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Since the inception of Uber, there has been a visible growth or we can say huge stir in the taxi and ground transportation sector. The success of Uber is quite visible and so is the glam jam of Uber application, there have been a flood of people & businesses yearning to develop an application similar to Uber.

And how can TRooTech miss this catch, instead of just developing and selling clone apps, we came up with Uber similar application development by making it niche & business specific with a customized touch.

Few questions that keep lingering when you are about to take a spree into development of an application similar to Uber are,

How long will it take for the app to build?

Where can I find resources?

What features to include or exclude?

What features will escalate my application?

These all and many more questions are answered with our single case study or just by knocking our doors to get an Uber similar application.

Why should you trust us? Just have a glimpse of the business model and extensive features of Uber similar app development for yourself.

After going through the detailed model point that will be highlighted today is the advance features for taxi booking app that should be present in an Uber Similar application. As you might be aware there are two separate applications for rider and driver, so we need to plan features keeping that in mind.

In order to emerge with a fully accomplished or satisfying app we need all the basic features of Uber’s app as well as some advance features for taxi booking app in order to increase its efficiency and tailor it according to your business.

Of course the basic features are known by everyone still let’s quickly refresh them,

Driver’s App Features


User’s App Features


These were the MVP for the driver’s and riders’ app, now let’s get to the advance features for taxi booking app that we are really interested in adding to your application to travel that extra mile of perfection.

Book now, ride later


By this feature, Uber ensures that we are on time for important events and appointments. With a liberty to schedule rides up to 30 days prior, riders can catch their flights, interviews, or any functions on time by just scheduling rides looking at their events calendar. So there’s a chance that by adding this advance features for taxi booking app in your application too there can be an extra reason for attracting users.

Mobile Wallet


A big relief for payment after a ride, no more struggling for change, or adding credit/debit card details every time, Uber supports mobile wallets in which you need to add funds once and then your ride charges are deducted after each ride and you can have a hassle free ride without worrying about paying after the ride.

Quick Read: Why You Should Avoid Surge Pricing In Your Revenue Model For On Demand Taxi Booking App

Panic Button


In case of any emergency or situation of distress, there is a panic button that acts as a savior and should be in the list of advance features for taxi booking app for your app too, in order to assure your users about their safety from our side. This button works as follows, a help button leads us to the SOS or emergency window, which shows option to call the police or withdrawing the emergency drill.

Promo codes & Referral rewards


This feature is inevitable in the advance features for taxi booking app as it can become a source for retaining customers, mouth to mouth marketing and a feel good factor for the users. You can add a site credit for referring to new users, provide discount coupons, promo codes for getting a reward in any manner, or a free ride/service, etc.

Favorite location


Users can add their favorite location to visit there often and thus can get a relief from entering details every time. Uber displays this feature by showing a home location, work location, most visited destinations etc. This provides an easy selection way to quickly book rides in case of hurry.

Split Fare


Splitting bills in restaurants, events, tickets, etc. turns out to be a tiresome task right, Uber aids here by providing a split fare feature. This feature helps you to select the fellow riders by adding contacts from your phone and then the fare will be split based on their drop off location or in other cases equally distributed among the riders.

Book for others


Convenience to riders to book safe rides for their near and dear ones. This much thought feature of Uber provides this liberty for booking a cab for anyone and you just need to add them through contacts from your phone, that’s it, sounds easy right. Just book a cab, add contact number, pick up location, drop off location and you are good to go.

Tipping Option


This features allows drivers to accept tips from the riders, cash tips were allowed earlier, but Uber has rolled out the in app tipping option that allows you to tip drivers through the app itself with desired amount. Now this can be a feature that can hold more and more drivers to be engaged with the application.

24 hours phone support


This is necessary for any application that you stand by your services or products, users need to feel a trust factor from your side, and they need assurance that the service providers are present for any kind of confusion, issue or something they are stuck in. Supporting this fact, Uber has started a 24 hours support phone line for the drivers, in case they are in dilemma, sounds helpful for your application too, doesn’t it?

Destination Filters


Turning out to be a favorite feature in the advance features for taxi booking app of the drivers, this feature allows user to enter destinations to which they want to go and so only those rides are matched for those drives. This can help the drivers to accept rides while they are returning home as well, or carrying out a strategic planning to get the most out of this app or complete their tasks.

Long trip notifications


Notification for trips exceeding certain time such as 45–60 minutes definitely creates a win-win for drivers as well as riders. As drivers can get a heads up on the long journey and can either cancel it manage their tasks or be prepared for long journey by filling gas or other completing other tasks. And for riders they don’t have to cancel or ask to cancel the rider once it is booked and they driver refuses for long trips, this can waster rider’s time and money too. And on the whole Uber gets a win as drivers and riders are happy.

