With machines and internet making a permanent base in our routine lifestyle, it is not surprising that app development for IoT is a need of the hour. In the Internet of Things a.k.a IoT physical devices and internet have joined forces to make our life much easier. With IoT coming to life, our way of interacting with the machines and devices is changing forever.

The belief of connecting humans with machines using the most effective processes is something that has driven TRooTech to plunge into app development for IoT devices.

To be true to our motto of being your partners from alpha to ultimate we don’t want to leave any chance of equipping you with the best of technologies, whether it is for home automation or office automation, the goal is to take a new approach for the phrase “Going Digital”.

App development for IoT devices with TRoo touches…!

What is Internet of Things (IoT)?

If you are thinking that IOT is merely limited to switching electronic appliances on and off then I would say that is a totally wrong notion. It is far beyond home automation, it can be any physical device that can be connected through the internet with each other capable to send and receive data.

This was from a general point of view, now let’s have a look at the technological view of the efforts behind app development for IoT devices from start to end and what will be the must-haves for the development.

Must Haves In App Development For IoT

Industries we provide IoT Solutions to…

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Home Automation

This is the most benefited niche when IoT is to be deployed and we develop applications that can solve your day-to-day issues providing an easy life. From controlling the electricity of the house to appliance control and management, scheduling various appliances for various tasks and monitoring the behavior of the electronic gadgets, app development for IoT devices has covered it all.


Automobile Industry

Envision an application that becomes a driver friendly, device that guides the driver right through the journey from navigation to accident-prone areas, from connecting to fellow drivers to alert in case of exceeding the speed limit, all this just by judging the driver’s behavior or presence of mind by the IoT device.


Healthcare Industry

Various app development for IoT devices takes place to monitor health conditions of the patient such as insulin/glucose level count, patient’s activity tracker, aid to smart lens technology, mental health application top fight against depression and post-accidental trauma, and many more to list out.



An IoT application that assists both vendors and customers by providing a comprehensive approach that bags features such as smart labels, storage condition controls, cargo monitoring, inventory tracking, real-time fleet management, a prediction for inventory and maintenance and complete visibility of the delivery process.



We can assist you with an IoT application that can revamp your control mechanism by providing features such as monitoring the physical conditions including temperature, pressure, etc. to provide a heads up for any changes in the plans of the construction process.


Retail Industry

This industry provides a vast scope for the IoT applications and its features. Right from inventory management, product expiry dates management, customer experience optimization in studying the shopping pattern and generate engagement strategies. Even self-checkouts and virtual closets can be supported as they are the hot needs of the current retail market.


Manufacturing Industry

IoT application can serve you in manufacturing operations, production asset management and maintenance, field service to the employees, supervision of the manufacturing by analysis of the sensors installed in various devices, etc.


Agriculture Industry

Smart farming is the talk of the town and we offer you IoT applications that can provide high-precision crop control, automated farming techniques, easy data collection and analysis, on-hand information pesticide infestation, crop yields, rainfall, soil moisture, etc.

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Our Approach in  App Development for IoT

The first approach towards an idea of IoT app development is to absorb it in all the dimensions and then associate with the client for getting a deeper knowledge of their vision to make sure that we are on the same page in terms of the requirements. We try to understand the client’s motivation, requirements, expected outcome, designs they envisioned and thereby construction of a mental and rough prototype of the application.

We have the idea, the requirements, and the vision. We bring them all together and conduct a strategy to prepare an outline of the IoT application with all the features, technologies, pre-requisites, services, languages and tools that will be required. A single system is built to control and manage all of the mentioned aspects and even the clients are given a heads-up about each milestone.

Once we are thorough with the idea and details, we anticipate and try to give formulated suggestions to the client that comprises of our inputs and strategies that can elevate their IoT application. In this phase, we also provide them with a prediction of their application’s performance and impact after it is launched. This was client side, once we get the rough sketch of the application we predict the downfalls or error that will likely be faced while the development of this application and start working on that as well.

