List Of 9 Unique Clone Niches Of Tinder for X Startups



Approve or Ignore.
‘Swipe right’ to get matched, ‘Swipe left’ to pass on.
‘Swipe left’ to cancel, ‘Swipe right’ to smile.

Who is unaware of Uber? The most remunerative on-demand service marketplace. At first, it captured the taxi services and then it single-handedly captured other niches as well.
This gave the rise to Uber for X.

Meanwhile, in the vacation rental platforms, the business strategies of Airbnb remained unhampered by its competitors.
Result? The startups started getting attracted to it and all we see is Airbnb for X.

Commemorating the same trends, Tinder joined the Billion Dollar Club in the dating arena with its ‘Swipe’ and off went traditional dating businesses.
Inspired by Tinder, Uber clones, and Airbnb replicas, the businesses have cast their innovative spells to create TINDER for X.
Below we present you with unique clone niches of Tinder for X startups which you can refer to getting one developed:


1. Bark Buddy

Tinder for Adopting Dogs

bark-buddy_Clone Niches Of Tinder for X -trootech

How it Works


BarkBuddy comes from bark & Co. and works across the U.S. and Canada. It sources its dog photo through a service aggregator called PetFinder which provides all the data about adoptable pets from shelters and other similar organizations as well as from Bark & Co.’s own network of around 2,500 shelters.

Talking as of today, the listing of dogs on the dog-finding platform is a whopping 3,00,000.

The Tinder similarity to it is, the interface is very easy to grasp – swipe the photos on the screen either left or right, or just tap the ‘cross’ or ‘heart’ button for the same effect for choosing the favorite dogs from those located in the nearby shelters.

The app is designed in a way that it picks up the dog preference based on what the dog users swipe right on and specializes what dogs get shown.


2. Glimpse

Tinder for Tinder with Instagram

Glimpse- Unique Clone Niches Of Tinder for X Startups

How it Works


Glimpse is a dating application just like Tinder but it matches the date seekers with the help of the Instagram pictures rather than the integration of Facebook. It works with the integration of Instagram.

This way the users can see a visual representation of a person’s hobbies alongside their name and age.

With Glimpse, users enter their basic information into the app and then upload their best nine Instagram photos to their profile. Once the user uploads the profile to the app, they can browse through the profiles of its members.

The terminology for swiping in Glimpse is named as ‘ smile’ just as the ‘right’ swipe as in Tinder.

In most of the dating applications, the females are often troubled with creepy requests from suitors. So, when the date seekers discovering the shared interests via Instagram, there are big fat chances of getting into the organic conversations and getting the potential dates.


3. Blonk

Tinder for Jobs

Blonk- Unique Clone Niches Of Tinder for X Startups

How it Works


Blonk is a mobile application which helps the candidates search for the jobs quickly by introducing them to the founders or department heads of the companies. All that the candidates have to do is add their skills or they can import their skill set from LinkedIn as well to get started. They can swipe through the job description and profiles of the companies. The ‘left’ and ‘right’ swipe in Tinder can be the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ for that particular job in Blonk.

Following the same patterns, the companies can search through the candidates to do the same. When both the company and the candidate say ‘yes’, they are matched and a chat room is opened for them to have further discussions about the profile.

Apart from the traditions of getting matched, Blonk being a unique clone niches of Tinder for X startups, it also provides with the feature to add a video describing the type of candidate they need for the project and the candidates can leave a video message that describes their skills and future career plans.


All you need is a niche idea that connects the dot and a winning strategy to ace the Tinder game. Want to know about unique clone niches of tinder for x startups? Get the strategy for the Tinder Similar business.


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4. JSwipe

Tinder for Matching Jews

JSwipe- Unique Clone Niches Of Tinder for X Startups

How it Works


JSwipe is a dating app for Jews with users in over 70 countries and compiles the users to put their religious info upfront like Jew sect and kosher preferences. The Jewish dating app JSwipe works in the same manner as Tinder – left swipe to pass on and right swipe to accept the request.

