11 Useful Marketing Features Of Tinder For Your Startup


The interesting thing about Tinder is that the marketing strategy that tinder has applied is quite similar to dating itself, wondering how, I’ll explain,

Step-1: Find the right people/prospect

Step-2: Work on building relationship with them

Step-3: Build relationship successfully or make the final sale (marketing!!)

This is quite a thought for all the marketing fields don’t you think so?

In order to dig into the marketing strategy applied by Tinder, for the people who use Tinder and are well aware about the useful marketing features of Tinder, but need more comprehensive take on Tinder, from a business point of view, we present you Tinder Similar Application Development.

Okay, so now that we are on the same page, after the necessary information about the business model, revenue model, features, etc. time to discover the marketing strategy that can be studded into your Tinder similar application to make it as booming as Tinder.

Fragmenting the marketing strategy of useful marketing features of Tinder, we have contrived 11 must have tactics for your application’s marketing.


1) The Start


Tinder was not launched exactly as an application, nor had a wing-ding bash at the time of launch, instead the first ever step they took in building marketing strategy for their app was by texting.

You don’t trust me, right?

Yes indeed, they started by texting their app to literally 500 people from their address books, and they got immediate response owing to their idea.



Start does not need to be big, even a small crowd is enough to tell your app’s worth and so you can decide whether to move along and rock the market or just modify or start from scratch.


2) Demographics


Tiner Demographic Marketing Strategy_TRooTech Business Solutions

Tinder marketer’s focused on marketing this app to small groups at parties and college campuses, reason, they perfectly knew their target demographic. This helped them to get honest feedback and an audience that was surely going to use this app.

As Sean Rad quotes, “We also realized our harshest critics would be college students. And if we can win our harshest critics then we can win everyone else.”

Thus, by properly understanding the target audience and constant rectification of the application, Tinder could contend with and outperform some other dating apps they were utilizing.



Know your audience and then start bombarding your application’s advertisement on their screens, inorganic audience will not yield any authentic users, nor will you get organic feedbacks.

At the initial level of marketing, target users should be known and focused to give your mobile application a thorough look if they find it interesting or just trash it so you can get a perspective clearly about how it is working and what should be modified.


3) Focus on the organic


Tinder sticks to the organics of dating and has created a virtual world that resembles the real dating vibe, but with a twist of ease, fun and technology.

It portrayed as if the game of dating in real life by sprucing up and going out, flirting in the office, etc. is old school and dating has got a new way in the world which can provide them all of the useful marketing features of Tinder that they are experiencing in real life, with much more visage.



For whichever niche you are building Tinder similar application, there should be a strong base that clearly depicts the need of the app by simplification of the processes and enhancing them with technology.

If you cannot correlate to the base of the niche with your app there is no point in building the app and less chance of users downloading and using it. State how they can be benefited as a part of the marketing strategy, whether the application will save their time, money or resources and deliver the same results.


4) Gamify experience


The concept of swipe right-swipe left has brought about a heck of a difference when compared to any other dating app. Gamification or use of appealing design and concepts can prove to be effective to urge, motivate and engage users with the platform thereby achieving our goals.

Gamify experience_Trootech Business Solutions

In useful marketing features of Tinder, the aspects that are proving to be most engaging are, looking through the profiles with one after another selection/rejection, feeling of acceptance, liked, competitiveness and entitlement.



By creating a novel user interface and providing users features that urges them to be glued to the app is what we need to learn from this aspect of Tinder.

Coming up with something that is new, exciting, keeps user at the edge of their seat, personalize, feelings such as loved, rejected, empowered etc. will trigger their minds and thus our work would be done.

The bottom line is if you have something novel, it can be sold with a touch of exaggeration and users will run towards it.


5) Surprise Factor


The factor of surprise of getting unexpected matches is what the Tinder uses as a key to retain users. Yes serendipity worked well as a part of the useful marketing features of Tinder, no one likes to get the boring, repetitive suggestions based on the calculations of compatibility.

This small touch of surprise can drive the users crazy as they are always on the heels to know with whom they will be matched and not just get results that are expected. This made it easy for Tinder to lead the trail of other dating apps that showed only results based on likes and compatibility.



You know it when you see it, this strategy is so easy to understand and equally important to commemorate. Your Tinder similar application has to be sprinkled with serendipity as it is the key to bring a flavor of newness for your users.

It can be viewed as a method to surpass the rest who is walking on a same path parallel, but waging tails to algorithms and policies that are pre-defined.


