Topic #2 SCAD:A Dedicated App Easing The Events Browsing, Joining and Schedules For Venture Capitalists


Any sophisticated and competent business person would certainly agree that the focus has been moved from channeled experiences and brand-controlled messages to embracing the technological trends in a channel-agnostic marketplace.

Here is when the enterprises and companies should identify and admit the seriousness of this change – THE DIGITAL CHANGE.

While digitization is aiming to penetrate deeper and deeper into every possible entrepreneurial process, there are some industries where the manual process has become an inseparable part and is perceived as a difficult task to bring about a digital change.

But wait until you believe that!

Because we at TRooTech attempt to provide those ignored digital solutions for the entrepreneurs as well as the emerging businesses with our learning experience.


Dear Venture Capitalists,

Adhering to the digital trends, this time our well-sorted business idea is for the Venture Capitalists as the stakeholders of it – The investment companies and professionals providing finance to the startup companies and small businesses that are believed to have long-term growth potential.

In the lieu of tracking the startup business events and plans through newspapers or word of mouth, we propose to develop an automated system which will help the venture capitalists get notifications about the upcoming startup summits in one place and relevant events with venue and timing details.

On receiving the notifications, they have the final say (RSVP) on whether they would like to attend or not. If they choose to attend the event, the application automatically schedules further to their calendar.

Wait there’s more to it.

They get strategic remainders conditional to the period of the event, important changes, so they don’t miss out on the event.

Venture capitalist buddies you can sigh in relief now since TRooTech is at your service!


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Be it any startup, be it any small business, be it any enterprise, or be it any venture capitalist from any part of the world; the application will know to fetch notification for the smallest of the small and the biggest of the big business event.

What this application would not know is any global boundary.

Many a time, the venture capitalist has got what the startup needs in the other part of the world. But there are no ways that they come on common grounds.

This is where the platform connects the dots, so the investors can lend a helping hand to the potential businesses at an international level.

Global Events


Being up with trends

What’s trending?

The climb is always high to get to the top, why don’t you use the elevators?

Such is the business world today!

If you think to go with the “My perfect conventional process, blah, blah”, you are already outdated in the business arena.

Talking about the automation, since the idea completely falls into the digitalization of the manual process which exactly coincides with the current trends, you will be able to sell it off to the venture capitalists and the angel investors effortlessly.

After all, it is satisfying both the investors and the businesses striving for investments.


Once the application gets live in the market, it will complete the startup, newbie, angel investor, and seed investor sphere by its seamless flow of the digital process.

The application will extensively help the startups get the audience in the form of investors and the venture capitalist will get the potential business to invest their hard-earned funds in.

Such a digital platform will be widely used by the venture capital firms i.e. angel investors and seed venture capital firms.

As a Venture capitalist, this system will keep them updated by notifying them about the upcoming business events along with modules to know which co-investors are attending the events.

Another feature is they get to know what the event is about and requests from the startups can be accepted and rejected on the basis of their interest in the event. In the case of being doubtful about attending the event, they can even mark it as unsure.

If the request to attend an event is accepted, a schedule is created in the application calendar and then is synced with the weekly calendar of the investor for the ease to know about the events he is interested in and will be able to get a reminder on the day of the event as well.


Try searching for Event planning platforms online and you will see overwhelmingly whopping results for concerts, musical events, promotions, etc.

Now try searching for an event platform that shows business events for venture capitalists along with managing their schedule.

Found one? Not really, right?

Because this is a unique idea that targets the venture capitalists with feeds regarding all the upcoming events of startups and new bees all at a single platform.

This outstandingly innovative system touting to be one of its kinds has the potential to be a profitable business.

Profit 90%


Think of the medias existing today that carry the information about such business occurrences – newspaper, word of mouth, social media, advertisement, the news may be, that’s it.

Can you be 100% sure that the event information will reach each and every investor you desire to be present using the above-mentioned medias?

Of course not!

But with the use of an automated application consisting of notification module, there is no chance that the investor remains unacknowledged about the business event. Obvious is the fact that the decision to attend the event is up to him but the brightest of the bright side is you will be able to reach him with probability 1!

Well, this is what the digitalization holds for you and your budding business.


Let’s face it. The limitation to the manual process of event marketing for the venture capitalists is reach boundaries and timeframes.

But with the automated venture capitalist application, there’s no reach restriction.

The notifications about the business events can be fetched anytime.

What’s more? The investor can show his interest regardless of the location he currently is in.

Thus, this application has a huge potential to get along with the venture capitalist with its channeled digitalization process.

All that remains for my startup buddies and newbies is to turn this virtual idea into a real-time platform. Don’t know where to start from? Tell us here.

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