Once both the users have right swiped the profile, they get access to the chat room. Upon chatting they can decide whether they would want to meet up or not.

The revenue model for the app is the same as that of Tinder. It charges the users for the super swipe packages, swipe notes, and for the upgradation of the features.

The algorithm of the app is such that on the basis of the swipes, the user behavior and preferences are captured and similar suggestions are fed to them.


5. Songhop

Tinder for Music

Songhop- Unique Clone Niches Of Tinder for X Startups

How it Works


Songhop is a super fast way to discover new music, streams music that can be quickly flipped through using the swipe gestures just as the tinder interface. The music lovers can swipe through numerous songs and decide whether they like them or not. On the other hand, it also helps the new artist in the industry to gain recognition.

The interface of Songhop is just like that of Tinder. The users need to sign up and start listening to songs right away.

If the users sign up with a social network account, they can even view the music their friends like. The songs can be chosen by exploring the genres or by checking out the friend’s favorites.

As soon as the user plays the song, he gets two options – click ‘X’ to pass on the song or ‘heart’ to love the song. It also allows the user to share the song via message or social network.


6. Weave

Tinder for Professional Networking

Weave- Unique Clone Niches Of Tinder for X Startups

How it Works


A combination of LinkedIn and Tinder, weave helps the users expand their professional network with the help of swipes.

Weave, the Tinder-like application is for the professionals who want to network with the people falling under the same domain they work for. It makes it easier for the professionals to find others they’d like to meet with, through a double opt-in selection process.

It replicates the Tinder model of swiping left or right to indicate which people they would like to meet up with and applies it to professional networking. It takes into consideration a user’s location to ensure that people who get matched up are actually able to meet.

Furthermore ease is provided to the user by allowing them to import their data from LinkedIn to the app, and it will use the data there to generate a profile page. The app also has specific groups to organize and highlight members on the app.


7. Seamso

Tinder for Dresses

Seamso- Unique Clone Niches Of Tinder for X Startups

How it Works


Seamso is a swiping application for the dresses with features like Tinder. The app has popular brands on board of dresses and is fed to the users on the basis of their swipe preferences.

Seamso helps its users to discover, save, and buy the latest fashion trends. The interface of Seamso is same as that of Tinder. The users swipe ‘left’ for passing on the dress and swipes ‘right’ for saving the dress in their wishlist for further purchasing it. This is specifically for the users who are fashionistas and consistently look up to the latest fashion trends.


8. Stitch

Tinder for Companionship to Senior Citizens

Stitch- Unique Clone Niches Of Tinder for X Startups

How it Works


Stitch is the Tinder for finding the companionship to the senior citizens, not for the hookups but for finding the partners for movies, dining, hanging out, etc.

The interface of Stitch is the same as that of Tinder. The senior citizens create an account on the application and then the feed on the basis of the user behavior is obtained to them. The users can browse through the connections and emphasis is done on the basis of their common interests and activities.


9. Shoe Swipe

Tinder for Shoes

Shoe Swipe- Unique Clone Niches Of Tinder for X Startups

How it Works


Shoe Swipe is Tinder for shoes. It allows the users to swipe right to like or left to reject. The users can filter the shoes by category and price. The algorithm of Shoe Swipe is such that it will pick up the choices and will recommend shoes to the users.

The interface of Shoe Swipe is the same as that of Tinder. When the users swipe to the ‘left’, the shoes are added to their wishlist and when the users swipe to the ‘right’, the shoes are passed on. Then from the wishlists, they are able to make their purchases directly.



Wasn’t it intriguing to delve into the world of unique clone niches of tinder for X startups? These were only a few niches to prey on by the startups, but if you have any boiling idea that can be poured into Tinder’s mold then you have aced the game for sure.
In case you need a slack more of the business strategy of Tinder.


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