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TRooTech, as a native Android app development firm, is outfitted with latest and innovative technology to build mobile apps for you that can keep your target user base engaged to the app, ensure healthy interactions and lead to a leap in your business’ profit.

The number of mobile application users is increasing exponentially with time and currently, 86.1% of the market is dominated by the Android operating system. We at TRooTech always try to produce and contribute the best apps in this sea of Android apps.

In our native Android app development firm, we have picked a team of developers who are not only equipped with technical skills but also have an aesthetic sense to make the application come alive and communicate sprightly with the users.

In case your niche needs exposure to one of the largest user base with all the masses and mindsets then you need experts to guide you through the narrow lane, as you don’t need just an android mobile app but an elegant app to portray the actual vision of your brand.

We are keen to hear about your niche and ready to do the best native Android app development for you. Share your ideas with us.

Let’s Have A Talk About Idea

Do You Know What is Native Android App Development?

The native Android operating system is Linux based and now developed by Google has gained a positive acceptance in abundance from the users worldwide. Its success is clear by the numerous OS versions and countless devices supporting it. The native Android app development provides users and developers with almost all the features that can be thought of and thus competes with the big players in the mobile development market.

Native Android app development surely leads the trail by a plethora of reasons. Let’s have a glance at some of its unique selling propositions.

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Android being an open source makes it attractive, giving developers an opportunity to interact about the possible expansions with the community making it enticing for the mobile device companies to adopt it.

Development kit provided by Android is loaded with all the development tools that can develop the best feature-rich application including libraries, sample codes, debuggers, emulators, tutorials, documentation and all the necessary resources.

Google integration with Android gives a two-way benefit to Android.

Google is one of the most reputed products has gained the highest levels of trust in the market and this has led users to look at Android and its services with the same image and trust.

Secondly, Android is loaded with the features due to the integration of Google products and services with the platform such as synchronization of Google account and access to Gmail, google maps, google docs, etc.

In order to reach a larger audience, when native Android app development is done, they are distributed through the official app Google Play as well as various third-party marketplaces to dig deeper into the market. Also, it is not necessary to select a marketplace, you can make one of your own sales and distribution channel with own choice of strategy.

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Some view fragmentation as a con for the android application, where as it turns out to be a boon as it increases the opportunities for the business by expanding it into all the possible versions and devices. This usp of android to serve each and every segment of the mobile market takes it a level up.

Android being open source has a comparatively lower entry barrier its free SDK adds up to it. With extensive features at a low development cost, the best possible ROI can be generated to suffice the business needs.

Easy publishing and featuring of an android app on the Google Play store with a one-time charge of $25, which is comparatively low when we consider other platforms.

How Android Apps Can Work Out For Your Business Or Idea?

If you are looking for an app that has a rich and novel look and feel that complements the operating system as well flooded with latest functionalities, then you are choosing the right platform. Just ping us your idea and we can put more light on it to develop it into your dream app.

Let’s See TRoo Process As A Native Android App Development Firm

Our android application development process includes a blend of novel android OS features and TRooTech developer’s prolific approach with a techno-savvy touch to it.

With each release of android version a zeal spreads through the developers across the world about the new features and how they can develop better apps and functionalities, as a native Android app development firm we are always keen to adopt these new versions and features as soon as they are released so as to provide our clients with latest functionalities.

We have a team of Android developers who are adept in Java, C/C++ and XML to develop the desired application in Android Studio and Eclipse by making use of technologies such as Android SDK, Android Native Development Kit, and Android Developer Tools.

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We decided to dive into Java for Android app development as it has the most support form Google, it is supported by Android Studio, and its features can be extensively used by our developers to come up with all the possible solutions.

It is the official IDE for the Android operating system, built on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA software and is considered ideal for the development of native Android applications.

Eclipse is most widely used Java IDE and is used for the development of Android applications. With the use of Android Development tools that are integrated with it to escalate its capabilities and set up the best android apps.

