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App development and testing is not the end of your mobile application process. The main work starts from here. You need to promote your app, gather as many users as possible, and increase the ROI for your business using the app. But, the first step that will help you achieve this would be increasing your app visibility on the store.

When it comes to app store visibility, there are different criteria that will help you get featured on the store, and win more downloads. A bug-free app definitely wins hands down with your end users, as they get a splendid experience browsing your app, and get engaged better. Good reviews is another way of winning your customers over, and maximizing your downloads. App store optimization also play a major role in downloads.

Let’s list down a few factors that will give you maximum visibility on the app store, and build your reputation.

Originality Wins

Your end users look out for specific games or apps on the app store, which calls for specific content and keywords. When you want to win over customers, you should always offer original content. Use app name, title, icon and metadata that you have the permission to use. In case you end up using content that you don’t have the permission to use, you could be reported for IP infringement and your app could be removed from the store.

Many people use popular app names in their content, which could be misleading. People might think this is the same app, or has some link with the popular app.

Always include name, icon and description relevant to your app, and one that communicates what your app is all about. No information on the store should mislead the end user, just to increase your user base.

Include Compelling Functionality

It is important for your app to stand out amidst competition to maximize downloads. Your value proposition should be distinct, and should offer functionality that fulfills the customer’s needs. Make sure you develop features that make your app stand out and offer benefits to the end user. A regular app might have several people on board; something with additional features can set you apart.

Offer value to the end customer, whether it is an individual or an enterprise. If you provide what your competition is already offering, you may not get the desired store ranking. Something unique will benefit you.

Just One Incredible App

You may desire to build several apps with limited capabilities and content. Instead of building several apps and investing time & effort in maintaining them, just build an incredible app that will set you apart, and give you the desired audience. Do not build different apps for different countries, instead build a single app that allows user to choose their country and know in detail about that. What it gives is a richer and better user experience, and allows you to explore better opportunities. A single submission will help you build a richer and more targeted user base.

First Impression that Lasts

Your first impression plays an important role in determining the number of downloads your app would receive. The store listing is the first point of contact that your customer would have with your app, which is why your app description and other details on the store should be perfect and accurate. If your app is a guide, your description should mention it. The app name should be unique and should offer value to the end user. It should be relevant to the app and what its functionality is. The description should talk about the app’s features and functionality. Make sure the description is crisp and not misleading at any point. Good screenshots that help understand everything about the app is essential again. Define the category that the app belongs to and use keywords that can direct traffic to your app.

Follow Store Procedures Policies

Make sure your app is capable of passing through all the policies and procedures stated by the store. The store certification policies are strict for app-stores. You need to make sure your app is credible, and free of bugs. Stores have a policy of checking on the comments posted by viewers and looking up for feedback regularly. If at any point the app does not meet the compliance policy, your app can be removed from the list.

Maintain your Credits

Even after posting your app to the store, it is important to maintain your reputation. Always submit high quality apps and follow the guidelines that have been mentioned in the app store. If you keep up with the reputation and maintain your records, you will gain more downloads. Also keep in mind the critical reasons which leads fat uninstalls of your app

Follow these points, and you will get a better visibility for your app in the app store. This will in turn maximize your downloads and build your reputation.

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