EdTech in 2020 Went Through the Roof of a Skyscraper


2020 at a Glance – Review of the Edtech

Before the new year commences and we sigh a relief for the better, it’s time we give 2020 little credits.

Offline education has almost come to an edge. But that doesn’t mean that the entire education system has. In fact, more education has been disseminated during lockdown, given the high accessibility and convenience of online learning mobile apps.

Our review of the edtech found staggering facts:

  • About 88% of growth has been witnessed in the number of individuals downloading edtech apps.
  • The U.S. offered most of the venture capital funding to edtech startups, which was about USD 8.3 Mn, followed by China with over USD 5.9 Mn.
  • As per the Grand View Research, the edtech industry grew by a robust value of USD 90 Bn in 2020.

And this is not it.

Our review of the edtech says that the edtech industry grew manifolds, owing to the unprecedented innovations. Let’s glance back at the year with a monthly view to see the impact of the pandemic on the edtech industry.


Lockdown in major parts of the world was announced in March. And, March-April being the peak season for summer internship and learning, the edtech industry marched into action. The results to which started appearing in the month of April.

Moodle App Announced New Plans to Boost Mobile Learning


Moodle App announced the launch of Moodle App Pro and Moodle App Premium for the organizations to be able to access more powerful features for mobile learning. The new features in the paid plan include more offline courses per device, custom branding options, and expanded notifications with multimedia preview options.

Tech Revolution: Revenue is central to edtech businesses. Moodle app has been charging for the additional features that it offers to its users. Subscription and SaaS-based models are indeed the big things in the edtech mobile applications.



Numerous cases of coronavirus began making rounds. As a result, it was clear that offline education is not going to return to normalcy anytime soon. Given this influence, findings from our review of the edtech opine that more edtech startups began surfacing and developing online learning modules.

EduBrisk Initiated Virtual Classroom Program


EduBrisk realized that the offline education system was slow. However, the pace of launch of the online education was a bit slow during the initial phases of the lockdown, as it took a lot of time for teachers to create teaching modules. As a result, the company launched the ‘Classroom to Virtual Classroom’ program to allow teachers to go live in as little as 24 hours.

Tech Revolution: Virtual training for tutors is as important as it is for students. The integration of online demos and navigation help teachers understand the working of the platform for them to get to their students faster.


This was the time of the year when the big heads in the industry started feeling the heat of the competition coming in from the small players. As a result, they started making it to the news. According to our review of the edtech, regional edtech leaders began strengthening their position through the launch of modules with new technologies, while the global edtech players started looking for new features.

Vedantu To Bring Instasolv to Life


With the growing competition, online learning platforms are hard-pressed to keep coming up with new ideas. As a result, Vedantu announced the investment of USD 2 Mn for the development of a doubt-solving app, Instasolv.

Tech Revolution: Instasolv receives 3 Mn questions per month. The app uses OCR technology, which allows students to click a picture of the problem to extract text and provide a solution within a few seconds.

Google Announced New Features for Meet for Online Education


Google Meet saw an equivalent of 1300 years of education taking place each day during the initial phases of lockdown. As a result, it announced features such as a blurred background, larger tiled view, and virtual hand-raising features to facilitate a seamless flow of learning for educators and students.

Tech Revolution: These features will help the educators turn the experience of the virtual classroom to a more realistic one.

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The world was able to put down the stress of the coronavirus, as more people began adopting a healthy lifestyle with ample precautions. During this period, non-edtech players realized that the sector is a cash cow and started making their edtech debut in one way or the other.

Apple Updated Coding Tools for Students


Apple announced that it has added certain tools to Develop in Swift and Everyone Can Code curricula for educators and students to learn coding for free.

Tech Revolutions: Develop in Swift has been redesigned to offer personalized learning experiences to students, on the basis of the inputs provided by various educators to Apple. The personalized experience is helping students to learn in their preferred learning environment.


As per our review of the edtech, the true revolution in the industry began in August. The projects that were initiated in March and April, at the start of lockdown, came to life in August.

Labster’s VR EdTech Product Grew 15X since March


Labster joined in the chorus of the edtech revolution and raised its investment in virtual reality for students to have a practical-virtual education.

Tech Revolution: Augmented reality and virtual reality have been in the talk when it comes to the edtech industry. However, it is on the heels of the unprecedented momentum of COVID-19 that we are witnessing the futuristic technologies today.

Surassa’s Venture to Upskill Teacher for Global Opportunities


Ultimately, the year 2020 narrowed down to technology. Teachers who knew operating devices succeeded while others struggled. Surassa, as a result, introduced learning programs, particularly for teachers to upgrade their skills.

Tech Revolution: The online learning platform is a combination of the edtech and gradually it forges to become a job portal, which helps teachers to learn, receive certificates, and even get jobs.


By September, it was pretty clear that despite the discovery of vaccines, the education sector will heavily remain invested in the technology. As a result, focus on the development of edtech apps for the teachers and mentos was zoomed-in, according to our review of the edtech.

Pedagogue, where Teachers Turn Students

Pedagogue made its debut in the Play Store and App Store as a social media network for educators to learn and grow. It leverages the crowd wisdom to encourage mentors to grow simultaneously.

Tech Revolution: The incorporation of social media into the edtech space is a new concept. Since the offline industry has been struggling to survive, parents, guardians, trainers, mentors, and everybody involved in the learning cycle needs teaching wisdom to grow.

PlayShifu Launched AR Globe for Dinosaur Fans

PlayShifu intended to turn learning more fun for individuals as it announced the launch of Orboot Dinos, a playful educational app. The unification of gameplay and learning makes it more immersive for students.