After brainstorming on the idea, we successfully pull it and develop the desired application for the client with a touch of our expertise and technical knowledge and then deliver the IoT application with a support for any query even after the deployment of the application from our end.

TRoo Process in App Development for IoT

It’s not like we are stuck to a process, but a streamlined approach always leads to a better outcome, true? Wait before giving any answer just go through our process and then make a dig.



Okay so pre-requisite for any application? Obviously an idea, and that’s what we begin with, an “idea”, that has the capability to fit into the concept of IoT with a little advancement every time and a touch of technological expertise. So our first step is towards inception of a feasible conception for an IoT application delivering the best from our resources.



Concept ready, now we research, go thoroughly around all the ins and outs of the idea and related concepts. Research encompasses both the functional and non-functional aspects to test for the viability of the envisioned concept for development of the application. We begin from the basics and move towards prediction of the pitfalls or advancements that can be applied for the development of the application.

Clarity of Functions


Well, drafting of the envision and research phase then brings us to the stage which witnesses the downpour of functionalities and features that are the requirement of the application and that can add an edge in the working of the application.
In this phase, we have a comprehensive take on each function and even with the client, as to what is their expected result from the IoT application. This leads us to a long list of features that will be reflected once the app is built and deployed.



After gathering the requirements and clearly stating the features for each of the modules, taking care that it is relevant and user-friendly, we now take a step in the actual IoT application development process.
Firstly, results can’t be achieved without a proper plan or strategy, whether it is any field, we abide by that and so we begin by strategizing the entire workflow before starting the development and programming phase to avoid any alterations later.
Strategizing is a long process that begins with the fabrication of the first strategy that is design strategy, and is completed by the building the technical strategy that firmly contrives the development and back-end tasks.

  • Creating the flow for the entire design process
  • Client’s requirement as kept as a focal point
  • Designing is kept on-point user-friendly
  • IOT devices, new technologies, personalization, and innovations are considered first-hand.
  • Justification of business goals without losing the true essence of vision behind the development of the application.
    After we have reached halfway in development of the roadmap, the other half is completed by the creation of the technical strategy that will act as a backbone for the design strategy.
Technical strategy lingers around the development and coding that builds the base of the application. Let’s have a look at the aspects:
  • Selection of technology and framework depending upon the type of IoT application
  • Type of database and its architecture is visualized
  • Security aspects of each module, element, frame, and data is devised
  • Functionalities and adaptability are given highest priority in preparation of the schema
  • Cross-platform compatibility depending upon the type of application
  • Details about the devices that are to be connected, where and how



We have a clear list of objectives after the former phase owing to our dexterous analysts and now our creative designers take the hold of the app development for IoT. The designers begin by understanding the functionalities to be provided so that they provide a visually appealing UI to retain user’s loyalty towards the application.
The designing of IoT application is somewhat a task as these applications are built for smaller devices and so we the design has to linger around minimalism to attain user-friendliness.
Owing to the functionalities of the IoT application the design is tailored providing an enticing UX that appeals the users to stick to the app, without incorporation of visual complexity.



Our development process for IoT devices goes like

This is the most important as well as a crucial phase in IoT app development as we program the devices to make them function and increase their visual appeal making them smarter. For the integration of various APIs to include all the functionalities we use XML for the assembling purpose of the APIs with IoT.
The challenge that comes now is in the development of a front end that has to be for such a small screen and it needs to have an elegant look rather than stuffing all the features and elements in the screen.
And owing to our developer’s expertise in Objective-C and Java, we thought of using that for native iOS and native Android development for the IoT device front end as well. As our approach is native we can extensively make use of the device features and can develop a front end that retains simplicity but caters all the desired functions.
We mainly focus on a few things while developing the front-end: 1.Scalability 2.Responsiveness 3.Adaptability 4.Interpretability
The face of the application is ready and needs to be made functional with the help of back-end development, and here our back-end developers show their caliber. The requirements are studied properly in order to integrate the various restful APIs with the IoT as they need a handful of development codes and by using XML our developers make the task of assembling various applications with IoT application to provide the smooth functioning, complete access and control features for the Admin.
A user needs a quick response as and when they are communicating with the IoT application. For serving this task at its best for the user to perform hassle-free operations, the data that is fetched after each query fired by the user, it needs to be correct, it needs to be fast and it should be assisted with security.
We develop a database architecture that does not alter the customer’s view and keeps the look and feel customizable with native development approach assisting user accessibility. We believe in the development of the database that possesses scalability, flexibility and does not compromise with the data security.
The completion stamp for the database architecture is with the database assessment carried out by us that includes scrutinizing the flow of data in the application, data reuse flow, proper placement of the data structures, check on data quality, security and the data architecture.



