Driving Digital Transformation in Healthcare With Salesforce

The early 2000s saw many significant changes, from the visible shift in leveraging renewable energy sources for commercial consumption to the introduction of the Internet. This marked the beginning of Industry 4.0; since then, we have been witnessing digitalization and rapid transformations across a multitude of industries. 


Today digital transformation has taken center stage. It is being harnessed by numerous industries, including education, tourism, traveling, and many more. Healthcare is no different.

Being a data-intensive industry, healthcare produces and maintains a massive amount of data, from patient records to treatment plans to staff details. Also, all data that is involved is not only important but also very sensitive. There are personal details that are being shared that must be kept confidential in order to avoid any misuse.

This is why it is important that the healthcare industry is always up-to-date with current trends and resources when it comes to technology. Digital transformation in healthcare can be seen in the form of functioning and management or operation and treatment or general record keeping.

Since healthcare is majorly concerned with providing value-based care, having agile operations and providing the best patient treatment, it requires the data to be well managed and organized, however, given the massive amount it can be an overwhelming task.

These issues can be efficiently managed by developing healthcare software services tailored for a specific domain of the life science industry. One technology that can be beneficial for this is Salesforce and its latest healthcare-specific solutions.

Salesforce is a powerful platform with which all the functions can be optimized, from managing the data to improving doctor-patient relationships. The advancement is possible because of the Salesforce software solutions for healthcare.

Salesforce benefits healthcare by integrating data into a single source for accurate analysis and better usage. It helps to optimize functioning and provide innovative healthcare solutions. It can handle and manage the massive data that is being generated in healthcare institutions, this makes it an ideal choice for healthcare organizations to modernize their legacy system with ease. 

Digital Transformation Trends in Healthcare via Salesforce

Digital transformation is not new to the healthcare industry. From digital record keeping to using complex machinery in order to understand and diagnose patients’ illnesses, healthcare has been leveraging technology to optimize its functions for a long time now.

The industry itself has expanded and branched out into an array of fields and domains like healthcare service providers, pharmaceuticals, MedTech, etc. which now requires the proper tools and technologies so as to ensure optimum functioning. This is why integrating custom healthcare software solutions specific to a certain domain and field can be beneficial.  

Salesforce offers a variety of healthcare software services, especially now with its latest range of solutions which are specifically tailored to the healthcare industry and its requirements. These are developed with a primary focus on augmenting operations, increasing security, and providing better services to patients. 

Patient Relationship Management Solution

The primary focus of every healthcare provider is the well-being and quick recovery of their patients, and Salesforce can help to achieve it easily with its Patient relationship management solutions. It helps to create strong and collaborative relationships between the patient and caregivers by upgrading the healthcare software.

Features like health cloud, CRM analytics, Experience Cloud, and much more help automate and streamline the process, boost productivity, and improve healthcare outcomes. This uses data-driven insights to provide personalized treatment plans and patient care.

The whole concept is about creating a strong and collaborative relationship between patients and caregivers to help them along the whole treatment journey. Salesforce is reinventing how people view health, treatment, and related procedures.

Health Cloud helps give a compact view of patient records, caregivers, and team information. It helps healthcare professionals to organize all the data in one place for easy management and planning. It provides a centralized system of communication between all the parties involved.

Care management can be streamlined by providing well-optimized care plans based on patient assessment. This improves patients’ treatment and medication strategies to avoid any errors when it comes to medication management. Another feature that can be added to this is crisis support care management, which allows the patient to get in touch with the practitioner in case of any mental or physical emergency.  

Key Features: 

  • Health Cloud - It efficiently connects teams, automates processes, and helps create a single smart platform to provide personalized engagements and improved outcomes.
  • MuleSoft Anypoint Platform - This allows the platform to integrate and deliver crucial and sensitive projects from any system using APIs and integration.
  • CRM Analytics - Salesforce offers API-led services and event-based interactions that help your different teams from various departments find all the required documents and data to make data-driven decisions.
  • Experience Cloud - This feature helps launch websites, portals, and apps efficiently for better connectivity between the patient and the healthcare provider.
  • Slack - It augments communication by providing a single and collaborative space for all the teams to connect.  

