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Hire the best Salesforce developer leveraging the Salesforce software to develop custom workflows and maintain integrations. Our experts deeply understand Apex, Visualforce, Lightning components, APIs, Salesforce Object Query Language and Salesforce Object Search Language.

Hire the best Salesforce Developer

Why Do Global Businesses Consider TRooTech As Their First Choice To Hire The Best Salesforce Developer?


Salesforce Developer

Hire elite Salesforce experts with mixed experiences in commerce cloud, service cloud, Tableau, and other salesforce services, as per your requirements.


Projects Deployed

With deep expertise in leveraging the Salesforce software and providing excellent consulting services, our dedicated Salesforce developers have streamlined customer journeys.


Man Hours

Hire the best Salesforce developers to improve customer relationships, increase sales, and enhance marketing activities. Our developers work in a flowing unison to solve complex business-specific challenges.


Countries Served

Using the Salesforce software, we have improved customer engagement and provided actionable insights to enterprises in the US, APAC, Europe, Australia, and other locations across the globe.


Industries Covered

Our Salesforce consultants have simplified the sales processes and solved complex challenges in industries ranging from Automotive, Fintech, Life Sciences and more.


Client Satisfaction Rate

With 9+ years of dedication and 98% client satisfaction, we have emerged as the leading provider of Salesforce consulting services.

From dashboards and custom reports to Salesforce integration, data migration and business process automation, we have a team of Salesforce consultants you can trust for all your Salesforce software requirements.

Stepping Stones from Our Milestones


Taking sales to the cloud


The client was facing difficulties in managing their sales engagement with various Fortune 500 companies. Their on-premise sales management system lacked the functionality to manage their sales process. There were challenges in data management, reporting, and data migration. 


Our Salesforce consultants designed and implemented a cloud-based sales management system. With adroitness in leveraging the Salesforce software, our experts developed Apex classes, triggers, and validation rules. They also created custom objects, reports, and analytic snapshots. By maintaining user roles, security, profiles, and workflow rules, they offered a cloud-based sales solution that enhanced sales performance, supported vendor management, and streamlined financial services.

Unlimited scalability with Salesforce


There was a need to create a user-friendly, reliable and secure web application that a large number of people across different regions could use. In addition, the client also faced problems ensuring that the application stood the test of time and was scalable with the business. Data migration from the legacy systems to the new Salesforce software posed another challenge.


With an in-depth understanding of the Salesforce software, our Salesforce consultants implemented APEX, Lightning, LWC, and Triggers to develop the code for the web application. They also created custom objects, rules, labels, tabs, workflows, and email templates per the specific requirements. As a result, the scalable web application was successfully delivered.



Streamlining IT operations across the globe


Implementing a robust and scalable Salesforce environment that could cater to the client's requirements in 46 countries was tough. Interacting with the business user groups to gather requirements and document them per their needs was a unique challenge. On top of that, the client also wanted to perform automation testing to ensure the functionality of the application was reliable and efficient which was a unique challenge.


Our Salesforce consultants customized the environment to harness Salesforce benefits. They configured standard objects, implemented workflow rules, email templates, and approval processes, and built customized dashboards. Our team of Salesforce consultants grabbed this unique challenge and successfully implemented the OTC FIRST SFA application which streamlined GSK IT operations in 46 countries. This implementation strengthened bonds between sales reps, managers and the end users. Automation testing helped with informed decision-making.

Streamlining Sales in Healthcare


The main challenge was streamlining the coordination between sales reps and doctors in different countries. Ensuring the system was thoroughly tested and worked as expected was crucial. Furthermore, there were a few problems in identifying and resolving the issues related to test plans and cases.


Our salesforce consultants implemented a rigorous testing process to address the challenges and developed a detailed test plan. Our team also designed automation scripts, liaised with internal teams and tracked the quality assurance metrics. This enabled the client to work flawlessly across different regions and bridged the gaps between sales reps and doctors.


Technical Expertise of Our Salesforce Developer

  • UI/UX Solutions

  • Force.comSalesforce1PardotHerokuApexChatterInformatica CloudMuleSoftLightningCPQJitterbitCustomer 360ShieldSalesforce CLIAnt Migration ToolCase ManagementWorkbenchData loaderClickdeployFSLVlocityIncident ManagementTableau AnalyticsSalesforce EinsteinWork.comLWCAura ComponentsVisualforceAutomation ToolsCustomization
  • Salesforce Cloud

  • Service CloudSales CloudCommerce CloudFinancial Services CloudMarketing CloudField Service CloudCommunity CloudApp CloudHealth CloudExperience CloudIndustry CloudAnalytics CloudIoT Cloud
  • AppExchange Packages