After checking the boxes of UI/UX design, database architecture, back-end development, etc. we move towards merging them all together to get the IoT application fully functional and delivering the purpose for which its development was undertaken.
This process comprises of the integration of the various modules, connecting them with the database, front end, back end and the various APIs that will be the actual effective part of the IoT application. In this phase, the main function during integration is the transition or flow that is to be decided for the user to follow to get a specific task done.
This information flow, module navigation and display of the transitions will affect the overall impact of the application more than the actual purposes that it serves, as if the user will not be able to navigate easily through the IoT application, unable to perform desired tasks, this application fails then and there.



Application developed, but does it meet TRooTech’s standards and justifies client’s requirement is decided after it undergoes our profound testing phase which comprises of the various tests that scan the application completely for any bug, non-functional elements or missing feature. Some of the tests that our quality assurance engineers deploy are:
Unit testing of each of the component or element after it is developed to check its desired functioning.
Integration testing is followed once all the elements are unit tested and integrated in order to construct the architecture. Connection, functioning, and transitions are tested in this testing.
Functionality testing is done to ensure that all the modules, landing pages, navigation, content display, etc. are depicting their desired behavior and meeting the requirements.
Performance testing to gauge the performance of the application in terms of responsiveness, memory storage & leakage, stability, resource usage, etc. under extreme conditions.
Interface testing is required to check that the application server interface, web server interface, and database server interface are well-functioning to provide the desired output in case of any interrupts or process aborts.

Review/ User Acceptance Testing


We at TRooTech consider this phase as one that is equally important as the development phase after all client satisfaction only leads to the development of a near to perfect application. So, once we have completed the development, integration, and testing of the application from our end we urge the client to test the application in whichever way they wish to ensure the application is the exact replica of their expected outcome.
We welcome any changes and deploy them from whichever phase of development it is to be done and iterate the process. Once the application is approved by the client, it is sent to the deployment phase.



In this phase, the IoT application is configured with the devices and modules for which it was developed and as desired by the client, whether it is to be deployed on any app store or to be handed directly to the client. We make sure that the application is fully functional at the time and after deployment to avoid causing any problem to the client.
Once the client is contended with the application’s deployment our task ends, but not completely and as we have always said we stand by our services and assist in case of any issue.

You can choose from any of our hiring model for your

IoT App Development

Project Based Engagement

If you are ready with an idea that needs to be developed within a given time frame and you are to the core sure about the number of functionalities and features you need to incorporate that we offer you a project based engagement model.
In this approach, we make sure that your application is developed in the given span and fledged with the pre-defined functionalities by the assistance of our team that possesses the caliber to entertain you with utmost dedication and pours out their experience to enhance your application in every possible way.

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Dedicated Development Team

In case you want an application with volatile requirements and meeting the need of digitization is your goal, then we will provide you with a dedicated development team who will commit their technical capabilities throughout the process.
We understand the need for advancement and addition of features and modules depending on the changes in the market and technologies. So, get connected to the dedicated development team for constantly adding intuitive features with a novel freshness.

Do you have a project idea that is crisp but will need alterations with the changing business and technological needs? We assist you with a dedicated development team to to accomplish your ideal project.

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