Patient relationship management allows the caretakers to get a comprehensive view of patients, and get expert services and tailored solutions. It provides real-time analytics which increases coordination and productivity.

Automated documentation allows the practitioners to arrange patient-related documents efficiently and see for themselves which documents to include and how, and in what order. This creates a timeline of the treatment which helps them to monitor if the treatment is effective or not; and if it is, then to what extent.

This also helps the patients to know about the latest health-related workshops across the world using both online and offline resources.

Since it is a cloud-based platform, it makes making and managing appointments seamless. This will save you the time spent manually organizing and arranging all the appointments, patients, and tasks. 

Provider Network Management

Bringing the providers on a single platform manually can be a lengthy, time-consuming, and tiring process. Salesforce optimizes this process to enhance functioning and boost productivity. It makes the enrolment process easier for payers and providers. PRM is an added feature in the health cloud that automates the management and simplifies enrollment.

This lets the provider get access to better care of patients and enhance their experience while enriching operational efficiency. It offers features like customized workflow and allows providers to quickly asses the candidates thus also augmenting the hiring process. It makes networking efficient and easy for hiring the perfect candidates with complete control over who gets to participate in the network and who doesn’t.

The PRM solutions also offer an efficient contract management system. This covers everything from the right payment methods to providers being answerable to the treatment plan and its outcome. It also helps define the apt and mutually decided payment terms for efficient management.

Salesforce also offers a streamlined method of completing the credentialing process. It broadly includes all the licenses, certificates, educational qualifications, etc.

This is considered the most time-consuming in the whole hiring process and Health Cloud optimizes exactly that. It provides a self-service application to handle credentials efficiently. Health Cloud covers all the aspects like education, work history, specialty, certificates, experience, and many more.    

Data Management and Analytics Solutions

Salesforce software solutions offer CRM analytics which provides a comprehensive view of the data so that you can deliver personalized, one-to-one patient care. The data-driven analytics provide insights to improve care effectiveness, intelligent patient engagement, and optimized risk management.

These analytics gives coordinators, managers, and providers gain crucial information to take proper actions in the right direction and serve the patients better. These insights can be used to improve care effectiveness and drive intelligent engagement.

The risk stratification feature helps the practitioner identify and filter out the at-risk patients and enroll them in the required care management program on Health Cloud. The customizable dashboard helps the practitioner create custom charts and plans based on the patient’s details.

The analytics dashboard can be used to get enhanced insights to identify the top priority tasks to avoid any SLA breaches. It streamlines the prior workflow to help the practitioner focus on the existing tasks based on what needs immediate attention with the help of personalized dashboards. 

Care Coordination and Workflow Solutions

Today, patients appreciate when they get personalized treatment customized to their issue and not a general one-size-fits-all solution. Salesforce can be especially beneficial for providing just that, with this Salesforce benefits not just the patients but providers as well.

Salesforce health cloud offers a comprehensive solution for patients, from booking appointments to discharge. A fully automated system eliminates the chances of any manual error and delays to provide patients with efficient and personalized treatments.

It takes the data from multiple systems, compiles and organizes it on a single platform. This saves the time and effort to look into multiple sources and provide efficient services to the patients. Salesforce health cloud can be leveraged to upgrade and augment virtual sales, provider partnerships, and patient engagement.

Salesforce provides innovative technologies and a single platform to support business and enhance productivity. The diverse range of features and regular upgrades makes Salesforce the ideal choice for healthcare software solutions.

One of the features of Salesforce- a personalized dashboard provides health information and appointment reminders to enhance the efficiency of clinical operations. Enhanced communication and connectivity between the patient and practitioner can be beneficial in case of any health emergency. Real-time tracking, self-service, and continuous conscious monitoring will help the practitioner to respond quickly and provide efficient care in case of any emergency.  