Tech Revolution: Anything that has movement has better engagement potential. Based on this psychological fact, the integration of AR technology and predefined algorithms to fetch over 500 facts makes it worth the destination that the edtech industry is moving towards.


Google aggressively took advantage of the pandemic situation to make the most out of the edtech industry, says our findings from the review of the edtech.

Google Launched AppSheet into Google Workspace Interface

Coding may be the new haven for the students. However, it is the app development that is the ultimate prize. Hence, Google announced that it has integrated AppSheet into its Google Workspace Interface, which will now allow students to develop mobile apps without coding.

Tech Revolution: AppSheet is developed using various technologies that help students pick up the modules and design an application. AppSheet handles the analysis, coding, data structures, and prototype, while the students can focus on the application features.


According to our incisive review of the edtech, November started showing the impact of the edtech. Astounding numbers came to the forefront that showed that edtech startups indeed have a lot of revenue potential.

Toppr Claimed 100% Rise in Paid Subscriptions in Last Quarte

With numerous edtech startups launching free apps and the struggle for the revenue persists, Toppr claims a 100% growth of paid subscription in Q3 of 2020, majorly due to its Ask Doubts module.

Tech Revolution: Bots are used for the development of the Ask Doubt module, which helps students to get their doubts cleared in the least possible time.

Airtel Digital Partnered with Vedantu to Offer DTH Learning Experience

Airtel Digital, the telecom firm, joined hands with Vedantu to foster learning experience for students of grade sixth to grade twelve through its DTH arm.

Tech Revolution: Smart TVs have increased the paid subscription of OTT platforms. However, with the partnership of telecom and edtech companies, students can have the big-screen learning experience with the ability to watch repeat telecasts, interactive quizzes, and more.

Pinterest Tested Online Zoom Classes from its Platform

Pinterest is looking forward to rolling a new feature that helps students enrol for the online classes using the video-conferencing app, Zoom. The students have to click on a ‘book’ option to sign up for the class and they will receive a link with details for the scheduled class.

Tech Revolution: Given the traction that the edtech apps are receiving, the social media apps are striving a slice of the revenue pie. Pinterest is no different from the pack. It intends to help students leverage Pinterest boards for offering and sharing notes, slides, and similar educational resources.

Coursera Joined Forces with Disney & Pixar to Curate Creative Courses

Coursera launched a novel collection of courses for students to explore their creative angles for personal growth and development after partnering with Disney and Pixar.

Tech Revolution: Creativity is the topmost skill requirement of the 21st century. In such a situation, besides academic learning, the addition of creative learning through the engaging modules of Disney and Pixar is going to be the next big thing in the edtech industry.

Cuomo Released Learning Platform for New York Job Seekers

The launch and release of edtech are not only limited to private companies. Even the government is intervening in the lockdown situation to help citizens make a fortune. Given this, the Governor of New York, Andrew M. Cuomo launched a novel eLearning platform for underemployed and unemployed New Yorkers to upgrade their skills and get suitable jobs.

Tech Revolution: The New York State Department of Labor has partnered with Coursera to offer this free online skill upgrading platform. Coursera is constantly expanding its reach and accommodating new categories of communities with technological innovations.

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BOOKR to Release Innovative Content with Euro 2 Mn Spendings



Some of the ventures are moving to the next stages, while some of the ventures are getting started in the edtech industry. But if there’s one thing from our review of ther eview of the edtech, it is that December is ending on a good note of the edtech industry.

EduTinker Turned Catalyst to the Online Learning Sector

EduTinker inched towards the students’ digital space to promote the efficiency of learning in the times of remote learning with comprehensive activities for students and ease of management to teachers.

Tech Revolution: Most of the edtech apps are focused on driving engagement to students. This is #1 reason why the adoption of the online platform is slow for teachers. However, the student management platform will serve as a stepping stone for accommodating more tutors online.

Hex N Bit Introduced an Internship Program for Future Engineers

Hex N Bit teamed up with technology companies to release internship programmes that help the IT students to focus on the top skills in Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, Machine Learning, PCB Designing, VLSI Design, and more.

Tech Revolution: The true intent of the company is on practical knowledge. As a result, the internship program is developed using a lot of sophisticated technologies to offer interactive practical knowledge about mini-projects, industrial projects, and hardware kits.

MIT-SDE Announced a Full-fledged Career Program

MIT School of distance learning joined forces with LinkedIn Learning to launch a career assistance program for students to access over 16,000 courses online.

Tech Revolution: MIT-SDE is an online repository that designs courses to help students pan out the best career path. In such a case, the access of LinkedIn Learning from the portal of the students’ profile would broaden the horizon.

Wrapping Up: 2020’s Review of the EdTech

Taking a look at our review of the edtech, one thing is for sure–it has accelerated way beyond imagination in less than a year. edtech has drastically changed the way education was once perceived during the reign of the offline education system.

These were just the technology-fuelled leaps. Below the surface, there are various funding, acquisitions, and mergers that took place. For instance, Learning Technologies Group acquired US EdTech, Tenopy partnered with AMKFSC, Lead School acquired Quiznext, Brighteye Ventures received second-round funding worth 46 Mn Euros, and a lot of things that happened in 2020 that were good for the edtech industry.

And these investments are easy to recover with these edtech business models.

All these narrow down at a single conclusion. Edtech industry is about to witness an evolution with every single passing day. In this case, it is crucial to either have an edtech platform developed from an experienced mobile development company or make use of a ready-to-use LMS platform to enrol your name in the 2021 wrap up list as a hit edtech business.

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