It is a set of development tools that are updated with each version of the Android operating system and loaded with features that assist the development of Android apps in all required forms.

Android Native Development Kit is used to implement certain parts of the Android app in native C/C++ languages for making use of code libraries and is integrated with Android SDK.

Steps Towards Your Business App – Native Android App Development Process

Now the real deal is here, after gaining so much knowledge about the android application framework and TRooTech’s proficiency in application development, it is now time to know how we will transform your business idea into your dream application.

We Do Research & Analysis


As a native Android app development firm, we begin the process by absorbing your idea or business needs, this helps us brainstorm and retort with different views and perceptions that can be used to develop the foremost android app for your business.

Your task is just to pour out your idea, expectation and vision. We will complement those with technology and expertise to develop an app that suits the needs. We need to be thoroughly aware of the idea and needs that have to be met by the development of this app. So, we try to take more time in this phase to make the start strong with the clarity of the vision and head in the right direction.



Now that we have a goal set clear about the vision of the app, it’s time for some homework for us. One after another we need to clear some aspects that contribute to the research to give us an even stronger base for our app.

Here, as the aim behind this app is clear we move forward by finding answers to the following questions to complete our research work for providing required information during the app development process.

  • Which user mass will this app target?
  • What are the contemporaries providing in their app and what are their weak spots?
  • Which are the main issues to be addressed?
  • How can you improve the uniqueness quotient?
  • What will be the effect on your business’ profits?
  • What will be the timeline and budget for the app?

Clarity of Functionalities

In this step, we convert the answers to our research phase into the technical specifications. This is done by enlisting the features and functionalities that are to be added in the application for achieving its objective.

We start by listing the technical functionalities that are mentioned in the requirements specified by clients to ensure that anything is not left out. Then we analyze each requirement in order to get the clear purpose for including that function and thus we come up with the entire list of features to be added with their functions.

And as a native Android app development firm, we also try to include some of the functionalities that are mandatory for the relevant application, if at all it is not mentioned in the user requirements.


We Are Experienced In Strategizing The Business Ideas

Now that the groundwork is done, we are clear with the objectives, features and business needs. So we start by strategizing the development of the application. Strategizing is a crucial phase as it plays a role in defining the workflow for the designers, developers and coders and if this step goes wrong then it will be reflected in the final application.

We basically divide this step in strategizing the design and technical specifications, so that we get a clear path to proceed with the application development process.

Design Strategy

The success behind a native android app development lies in the features that it offers, but the user experience and design play an equally important part in alluring the users at an initial stage. Thus TRooTech believes in building a design strategy that can do complete justice to the idea of the mobile application.

Our strategy tries to cover the attributes that need to be attached to the mobile app relative to the type of the mobile app and what purpose which it serves. This specification plan assists the designers to get a flow and indication of the type of design we want to yield.

Technical Strategy

After crafting the design strategy of the native Android app under development, the technical plan needs to be developed as of how to incorporate various functionalities to meet the client’s expectation. In here, we tailor the functionalities with the technology and platform to get the exact replica of the envisioned feature.

In technical strategy planning of the structure of database considering the requirements of the applications, a framework is chosen that can complement the features that are to be added and constantly evaluate it as we follow the agile methodology. Apart from this, we plan a number of tiers, security, adaptability and finalizing the use of OS-specific native capabilities.

This technical strategy is further followed to develop the coveted mobile application by our android experts.

We  Make Eye-Catching Design

Customization is somewhat the basic need nowadays for any native Android mobile application, but we have gone a step ahead as a native Android app development firm to offer personalization for the apps in which it can be useful and increase user engagement. Our UI/UX designers are a maven in designing and make utmost use of the latest trends to develop the best designs for the mobile application. We make use of XAML and java to build up our front end efficiently to display the features in the way they were envisioned.

