Carving An Application By Satisfying Poshmark App Limitations


Poshmark, a social re-commerce giant has conquered the re-commerce market with its extensive features and an inclination for the social feel and user engrossment. And to leverage the most of the business model we have an extensive campaign to develop the applications similar to Poshmark, adding features tailored to the niche by pointing the poshmark app limitations.

A profound study of Poshmark developed by TRooTech can be viewed here to gain a clear perspective.

As every coin has two sides there are a few poshmark app limitations that needs to be met in case of development of a better application. By unraveling features that are absent in Poshmark, a remarkable application can be developed that walks on the Poshmark footprints, but takes four steps ahead to meet the needs of recommerce.

Here we present you with a few features that will fill poshmark app limitations and bloom an application that does complete justice to your business needs.

Return Policy

Poshmark has a very strict return policy, rather it cannot be called a return policy as they consider your returns only when the item ordered by the buyer is not as described or is completely different or worst case is they don’t receive their item, and that too within 3 days of delivery marked on the app or website.


In order to develop a lucrative and successful application, user’s interests are to be given equal importance and accordingly some features need to be tailored. Our suggestions to enhance this policy are as follows:

Easy returns
Extended time for returns
Different policies for different reasons of returns
Option for site credit or cheque refund
A separate module to handle returns & refunds

Location Bound

Currently, many applications have limited their users, only in certain locations, and it can unjustly for the users residing in other locations as well as a drawback from the business perspective.

And Poshmark is one such platform that caters only to the audience within the United States, so what you think they should extend their hands to other countries as well or not?


It would better I guess if we develop a separate application and website catering to clients all over the world and make a win-win deal for users as well as the business, right.

So our solution to poshmark app limitations would be an inclusive application that caters client depending on their location and providing location specific features, offers and benefits.

Customer Service

If you cannot stand by your service or product than you are surely going to lose customers in no time, universal rule, isn’t it? If there is no reliable response to user’s query or there is no one to steer users out of ambiguity than it can lessen their interest in your application, and of course our best example is Poshmark,


Our take on poshmark app limitations is incorporation of a customer service module, even for a social commerce web app, as there are numerous cases where certain users get scammed, cheated, harassed, or get items delivered with defects and cannot return it, or perfect items are delivered but they try to get refund depicting that the item was damaged as they don’t want it, etc. list of customer questions is too big.

So there needs to be a proper customer service module, with

  • Customer representatives on Phone
  • Service via email
  • Live chat module
  • Sectioning based on the type of query to avoid traffic
  • Feedback management module


Poshmark levies flat $5.95 under 5lbs and seller is responsible for any charges above that. There needs to be a proper structure fabricated for each niche depending upon the item and distance between the seller and buyer or from the warehouse.


There can be many ways of devising a perfect shipping method and we suggest a few features here,

Shipping charges based on :

  • Type of product
  • Proximity
  • Shopping amount
  • Types of customers
  • Offers, coupons, promo codes
  • Special request of delivery time

And many more can be added to this list, but it strictly depends on the type of business for which it is built for and the business owner’s wishes.

Seller Fees

Poshmark grabs $2.95 cut from all sales under $15 dollars, i.e if you sell off a skirt of $5 than you only get $2.05 sounds less, doesn’t it. Now the case of selling above $15, flat 20% from the sales, I think it is a tad bit unjust on the seller’s part.


What if we think of an application that has seller fees that give justice to both seller as well as the business. If only the business is gaining profit than it will be a bad sign for their seller base and can affect their long term engagement, and if the sellers are only prioritized than there will be no meaning of developing and managing such an application.

So we came up with some of the ways in which seller fees can be decided,

  • Constructing various subscription plans for sellers
  • Selling fees depending on the type of products they are selling
  • Selling fees depending on the mode of payment
  • Selling fees depending on the amount of total sale from their account
  • Selling fees depending on proximity, in case shipping is done by the seller himself/herself

These were some of the poshmark app limitations that if covered, can elevate your Poshmark similar application to a level above. Once these are met than it will be a tough task for your application to not flourish or go in the doom.

Along with these poshmark app limitations we have some more advanced features which are absent in Poshmark and can be paired up with your Poshmark similar application development to ensure completely lucrative application.

  • Tracking order
  • Seller appraisal
  • Bundle discounts
  • Pickup facility mandatory
  • Wishlist
  • Notifications of items that are marked as favorite or are added in wishlist
  • Send as a gift
  • Periodically issuing prizes for the best seller & best buyer etc.

Folks, this was our interpretation and suggestion for the existing Poshmark application and changes for developing a better application with extensive features of Poshmark.

I think you might be getting intuitive about the idea, or how it can be amalgamated with your business, we have got your back in this case, share your ideas with us and get a detailed quote to get an application with added features than Poshmark.

I think you might be getting intuitive about the idea

I Want To Be Better Than Poshmark

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