Salesforce helps the practitioner and patient to have real-time interaction thus boosting the trust as the patient would be at focus while making any treatment plans or scheduling any appointments. Other than providing personalized care plans for every patient using data insights, AI can also be integrated with the system to automate the workflow and enhance patient engagement.

One of the many benefits of Salesforce is the adoption of a patient-centric approach. Based on their unique needs, and issues, their own custom care plan can be prepared for efficient and quick recovery.

Digitally checking and managing at-risk patients, facilitated communication channels, AI-powered care plans, and automated workflows are some of examples of digital transformation in healthcare that can be brought about by Salesforce Health Cloud. 

Salesforce software solutions offer many unique features that can revolutionize the healthcare industry.

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How to Integrate Salesforce Into Healthcare


The benefits of digital transformation in healthcare are plenty, especially with Salesforce, it can be seen in the graph above how these digital transformation trends in healthcare are revolutionizing the life science industry. However, in order to achieve desired outcomes, it is important to integrate these changes efficiently.

In this section, we will talk about what you must keep in mind when integrating Salesforce software solutions in the healthcare industry. These are a list of challenges you might encounter when integrating Salesforce into healthcare. 

Data Integration:

Healthcare organizations have a variety of data from a multitude of sources like EHR systems, billing and scheduling systems, etc which need to be brought together on a single platform.

To efficiently integrate the data, it is important to ensure that the patient information is consistent across all the sources. Integration tools, like MuleSoft can be used to integrate the data in an agile manner. 

Security :

Healthcare has highly sensitive data like patient information, medical problems, and treatment plans, which if not protected can be misused against the patient. Ensuring the data is protected and secured while integrating it into the cloud is important.

Organization can take various security measures to ensure privacy and confidentiality is maintained like using data encryption, access control, etc.


Customizing the health cloud per the healthcare organization’s demands and specific needs can be a daunting task.

This is why connecting with a custom healthcare software development company to build a custom health cloud for your organization can be a beneficial and cost-effective solution.

Workflow Integration:

The biggest challenge when upgrading healthcare software is to do so without disrupting the workflow. Healthcare is already an industry with complex workflows, making it all the more important to ensure that the digital shift happens smoothly.

Proper analysis is important before starting with the transformation process. Ensuring what areas can be shifted easily and what would require more effort is important to strategize accordingly. Tools like Salesforce Flow can also be used to automate the process and save time.  

Skills Gap:

There is a chance that staff might resist the change since they are accustomed to the existing system. They may also require training to learn how to use the new system. Lack of knowledge and skills among the staff can be a huge hindrance as the technology integrated might not be leveraged to its full potential because of that.

To tackle this, healthcare organizations must ensure that proper and relevant training is provided to the staff members so that they are comfortable before integrating Salesforce software and upgrading the existing systems.   

Cost :

It is a fact that integrating Salesforce Health Cloud with existing systems can be costly. To tackle this, organizations must thoroughly analyze if there is actually a need to incorporate and what areas need digital transformation.

After a thorough analysis of the whole situation, they can go for the salesforce consulting company that fulfills all of your needs and provides a cost-effective solution.

To Conclude

Salesforce offers many benefits and can play a major role in the digital transformation in healthcare, provided it is implemented right. Its new Health Cloud service is developed keeping in mind the whole life science industry and can be customized per the needs of the organization and the services it offers.

Whether managing the practitioner’s schedule or patient’s care plan or hiring professionals, Salesforce can automate the whole process and make it more time efficient. It can also make data management simplified by centralizing the whole system and bringing everything on a single platform.

Comprehensive solutions, an ample amount of features and agile integration are precisely what makes Salesforce truly unique. The best part being it provides solutions for the healthcare industry as a whole and not just the hospitals or tech labs or any other specific industry.

To make the process even more efficient, the best resort is connecting with a company that provides the finest custom software development services. It can also provide you with expert solutions and quality results without disrupting your workflow. 

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