Here’s a brief about our design process,

UX Design

Application Architecture

In this phase the face of the android application comes into existence, we decide the screens, their placements, features to be added in each screen, inter-links between the screens and features, etc. We end up getting the basic structure of the application and each element has its significant function.

Wire Framing

After getting the architecture of the application, our designers start creating the layout and designs for each screen, place the elements, data and relevant functions. Thus coming up with the prototype of the actual application and getting a deeper insight of the elements making sure any one of the feature or element is not left out.

We make use of various tools such as Balsamiq mockups, Axure, Marvel, Invision etc. for wire framing an android application.

In technical strategy planning of the structure of database considering the requirements of the applications, framework is chosen that can complement the features that are to be added and constantly evaluate it as we follow agile methodology. Apart from this, we plan number of tiers, security, adaptability and finalizing the use of the OS specific native capabilities.

This technical strategy is further followed to develop the coveted mobile application by our android experts.

Navigation Module

After creating the prototypes for all the screens, it’s an important task to connect them to come up with a navigation strategy that effectively connects all the elements and modules together. This phase consists of mapping the connected functionalities making the task to reach desired element easier for the user.

If too much complexity is found by the user to navigate through the app than it can be a drawback for us as the loss of interest of the users can make an impact on the app negatively and business as well.

We aim to nail this phase to perfection because if any of the screen, feature, or module, is left out without mapping then it can be determined in this phase and if something doesn’t fit in the architecture we can anyway make changes in the wireframes.


UI Design

Abiding by the Android platform rules for UI design we always come up with the most responsive and user-centric design. We use Android Studio to design the user interface and thus we take care of a few elements in particular:

  • Action bars for in-app navigations
  • Contextual menus
  • Use of graphics to elevate user engagement
  • Layout subjective to the theme of the application
  • Consistency in the design
  • Navigation is lucid
  • Emphasis on what the user wants to see
  • The highest level of responsiveness
  • Colors to point important elements

We tend to add a professional TRooTech touch to design with a view to make it enticing enough for each user base and so we consider all the parameters such as target audience, type of business, features and platform.



This phase counts as the base of our native Android app development empire, so we take all the raw materials developed in the research and design phases, we are ready to start the construction. For this, we divide the construction into two different phases, front-end development for the UI/UX that the user will interact with, and secondly the backend that will make the front-end functional, without providing a hassle to the user.

Front-End Development

Now after all the designs and strategies, on order to bring the app into reality it’s time for the development phase. We start by fabricating the front end that is the face of the application with which the users will interact and that needs to be spot on to keep the users engaged.

In the front end we take care of the below mentioned aspect:

  • Creation of the UI layout for applications
  • Augmentation and improvement of UI to deliver high quality application
  • We develop services to improve the speed of application by providing local storage for the application data
  • Synchronization of application in order to provide it accessible offline too
  • Fabricating functional design and user interface that can be quickly deployed on the platform.
  • Incorporation of as much visuals and graphics as possible with complex codes to make the application feature rich.

Back-End Development

The face of the application that is hidden from the user but is responsible for all the functions that are being executed is our back end, and the geniuses who create this sturdy structure are the back end developers. Our back end developers for android application development are fully equipped with the java and XML skills to fire them in the most efficient way, in order to support and justify the front end of the android application.

Back end developers ensure the following aspects:

  • Building robust logic of server side for all the functionalities that are depicted in the front end development
  • Application features and elements are customized in accordance with the client requirements and provide an uplifted user experience
  • Integration of the application data to aid users with the liberty and ease to share their app data with social networking websites and other third party apps and websites
  • Provide application users with highest level of authentication system to protect the user information and make the app reliable for users.


In order to maintain TRooTech’s quality standards and keeping client satisfaction quotient high, we have a testing process that can pinpoint even the tiniest bug or ignorance of any aspect with our QA’s expert touch.

For achieving the best results we have a testing strategy that covers all the aspects of the mobile application development.

