologies. So, get connected to the dedicated development team for constantly adding intuitive features with a novel freshness.

Our TRoo Resources

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Project Manager

The designer of the project flow, modules, connections and components is responsible for developing the foundation of the project and making a frame for the developers to work.


In order to intensify the look and feel of the UI and portray creativity, the coder develops various codes for including effects and functionalities using HTML/CSS snippets along with other subsidiary languages.

Backend Developer

The one who creates a desired user interaction by using tools and techniques to bring the UI to life and acts as a link between designers and backend developers is our tech savvy front end developer.

Quality Control Expert

A system engineer takes a holistic approach and comes in the scene after the application is developed and delivered to the client. He is in-charge for creating an environment that is adaptable for the client and can suggest necessary services such as cloud solutions, server infrastructures and customize in every way the client needs.

Being a key person to hold the team together, a project manager has a clear understanding of the requirements and a responsibility to translate it to the developers. A project manager is also accountable for the supervising the project development right from the inception to completion with recorded progress.


An imaginator with technical inclination and creative mindset who uses designing tools to make delightful and interactive UI for the user by incorporating the requirements and features put forward by the client.


The brainbox responsible for the core functional logic, connections with the database and server with the front end that is accessed by the user and developer of the admin side features is a backend developer.

Frontend Developer

This expert kicks in once the entire process of web application development is complete and modules are ready to be operational. A quality control expert need to pin point all the bugs, errors, crashes, shut down, misbehaving functions etc. and make sure that the web application is free from all the errors.

System Engineer

Enlighten us with your niche and wait while we come up with the apt web application ideas to suit your imagination and complement your business too.