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Tinder, the apocalypse to dating app development has recorded 20 billion connections, since Sean Rad launched the app in 2012.

The dating application back then was just a mediator to view the multifarious flow of real-world people, but today it is much more than just a search engine – it is the catastrophe to pure dating.

With alluring features for its 50 million active users and constant updates, Tinder is in no mood to lose its dominance over its contenders.

Presenting below what Sean Rad, the once CEO of Tinder and now chairman has to say about future of dating app development to the Forbes interviewer Steven Bertoni.

Steven Bertoni how do you think Tinder is different from Pure Dating?

Sean Rad:
During dating app development we have developed the Tinder algorithms such that it displays the profile of the people on the basis of their age, gender, and physical proximity. This leads to more chances of getting matched easily and real-life dates are made possible We care for the privacy of the people and it is not at all at stake. You see, Tinder falls exactly in here. Like for me, I would not at all appreciate the buzz going on around, about whom I am dating and nobody else would appreciate it.

Keeping this in mind, the application is designed so that people easily get to browse across a rich collection of profiles to choose from without compromising their privacy. Next and the most important feature without which Tinder would not even exist is the ease to go through the profile with the swipe feature.

This unique selling point of Tinder has got it the deserved attention and a royal user base. Following the same swipe principle, we have acquired Hey! Vini, Tinder for finding girlfriends and Spotify, Tinder for browsing and playing music.

My Views On It


When I researched on this gigantic dating app development from the business perspective, I found aspects which are heavily relied upon and make the application a big success are its offerings.

The features like setting match parameters, match algorithms, mutual connections, boost, rewind, superlike, and obviously swipe impart relevance to the dating arena.

There is no browseability or any personalized module that are controlled by the users to filter their kind of people and connect with them. All the feeds that the users get are completely out of the users power and this excitement helps engage users more to the platform.

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Steven Bertoni how Swipe Venture Is Related With Dating App Development?

Sean Rad:
Swipe Venture will mainly focus on the expansion of Tinder’s footprint with the help of acquisitions, new business development and investment in new and existing companies.

It is an investment vehicle that will be used to invest in new businesses for the purpose of either purchasing them, supporting them or otherwise benefitting from the investment opportunities represented by them.

The Tinder move by the evolution of Swipe Venture is for the companies who need some structural changes past a certain point to support continuing expansion.

My Views On It


Collaboratively, Swipe Venture is a sound move for dating app development in the situation and circumstances it is currently in. With the advent of the swipe feature, there are many businesses already keen on and have targeted the audience Tinder has by launching in dating applications.

This exhibit some of the really genius features that Tinder lacks and are already pacing up towards matching up with the Tinder standards. With respect to this competition from a number of sources, it needs to strengthen its hand in maintaining its position in its chosen market.

Such a venture can draw in an additional source of income for the operations which has its expertise and experience that is needed to evaluate potential investments in dating and the rest of the social sphere like few other investors.

How Other Dating App Differs from Tinder

There are tons of dating app and many apps that came after Tinder has introudced some new feature to survive in the market.

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Steven Bertoni do you think merely by looking at a filter-stuffed picture, the other person can decide whether to go on a date or not?

Sean Rad:
Of course not.

Agreed that the information is quite a little when it comes to the profile information of the other users such as gender, age, physical proximity, and their Instagram profile data, but when you have a look at the Tinder now, we have even integrated it with the user’s Facebook profile.

Trust me, Facebook knows a lot about the individual, even more than the person itself.

When the users choose to sign up with the help of their Facebook accounts, all their Facebook data is synced and the algorithms are more concentrated upon providing the feeds of the profiles with the most mutual friends and mutual interests.

This will give more way to right swipes, superlikes, and connections.

My Views On It


Since Facebook is integrated, the main concern here is about the privacy.

For the swipe-based applications, though it is important to integrate Facebook, it is to be ensured that it does not allow the application to post anything on the wall of the user.

Moving a step further, it should allow the users to view the Facebook profile of the potential date from the app itself so that the user can get a more personalized experience from the app itself and its interaction with Facebook can fetch more attraction and engagement to the application.

Steven Bertoni what Will Be The Scope For Future of AI Based Dating App Development?

Sean Rad:
Of course not.

We are going to move towards a world where I open an app where I talk to my device and I get an answer. Simply, I ask a question and I get an answer. I don’t do a lot of work, I don’t navigate too much. I am not given too many options. That’s going to be fueled by artificial reality, in particular, and I think artificial intelligence is going to help make the world where you are sort of spending less time being overwhelmed with sort of content and noise and more sort of focusing on quality and the answers.

My Views On It


AI endeavors could be able to serve a myriad of purposes — boost up the engagement and help the people to recommend the app to friends more.

Apart from this, since the Facebook account of the user is also integrated along, more emphasis is put on the common behaviors of the people that can help make the platform seem more about dating and less about superficiality. This is what can help broaden the service’s appeal.

For the aspiring businesses like Tinder, it is essential that they target the artificial intelligence technology in their business model in order to excel and match up to the future plans of Tinder.

The Power Lies In Your Hands.

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Tinder is a bigfoot to step onto. You simply cannot keep stomping on their toes and get away unnoticed. Sooner or later they are going to have to do something about it, and trust me you will not like the repercussions. When start-ups set out with an aim to ‘defeat’ Google, Facebook, Tinder etc in their niche, they are already doomed. One cannot poke the feet of those giants and stay guarded.

Look for the gaps in such cases. When these giants have their foot set in one place, there are gaps between their fingers. Keep your foot down on the ground and you will always notice some space between the toe and the fingers. This is the gap one needs to fill. These are the gaps which are bound to be there since no company can fill all the niches.

Find those gaps. Find what is missing; what could have been done and what they are missing. Which of those gaps could you fulfill? Once you figure out a way to get into those gaps, the giants wouldn’t mind letting you in. Your business can seamlessly thrive and succeed there.

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