  • Conga ComposerConga SignE3ExcelDocuSignDataloader.ioNintex Drawloop DocGen
  • Salesforce Integration

  • ERP IntegrationMarketing Automation IntegrationAccounting IntegrationE-Commerce IntegrationSalesforce Email IntegrationCollaboration System IntegrationSocial Media IntegrationCTI IntegrationSalesforce Database IntegrationITSM Integration

To Optimize Your Salesforce Apps and Meet the Evolving Needs of Your Business

Hire the best Salesforce Developer

Tech Stack

Our adroit Salesforce developers possess average 6+ years of technical expertise in Salesforce software. At TRooTech, we provide expert Salesforce consulting services to our global clients. With an objective to redefine CX, our Salesforce consultants develop customized solutions and optimize the performance using Apex code, Visualforce pages, and Lightning Components. On top of that, we integrate the Salesforce software with other business systems using middleware such as Dell Boomi and MuleSoft for a seamless data flow within the ecosystem. To ensure that our clients' Salesforce instances are secure, we offer regular health checks, technical assistance, and maintenance services for moments that matter!

Our Wide Spectrum of Salesforce Development Services

Salesforce Customization And Implementation

At TRooTech, we help enterprises with customized services by leveraging the Salesforce software. Our Salesforce developers have deep expertise in Apex programming, Visualforce development, and Lightning components. We also configure the software and customize the fields, page layouts, and workflows.

Salesforce Consulting Services

Our Salesforce developers have years of strategic Salesforce consulting experience for developing a roadmap including the Salesforce products and features that align with their specific requirements. We also assist our clients with change management and new user adoption strategies.

Salesforce Support And Maintenance

Our Salesforce veterans offer ongoing Salesforce support services by leveraging our 6+ years of expertise. We troubleshoot the issues to enhance the post-integration system performance. Under this section, our Salesforce consultants address technical problems, user queries, and issues related to system integrations.

To improve customer engagement and offer better CX

Hire the best Salesforce Developers now!

Hire Salesforce Developer

Effective Sales Management

From lead generation to closing deals, Salesforce offers an easy-to-use interface that manages your entire sales process. Keep track of your leads to get insights for new business opportunities, all in one place.


Marketing Automation

Salesforce software offers marketing automation tools that streamline all your marketing, email, and lead-nurturing campaigns.


Excellent Customer Service

With features like case management, KB management, and self-service portals, Salesforce software enables your organization to resolve customer issues in a timely manner.


Smooth Collaboration

With Chatter, you can collaborate with your team on real-time projects. Salesforce benefits your teams with transparent communication and improved productivity.


Complete Customization

Salesforce consultants can customize the CRM system to meet your specific business requirements by creating workflows tailored to your requirements.


Easy Integration

Salesforce has a wide range of integration options, which helps enterprises integrate their CRM system with ERP, marketing automation, and social media platforms.



Gain insights into sales and marketing performance with Salesforce analytics and reporting features including customizable dashboards and reports.

Hire the best Salesforce Developers

At TRooTech, we follow a rigorous process to offer you only top-tier talent whose experience matches your requirements. In addition to that, our technical experts analyze your particular needs, team dynamics, and business goals to help you build a team of experienced Salesforce consultants.

YES! Our remote resources work with you without compromising on the solution. Our dedicated project leads arrange scrum meetings in an intersecting time zone that is feasible for you and our resources. This ensures nobody drifts out of their work hours.

YES. At TRooTech, we sign all the required documents and follow a strict approach to maintain confidentiality.

Hire the best Salesforce consultants who can work offshore without compromising the product development lifecycle. However, we can sign an SLA and send our resources on-site.

YES. At TRooTech, we encourage brainstorming ideas for your project with an open discussion to identify the gray areas and connect the dots. Of course, we focus on productivity and results, but one of our objectives is to offer complete guidance.


Our Salesforce consultants carry mixed experiences ranging from 4 to 9 years. We have deployed our experts on multiple client projects across different industries. If you want someone with a strong understanding of the Apex programing language, hire a junior Salesforce developer or build your team of Salesforce consultants if your requirements are more complex.

Our talent pool also includes experienced Project Managers and certified SCRUM Masters. While focusing on the expected results, we deploy dedicated product managers who understand your requirements, ensuring your project runs without a hiccup.

At TRooTech, we maintain flexibility when it comes to contractual arrangements. Once you share your project requirements, we can analyze and prepare an estimation for end-to-end project completion.

AT TRooTech, we ensure that our resources are well-equipped with the best and latest working infrastructure, keeping comfort at the center. In addition, our Salesforce consultants adopt the latest technologies to offer the expected results.

Hire the Best Salesforce Developers

To provide next-generation customer experience to your users with top-notch salesforce solutions