Unit Testing

Testing individual modules after they are fully functional and this process is done by developers as well as QA to make the base strong before going for native Android app development.

Functionality Testing

Our QA creates test cases to check each and every function that is in the application. This step can help us to catch the loopholes in the app and where the modification is needed. We can also change or modify any function if it is not responding to serve its purpose.

Performance Testing

This testing is carried out to check the parameters such as responsiveness, usage of resources, stability, memory leakage, functionalities etc. to give a complete native Android app development.

Load Testing

This testing is very important as there is always a stress limit that an app can handle, so by load testing, we apply the stress testing scripts to the app to determine the crashing point of the application. In short, we need to determine the number of concurrent users who can efficiently access the app and get the desired results.

Compatibility Testing

The app that we are building needs to be tested on all the versions and all the devices in order to increase the reach of our app. If any device or version is not supporting our app, or the functions are not working properly than it can be a huge drawback for our app.

Interrupt Testing

This testing involves testing the mobile application for any misbehavior in case of any interrupt such as, incoming calls, messages, notifications, insert/remove cables, network availability, media player, etc. We ensure that we develop a mobile application can withstand these interrupts and behaves as it was designed to.

User Acceptance Testing & Deployment

Abiding by the ethics of TRooTech we believe in giving the application to the client for user acceptance testing before deployment, so that the client can test the application with desired test cases and ensure that it is the outcome of what was incepted. Then after the client gives a nod of agreement, we move towards the deployment stage.

User Acceptance Testing

Done and dusted with the native Android app development, testing done and matched TRooTech’s quality standards, now what? The most important part is here, review of our valuable clients for whom the application is developed. In this phase, we present the fully developed and tested app in front of the client and allow them to explore the application.

Client review is very valuable to us because our main aim is the satisfaction of the client if that is achieved then we are on cloud9 and so is the client to get their desired outcome. Once the client reviews the application and approves it we move towards the deployment stage and if there is any modification suggested by the client than those are incorporated and then the application is sent for deployment.



After the native Android app development is completed, tested and configured for release, it’s show time! Deployment of the native Android mobile application in Google play store is a short process which can be achieved by the following steps.

  • Localization plan in case local copies of the app are to be included in the app.
  • Release plan needs to be decided, whether the application has to be released on multiple platforms simultaneously or individually.
  • Final code cleanups and optimizations need to be done before releasing the app to users or beta users and a release ready APK is prepared.
  • Now some marketing strategies need to be applied such as descriptions, graphics, videos, screenshots and necessary privacy policies for the play store listing.
  • Upload the APK for testing on alpha or beta channels and checking the pre-launch channels.
  • Defining app’s device compatibility, price, countries of distribution, in-app products, subscriptions, content rating and all that specifies the details of the app.
  • After all the checks our app is now ready to be published on the production channel.

See This, We Cater All Types of Major Business Niches

Social Media

Why not make the amazing world of social media handy with just a click on our mobile phones. We provide you with the best app for your social networking platform and load it with features such as easy messaging, integration with device features and make it a sublime user experience.


Job Portals

The humongous task to go through lots of applications for recruitment and the need to find a perfect job for an individual can be met on the same page and that too wrapped up within a small app in our mobile phones.


Have a fitness center, hospital or drugstore? Let’s make your services in healthcare industry available to the people with features such as online trainer, BMI customized exercises, hospital facility details, list of drugs with details and alternatives, fitness goals, etc. and generate that extra bit of revenue as well.



We can help you share your service of the ongoing business and earn by lending your services on subscription to the people who need resources. Our complete software solution can aid you with to build and manage your modules and cater the services.


We can equip your phone with the extraordinary power of the Internet of Things a.k.a IoT to extend the internet connection with the use of embedded technology to communicate and control the external devices and environment just by a touch on the screen.


