What Features are Essential for the Venture Capitalist App of Event Management


The first and straightly foremost question that might arise is why would Venture Capitalists need an App?

The answer to the question lies in digitalization.

With every possible industry venturing out to upgrade their industry with the ample benefits of digitalization, why let the venture capitalist who shape the future of the businesses stay aloft and in the narrow space of manual processes?

Stepping into the shoes of venture capitalists, we tried to understand their dilemma and design a solution for their ease of business in our profound style of course – by our successful campaign  Stop. Change. Adopt Digital. 

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Critical Factors Venture Capitalists Consider


The features of the venture Capitalist Application can completely be inspired by the factors that venture capitalist considers:

Compelling Idea


Market Opportunity


Financial Projections


With ease to browsing comes ease to access the app and this ease is provided by the features of the application.

So, what should be the features of such an application. Before this you need to know what are the factors affecting the venture funding.

1. Filters


Not all the venture capitalists are open to every businesses. Some of the venture capital firms have a very narrow criteria for investing in different firms. Thus, there should be a feature wherein the venture capitalists can search events based on their criteria.

This will land them to exactly the businesses which they would like to invest in, thereby saving up their time in going through all the events listed out in the feed.

These filters can be set up on the basis:

Search Based on Location

Search Based on the Type of Technology Used

Search Based on the Type of Business

Search Based on the Event Date

Search Based on Relevance

Venture Capitalist App

2. Google Map


For the ease of locating the venue of the event, the application can be integrated using Google Maps.

The venture capitalists should be able to save the address of the venue or pinpoint the location so that they can reach at that particular venue without any hassle.

The integration of the Google Map will help the venture capitalists to share the locations with their colleagues and co-members.

The location can be embedded in emails and other social media accounts.

Venture Capitalist App

3. Add to Calendar


The application undoubtedly provides the ease of searching relevant events. But with so many events to attend, the scheduling of the events will definitely be an issue.

Since we are climbing the ladders of digitalization, the path of manual scheduling is long gone. So, what is the digital way to schedule?


When the capitalist after browsing through the events, wishes to attend an event, he can add the event into his own calendar within the app just by clicking add to calendar option.

Once the event has been added in the schedule, the venture capitalists can again view it, remove it, or set it to priority event.

All is well with the feature, but the best part is, on the day of the event the capitalist will get a reminder about the event with the event info, date, time, and venue about the same.


Venture Capitalist App


4. See Which Connections are Going


“The competitive nerve is the weakest point to any business person.”

On the same note, here is where the venture capitalist can change his decision of not attending an event. Once the capitalist finds his competitors going to the event he has not registered to yet, he can decide to go.

This feature is important for the platform because it will also have the event organizers on board. If you are launching an application, interaction will what get you business. More the venture capitalists are interested in attending events, more is the interactivity in the app, and more will be the revenue.

On the other hand, the one side of the revenue model for the app can be to allow membership plans to the event organizers. This can also be based on the people attending the event.

Thus, by showing up the connections interested in an event, the prime purpose of the platform can be solved.


Venture Capitalist App

5. Chat Module


Venture Capitalists are the busiest people looking up in the direction towards a new business while maintaining their current businesses. Thus, all that the Venture Capitalist app will provide them will be ease to searching the events.

But the question arises, what if the event turns out to be totally irrelevant to them?


All their time is wasted which they could have invested in attending a completely relevant event and could have made a business out of it.

But what if I say we can introduce a chat and messaging module with user friendly interface and experience so that the users can see the talk to the organizers about the event, get the necessary yet precise information about the type of business idea, and then can decide about attending or not attending the event? Sounds good? Well this is how the feature is.


Venture Capitalist App

6. View Profile Information


Agree or agree – one of the factor that decides the funding is surely how business efficient is the organizer of the event and so along with the information about the event, the venture capitalists should be able to view their profile.

The profile information can consist of the businesses they are handling currently, their business background, their credibility in the marketplace, etc. Again, this app will also be used by the business personas and so for providing them with the ease of creating profiles, their information can be imported from their LinkedIn account.

Thus, the venture capitalists can go through all the information about the leader of the business and can decide whether to attend the event or not.


Venture Capitalist App

7. Registration and RSVP


When the venture capitalists wish to attend an event, they will be provided with a ‘Register’ option to the event. Here they can input the members joining them along, their capacity to fund, etc.

Again the application will be for the business personas and so for the arrangement and smooth organization of the event, it is of utmost significance that they know how many venture capitalists will be participating in the event and who all will be accompanying them.

Thus, they can send invites to the investors they would like to attend the event with an attached RSVP. The venture capitalists can go through the direct invites and can respond with an RSVP.


Venture Capitalist App

8. Reminder on the Event Day


Remembering the events along with their date, time, and venue is very difficult for the venture capitalists. In such circumstances, the best option the venture capitalists adopt is setting reminders to not miss out any event.

But when it comes to the app providing all the features at a stop why to venture out into the untrodden?

With so much ease provided within the application itself, the best feature will be – Reminders.

When the capitalist after browsing through the events, wishes to attend an event, he can add the event into his own calendar within the app just by clicking add to calendar option.

On the day of the event the capitalist will get a reminder about the event with the event info, date, time, and venue about the same.

This way the venture capitalist can stay assured as to not miss any startup event.


Venture Capitalist App

9. Share Events with Connections


The venture capitalist network is obviously going to be a large one.

Say for instance, a venture capitalist while browsing through the events, finds an event which does not address to his need but is relevant to one of the connection. Now, it is possible that the connection might not have found about it.

This is where the sharing of the events with connections feature comes into play to strengthen the business relationship.

This sharing can be done within the application itself or can be done on various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Personal emails, or business portals, etc.


Venture Capitalist App

10. Most Viewed Event


This feature is about the event the most connections are going to. When there are many connections excited about visiting an event, it definitely holds something different as a business.

Thus, purpose or a short way to browse through the mega events can be fulfilled with the help of this feature.

Here the venture capitalists are able to view who all from their connections will be attending the event and then can decide to attend it or not.

On the other hand, for the featuring of the events, the event organizers are charged with the featuring fees. Thus, when the event becomes most viewed events, there are high chances of it getting into the high audiences.


Venture Capitalist App

11. View Schedule


Once the venture capitalist adds an event to the calendar, they can see their added events in their schedule, differentiated on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

This way they can go through all the events they added to the calendar and add more to it.

The venture capitalist can choose to view the events they created along with the date they created, the date, time, and venue of the event.

If after adding the event and going through it later on, the venture capitalists thinks another event clashing with the timing to one of the previously added event, he can even choose to remove the event. Thus, he can manage the event and to the invites, he can even choose to edit the RSVP and resend it.


Venture Capitalist App

The Sum and Summary


Such a feature-rich application that connects the missing dots definitely deserves to be unearthed.

The business idea clearing out the efforts of the venture capitalists has a wider scope to be adopted, accepted, and cherished by the venture capitalists. After all, digitalization is the need of the hour and  TRooTech supports the same idea. 

If you believe the same, you must go through our campaigns  which shows the essence of business upgradation in every aspects of it. We would love to have your inputs in the comments below as well.

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