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TROO Essence of Website Development Process

Websites today are the first and last thought trigger for any business being to exist or pursuing online presence. We everyday get wide range of requirements which makes us wonder that when ideas though being varied are so easy to explain, how making process that’s called the website development is not looked as an utterly apparent one? Well, there comes an interesting point – Website Development process is firstly backed by the conventional project lifecycles with steps to follow for successful projects, proven and proofed for the best and efficient work outputs.

Second most important point drilling next is, Website Development is a Service involving persons in action termed Clients who are the ones on work assignment part, Business Development Executives understanding the projects at first to play their part in Business Formalities, Business Analysts terming the work assignments into functional work flows with defining the best and worst case scenarios for project’s success and Technical Teams actually working on the implementation part of the project work final assignments. Well sure looks a process involving different persons in act and hence generates a scope of human coordination factor. This important and main part sets TRooTech’s work force apart from others, we know this sheer importance of Website Development Process and so we practically achieve to do the best in.

Why Websites and Web Applications are different?

Terminology defines both Websites and Web Applications differently from each other,


Websites are generally the content driven web pages though with dynamic content management system be backed to manage the content easily. Websites are generally the informative ones which require less interaction of users on the website with standard set of required forms, redirections, effects and buttons.

Web Applications:

Web Applications are a broader term and covers what all websites include technically along with the application logics, programming interface, algorithms, server side scripting languages and database structuring. Generally a website is called a web application once it starts driving for one purpose or utility which solves a problem, entertains or enhances as the task output for the users using it.

These definitions expand to unimaginable varied implementations which are the actual projects we at TRooTech serve daily.

Why Choose TRooTech Business Solutions?

  • Trusted knowledge to compactly assist your business idea and implementation
  • 360 degree process assistance – discussions, business planning,
  • requirements structuring, prototyping, documentation, designing, development, testing and maintenance
  • Advanced solutions for medium and large scale web applications for load balancing, server programming and distribution logic, server mirroring, cloud server integrations and more
  • Challenging 3rd party modules and feature integrations in your website and web applications for numerous feature automation in your projects
  • Security dealing with intense care to protect database by SQL injection proof coding methods, enable proper encryptions for payment info exchanges, database masking and many more 3rd party methods to be enabled
  • Model of Similarities – suggest popular website reference, custom clonning
  • Partly Agile Model for Website Development
  • Waterfall – the most trusted model

A TRoo! Process

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