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The kid looked irritated, “Why are the teachers so keen on surprise tests and assessments? What is the meaning of quarterly exams then?”

“But aren’t you supposed to be attentive during every lecture?” I argued.

“Whoa! Who the hell studies the day things are taught?” Comeback by the kid was harsh indeed, but thoughtful enough to provide me, the business developer, with a thought to understand what the main issue in the present-day educational system is.

Yes, even today the educational field has remained and maintained its position as brick and mortar platform since its inception. Quarterly exams and daily lectures make up the whole and sole of the education ecosystem.

But as the kid said, education today is merely the battle between one last night mug up and throwing up the digested, the other day.

What are educational institutions today producing if not crammers!

Yeah, there is a gap, a gap of understanding the current need of how the ideal education system is and how to twist it with the blend of the ever-changing technology.

To fill into such gaps where the digitalization is lacking, a revolutionary campaign Stop. Change. Adopt Digital talks about the role.





This is where the education will combine with the technology and become edtech which will include everything from studying online/ teaching online to the submission of homework, online graduate and post graduate program, online examination, game attribute, quizzes, and a lot more.

While contributing to the society and the individual learning platforms, such an experiment in education can even turn into a productive business for the technological breeds passionate to offer the ease to management of processes with the help of digitization.

As technology today has transformed the economy for the better – for different industries for different niches; here is where I feel the need of blending education with the technology.

Now, when we say digitizing the education system, it does not only mean reformatting tutorials or turning them virtual, it is about delivering a completely new learning architecture which is capable enough to find out who learns, who memorizes, who grasps and who bounces off.

Such digital technologies can transform the classrooms of today, the students will make use of laptops, tablets, and mobile application and the teachers will make extensive usage of the digital platform for explaining various aspects in a topic to the students.

The overall result of the tests and quizzes can be sent to the parents who can review the progress of their child.

This can be a good initiative for the educational institutions as the statistics about what’s been taught, consumed, and the results are yielded for the stakeholders – parents, teachers, and students.

Apart from the trendsetting digitization, the educational front-heads can save on the infrastructural costs by up to about 60% and can insist on BYOD – bring your own device


How Innovative EdTech App Development Will Be Helping Hand For The Stakeholders?




The teachers can be assessed by the tests and queries they give their students. Better the performance of the student, better is the teacher’s teaching ability.



The teachers can be assessed by the tests and queries they give their students. Better the performance of the student, better is the teacher’s teaching ability.




The students can review and track their progress just like a game and provide overall teaching feedback of their class.

Education will indeed turn out to be FUN!



The feedback system will help the educational management to see the overall results and retain/remove teachers. This will get an approach to carry out further relationships.


How Edtech App Development Will Allowing Teachers To Perform Better?


Not blaming the teachers of today, but you know what, other than tests and examinations what is the module that helps the teacher understand who holds a firm grip on the concept and who has got a serious dilemma in understanding the concept?

Another side of the issue in the current education system is, even if the students are well attentive in the classroom, what is the guarantee that the teaching method is appropriate for the students to understand the concept very well?

To fill in this gap, the most ideal module to eliminate such circumstances is the power to the students for providing the feedback to the tutor every time the lecture is carried out.

Here, it is important to involve the feedback of the teachers along with the reviews and ratings from the students after every lecture. This will help tutors to know the scope of improvement in teaching, thereby upgrading their skills.

Such an educational revolution will help the management to appoint and select the teachers with good reviews and ratings and can give a second thought on the tutors holding consistently poor reviews.

Summarizing, the teachers can improve their teaching skill to earn good reputation with the ranks they receive, the students will be involved in the selection process of their teachers, and the management can improve the quality of their platform by appointing the performance-based tutors.


How Innovative Edtech App Development Will Allowing Students To Perform Better?


Such an online educational platform will help the students to set their own personalized ambitious goals and create plans to reach them.

The students will handle the responsibility for their paths and learn how to navigate into an uncertain world while making a pace towards their career.

Also, they will have the flexibility and support to identify their educational passion and the thrill to pursue it.

By interacting with the fellow students they will be able to develop the skills, mindsets, and perceptions to take their career in their very own hands.

Not only the educational system will be freed from the conventional teacher-student model, but also will get expanded towards engaging effectively with the communities involving the individuals from the same grades, discipline or same course.

Another drawback of the ongoing educational system is that when the students face any confusion or queries in the concept during the lecture, there are a variety of factors due to which they hesitate to raise a query.

Thus, with the educational platform made digital, all that a student can do is post their query at the moment they face the confusion. This will give the teacher a notification in their dashboard and they will resolve it during the lecture. This way the effective learning process can even be made dynamic.

Moreover, even after the class ends, the students can post their query and the teachers will revert back to their query.

This can also be done with the help of various medias – including the documents, images, videos, etc. Thus, prompting the learning by solving the doubts and query at any time of the hour.

This will promote the increase in the collaboration of the teachers and the students when the give-and-take of the knowledge is given a directed flow with the help of a designated and dedicated platform.

This will increase the communication, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving with the help of group studies.

The openness of the online educational environment and the integration of the game attribute, quizzes, and promotion to learning with fun will also give air to innovation in assessment.


How Edtech Startups are Shaking Up the Executive Education?


Executive Education-trootech

Not only is such a technological revolution restricted to the schools and colleges, but also to the executive education.

The executive education has been a productive market for the business schools, but they now face competition from the tech start-ups, which have seen an opportunity for the market disruption.

The tech start-ups are delving more and more into the online learning courses that aim with a single learning objective delivered on the devices of the users.

The main benefit of online learning courses is that it provides flexibility to the students to access to the tutorials and learning materials online.

Thus, the chief problem by most of the school is that they have failed to invest in the necessary technology to provide such teaching.

While all the industries are facing tough competition from the digital transformation and executive education providers are pressurized.


Why Funding in Edtech Startups Is Important


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The Edtech market is big. We are talking about real big in terms of the finance.

As per the studies, EdTech was completely overshadowed by other opportunities like Uber and Airbnb in the last year.

While Uber got the most funding from the investors till the last year. But as digitization has transformed various industries, it too will soon have its progressive grip wrapped around education.

Since 2010, the numbers of dollars invested in the educational technology sums up to a whopping amount of $2.5 B.

So, from where did such a big amount come from and where is it going towards?

The funding in such EdTech ventures are mostly done by the investors.

Mainly, the flow is from the limited partners such as companies, foundation, pension funds, Universities, and funds of funds and the institutional funders are the growth equity funders, venture capitalists, Corporate venture capitalist and Philanthropic foundation.

This fund then flows to the profitable and non-profitable organizations.

Another noteworthy factor is the investors such as angels, super-angels, incubators, and venture firms are the major sources for capital for edtech.




Capital from K to 12 edtech startups is coming from more than just these investors of course. This surely is a good omen for the startups aiming for the real edtech business here.

But also the aspect to understand is what are the investors making in return?

While there are plenty of ways to lose money in the education technology, the current generation of investors is sure about their portfolios to succeed by overcoming the most challenging issues in the edtech.

And why not?

Such a revolutionary Edtech concept can take over the world by storm and has a huge potential to survive as a standalone business in the marketplace.

Want to Have an EdTech App Development And Disrupt Education Industry With Unique Business Idea In Real-Life?


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