Diverse Industries Expected To Benefit from Mobile Application Development In 2016


Mobile has a phenomenal reach, with the number of users rising exponentially each year. An average digital consumer has at least two of the three digital devices i.e. laptop/desktop, tablet and smartphone, thus making it necessary for the business to be present across the different devices, and offering similar experience across them.

Mobile presence is a necessity of the hour, and for businesses to create a strong presence and offer excellent performance, it is highly important to offer state-of-the-art mobile presence. While, statistics claim that mobile sites are more preferred as against apps, mobile apps should not be ignored, as they offer good conversions and ROI to the brand. Whether you are a small, medium or large scale business, having a good digital presence, and being able to convert is high on your list. You should adopt the best practices, and current technologies to display your products and services such that you are able to get more audience to the mobile site or app.

It is important to explore the kind of experience you can shower your customer with on the mobile device, before designing the user interface. You will need to keep the navigation easy and intuitive if you want them to stay engaged on your app. Keep the whole interface as simple as you can. Get in functionality and features that will help you achieve the business goals you have defined for your business.

Mobile application development is gaining pace in 2016 with different industries taking the mobile way. Diverse industries are trying to reap the benefits of having a mobile app. Let’s have a look at the different industries and how they will benefit with the mobile application development.


Mobile application development is all set to redefine the healthcare industry by collaborating the different verticals within this industry. It is converging caregivers, doctors, stores and insurance companies, thus making it easy for the patients to access healthcare. Different activities are being streamlined, and the whole industry is more accessible with the introduction of mobile technology. Owing to mobile technology, the quality of care has improved, and management has scaled one point higher. Doctors can access patient records, offer them help, and even give remote patient care with these mobile apps.

Real Estate

Finding or selling a property has become easy with the mobile apps. This technology has made property more accessible, and has introduced scalability to the real estate sector. The different real estate based apps list out the different properties, offer help in finding the right property in your budget, and take care of all your real estate related issues. Basically, with mobile you can access real estate related matters while on the go, thus offering better ROI to the businesses. With mobile technology, this sector has received more credibility.

Banking & Finance

There is a lot of sensitive and confidential data available with banking and investment sectors. It is important to keep them secure, while allowing the users to gain more convenience. Mobile technology offers high level finance solutions, offers more secure transactions, and convenience thus giving your business a competitive edge in the market. The apps are designed to help meet your business goals.

Travel & Social

Travel and social have gained wings with mobile application development. From planning to shopping to sharing, this combination of the two industries has made it all experiential for the end user. It has heightened the experience of the users. From actual traveling to sharing it on social media, social travel integration has made it easy and convenient for the users.


It is a multi-channel retail world, wherein customers may or may not use multiple devices to complete their purchases. Mobile technology is vital to offer convenience to the retail consumer, who is dependent on apps to purchase the products. Many research for the products on the apps. It is important for retail to offer similar experience across the different devices. There is a collaboration of the virtual and physical worlds that helps improve retail.


Mobile platform happens to be the ideal way to induct, engage and enlighten the users seeking education. It is a platform that offers guidance, career information, and even helps in form filling. Technology plays an important role in the advancement of edtech platform development.

These are some of the diverse industries that have adopted mobile technology in a major way. There are many others that are going mobile-first to engage better. 2016 will see a rise in mobile adoption.

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