6) Data extraction → Usable content


A whole new level of marketing is reached here by data extraction and transformation of it into usable content. Data such as age, race, gender, attractiveness, likes, swipes and selections, etc. And the effect of these qualities on selection and pairing. Tinder analyses this and collaborates it with Geo-location technology to follow the connected couples and know whether they have actually met or not.

This can give them a clear view, whether their app is doing designated task or anything needs to be improved, and these data are converted to usable content that supports brand’s image.



Target the information that you need from user and then after extraction use those to market the app as well as enhance the user experience. Plain and simple, isn’t it?

Here we keep the user interface interesting and lucid enough for the user to overlook the fact that their data is being used for enhancing their own experience and a tad bit for the analytics to portray brand image.


7) Word of mouth marketing


Word Of Mouth Marketing_TRooTech Business Solutions

This is the hidden tool used by Tinder to build its brand name and credibility among all the masses of users. They use the theory of word of mouth marketing, treat your existing users with the best features and interface, and you won’t be able to do any marketing, your happy users will do it.

Word of mouth marketing strategy has proved to be useful marketing features of Tinder to expand its reach globally and impress their clients and retention rates. And as more users started using Tinder, the number of Tinder’s marketers also increased.



When useful marketing features of Tinder are thought of, the most vital reason that forces companies use it, is the psychological fact that more than 90% of people rely on their friends and families for references for applications rather than any other form of advertisements or promotional contents.


8) Keep the voice appeal clear


Tinder stuck to its role of being a dating application and just roamed around that objective without barging into any other kind of services or indulging in any further niches. Not exactly as a part of the marketing strategy but this worked out as a real good trait for Tinder.

This makes users to be engaged for a longer period as they get the services that in a singular form without any other hindrances and they can enjoy the dating platform solely.

Keeping the appeal clear and providing dating a new form with useful marketing features of Tinder and a touch of technology, Tinder managed to leave behind similar dating applications too, and still gained quite a share among various applications trending currently.



Needless to say, adhere to your own niche or area of expertise. The reasons for it, you try to excel in other aspects, thus resulting in failing in all of them, even if you excel in others, the USP for which the application was developed takes a step among the various other aspects. Result, you are no longer doing something novel, you are just among the bunch of application available in the market.


9) Stirring the thought


Tinder has indeed created an epiphany among the age group of 18–35 years about the concept of dating. It has brought about something that was just an idea among people, the dating app, but no one really imagined it would be encountered in such a form and they would use it up to this extent.

And as it is said, Tinder has changed the identity of dating as the one apt for this techno-sexual era. The much havoc is just about a new concept that is coming with high speed to hit the pre-set notion of dating and successfully breaks it.



Bringing about change is just not enough, and that is what Tinder has taught us. Change along with a twist of technology, advertising, dating, gamified version, etc. can take your application to heights and show success.


10) Social Networking Features


Using various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. to appeal their user base and boost its growth. The tinder’s strategy is to urge users by showing them Facebook connections that use Tinder, and thus chances of that Tinder user to contact the fellow user for date doubles.

Social Networking Features_TRooTech Business Solutions

Facebook is extensively used by Tinder as a part of useful marketing features of Tinder for the creation of the profile with compatibility, and Instagram allows Tinder users to see which photographs are liked by their Tinder love interests.



Learn to leverage social media platforms as extensively as possible from Tinder for enhancing the user experience by providing them a known factor. Now for your application, you can integrate various social media platforms to provide them many features and extra credits for connecting their social media platforms with your app. This integration can give your app a boost in terms of marketing and exposure to a large variety of data.


11) Advertising campaigns


The most useful marketing features of Tinder were saved for last, Tinder has partnered with many brands and got their campaigns in its kitty, and as there are a limited number of companies engaged with Tinder, the large user base of around 50 million users tend to notice them and revenue is generated both ways.

Some of Tinder’s advertising campaigns are listed here:

Movies/Series Promotions

Movies Promotion_TRooTech Business Solutions

Food/Restaurants ads

Restaurant Ads_TRooTech Business Solutions

Social Cause Awareness

Social Cause Awareness_TRooTech Business Solutions



I don’t think anything needs to be said, support your marketing strategy by engaging with various brands and media industries, you provide their users and they in turn provide you revenue, not a bad idea though. One more rule of customer experience enhancement is that the brands need to be relevant to the user base in some way or the other.

Phew! Those were some of the unique and top-notch strategies that Tinder nailed, I know there was a spark to use many of them in your eyes while reading them.

Don’t stay in dilemma whether you will be able to adapt these strategies in your app or not, we are for your rescue, from start till the end. So to start an application with us, just swipe right!

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