Business Management Tools

Don’t you feel that it’s high time to digitize your business? We will make it error free by converting a part of your business into a mobile application to go with the current flow of technology and increase the profit by decreasing time and resources.


Owing to the inclination of the students towards mobile phones, we can develop a play and learn app for them to give them knowledge in the way that they like. TRooTech offers EdTech mobile app development that can provide features such as study materials, quiz, educational games, e-library, online tutors, certifications, assignments, progress reports etc.


Travel & Hospitality

Who has the time in the busy world to spend hours to plan a trip? We can develop a travel and hospitality mobile app for you that can help you earn more and aid the customers with a hassle-free platform to get the best deals on flights, hotels and restaurants.

Trading Systems

Nowadays, consumers are getting more and more inclined towards the mobile platforms as the mobile apps help investors to dig deep into the system, sharpen their skills, low risk and easy creation of their portfolio. We can help you with a latest mobile app that can cover all these aspects and help you with the latest trends.


Real Estate

How can this niche stay back when every other area is advancing in the mobile apps market? Our company can make your tiring process of answering tons of questions of the home seekers by just a few filters of the mobile app. Right from the area, furnishing, amenities to the type of house that one is looking for. If you are a realtor, join us and we will equip you with the best native app development that complements your business.


Own a restaurant, shack, café, bakery or any food outlet? We can grow your bookings exponentially by providing a native mobile app development that is filled with photos of your food items and interior, your story, menu, filters, cuisine, etc. to acknowledge foodies looking to satisfy their taste buds.


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Now that you are aware of our process as a native Android app development firm, we would like to acknowledge you with the ways in which you can collaborate with us to develop your idea into the most enticing application.

Project Based Engagement

If you are ready with an idea that needs to be developed within a given time frame and you are to the core sure about the number of functionalities and features you need to incorporate then we offer you a project based engagement model. In this approach, we make sure that your application is developed in the given span and fledged with the pre-defined functionalities and will not be subjected to any changes once the application is developed.


Dedicated Development Team

It’s not necessary to be always sure about the outcome of the app and it may be a case where there will be a huge scope for extension and you are in a dilemma of the technological advancements to be incorporated or not. We are to your rescue by providing you a dedicated development team that will be responsible for the development of each and every module and any changes that is required, till the application is completely ready to deploy.

Take A Rest And See How Our TRoo Resources Convert Your Idea Into Reality

Project Manager

A project manager is at the helm of the entire native android app development process. The basic workflow of a project manager starts from comprehensive insights of the idea of application to the management of all the tasks assigned to designers, developers, coders, etc. and integrate everything within a given course of time and keeping the quality intact.


Role of an architect is to lay out the technical structure of the application that was envisioned with the client. Our architects take the entire ownership of solution from stem to stern and are accountable for translating the functional requirements into a native Android app.


Our designers tend to keep an eye for crisp and deft application design by employing high-end user interface design skills during native Android app development. The technical and higher level requirements enlisted by the architect are transformed into creative and enticing designs to keep the users engaged with the app as long as possible.


These techies portray their coding skills by developing snippets in java that can convert any mobile app into a live experience that becomes worth a million for the users.

Backend Developer

Backend developers are the spine of the entire mobile application development process as they hold the pressure of developing a robust admin side that is responsible for the smooth functioning of the mobile application.

Frontend Developer

These folks create an explicit and intuitive UI/UX to play with the overall look and feel of the app and generate ingenious designs that look apt for your business and escalate your popularity.

Quality Control Expert

This expert plays the role of the examiner who evaluates each and every aspect carefully and gives a detailed report of the errors. Our quality control experts are very crisp in finding bugs, errors in compilation, etc. and fix them to give a ready to go android application to the client.

System Engineer

System engineer enters the scene after the native Android app development is done and ready for deployment after the testing is over. The one responsible for the deployment and maintenance of the mobile application satisfies the client by answering and solving all the queries and questions that a client fires.

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