Earnings for long pick-up time/wait times


To meet with the issues such as long pick up times, cancellation amidst long pick up, waiting time rates being minimal and somewhere down the line toll charges, Uber has added higher compensation feature in the advance features for taxi booking app to ensure these issues and make the drivers take a breath to earn more. With this feature driver gets paid for longest pickups and wait times and will be added along with their standard fares.

UberPOOL Compensation


Uber has started increasing the compensation in case of its UberPOOL service that was started a couple of years ago. This needs to be clarified that earlier they were not paying drivers for picking up riders for a pool ride, but after rectifications, now they are paying extra as each rider is at a different location and has to be dropped to various nooks and corners. This feature can boost riders to opt for UberPOOL more than other services which in turn is a plus for their pockets as well.

Other small additions to UberPOOL are corner pick up and drop-offs, allowing only safer stops, aiding driver with routes that are straight avoiding turns and traffic, drivers are provided better rating tips and lastly a tad bit of education to the UberPOOl riders.



Ratings need be more transparent and drivers should be notified about how they are rated, what are the factors affecting their ratings and how they can improve it. As in case of apps such as Uber, ratings play a very important role as they can even lead to deactivation of the drivers. So educating drives about it and providing them in and out of rating system is a very important feature of advance features for taxi booking app.

Now that Uber’s advanced features are clear, let’s embark upon the features to include for clambering a step above Uber.

Preferred Driver
Rider should be aided with an option for selection of their preferred driver based on past experiences and ratings. With an option to add few drivers as their favorites, rider should be able to book one of them for frequent rides if they are available. This can keep rider’s interest retained in the application.

Another way this preferred driver feature can be used is to set the drivers on the priority basis of their rating, instead of proximity. If there is a ride request and both a driver with 4.95 rating and 4.65 rating are in proximity than the one 4.95 ratings should be preferred. Or they can be given some monetary compensation for attaining good ratings to keep their spirits boosted and get them going.

Block a passenger
We thought of a feature to give power to the riders to choose their favorite driver, can we think to turn the tables and provide drivers the privilege to block certain riders who have in any way missed the code of conduct or has misbehaved with the driver to bug him in possible manner.

Obviously the drivers rate their passenger at the end of the trio, but this feature takes it one step ahead to allow drivers to block certain passengers so they are not matched with them for any ride in future.

Recurring rides
In case of business personals or even employees if their time and route is fixed, we can provide them with a feature of recurring rides. With this feature they can book rides altogether for a couple of days may be, specifying the route and pick up timings.

Added advantage for riders in this feature may be that we can offer them some discounted rates if they choose to ride with our application for more number of days under recurring rides option.

By this feature we basically give a car on rent to the rider and they drive themselves to desired location and can return it within the booked time frame. This feature can allow users to move forward in a much independent space by giving an option of self-driving in case they need to go for an outing or any such special trips.

The rider just needs to book a car with pick up location from where they collect and drop the car with the pre-defined date and time and charges are applied according to that. Of course there are already many such services for car rentals, but if this is added to an application like Uber than people can have a hand on more convenience.

Fellow Drivers Locations
To give an imperative idea to the drivers, this feature can be added so that drivers can make sure that they are evenly placed and that they can earn even more or may be position themselves such that they can reach a destination faster in case some areas where there will be potential riders are completely abandoned.

Another perspective of this feature is that the drivers can seek the location of fellow drivers to know in case there are events in the town and they can grab an opportunity to earn that extra buck.

Smoking friendly Uber
One of the major issues these days is the code of conduct of the drivers as well as riders, so we can take one of the major complaints that we have viewed by studying reviews and discussions, is that of smoking from the side of riders as well as drivers.

There should be an option for the smoking friendly Uber especially for the avid smokers who can think of this as a convenient option that is acceptable by both driver as well as rider and can lead to a problem free ride.


After observing Uber similar application features from TRooTech’s eyes, it’s quite evident from the features that anyone would want to grab them and stud their application with it.

Among all the advance features for taxi booking app, each one has a take aiding different purposes to climb a step on the ladder of perfect application. For instance, features such as split-fare and UberPOOL are a boon for the riders who want to save some bucks on each ride, whereas tipping option and destination filters close the deal for the drivers.

Depending on each type of user we can come up with the advance features for taxi booking app that can lure them enough to comply to use this application.

Share your insights and we can come up with

something that can match or even beat Uber’s application.

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