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Mobile is the future of any business. With an increasing user base for Android, iOS and Windows based devices; it has become important for businesses to concentrate on how to lure the people present on smartphones. Most people access websites, and brands on their mobile phones. If you are not present on the platform chosen by them, you may lose out on a good user base. So, how would you ensure you have that loyal user base rooted to your business?

You should have your mobile presence firm. This means you should have either a mobile app or mobile website optimized to match the end users’ search needs. But, which should you develop depends entirely on your business needs, and the kind of mobile presence you feel is enough. After you have finalized on developing a mobile app, you need to think through an idea that will help boost your mobile presence with the app. It is a single idea that will develop the ideal positioning for you. Now, you need to design and execute the single idea, which means you need to have a strong executable idea. A successful app is a result of a great idea combined with excellent execution. Here are a few questions that you need to ask before getting your mobile app developed, so that you can avoid most mistakes.

Is the Idea Executable?

Having a good idea is not enough to get the mobile app developed; it is important to have an executable idea. When you begin explaining the idea, you realize the idea was not really that good. You also realize that you are unable to communicate the idea as easily as you thought you could. Before you begin developing the mobile app, it is essential you understand how executable the idea is, and how convincing the idea is to the investors and developers, who are going to work with you. It is not a good idea to start developing before you have a clear answer to this question.

What is Success for the Stakeholders?

It is important to identify your stakeholders before you begin with mobile application development. Who all are involved with this idea? Once, you have identified the stakeholder, it is important to understand success from their perspective. Do they look at success from an increased user base perspective or from increased conversions perspective? This is an important criteria as it measures the success of the app, and also the future prospects.

Who are your Users?

After identifying the stakeholders, you need to identify the users who will be consuming your app. How does your target audience consume smartphones and other devices? What are their requirements from a mobile app, and what are the existing gaps? You need to identify all the spaces that exist to be able to give the ideal solution.

Which Platform to Choose?

Once you have your target audience in mind, you would be able to answer this question. Who is your target, and which platform do they use? How do they complete their purchases, and what kind of devices do they use for surfing and searching? You should decide whether you want to develop for one platform first before moving on to another, or you want to devise a cross-platform strategy? Study the market and competition before moving ahead.

Who are your Competitors?

Users and stakeholders help in the idea segment, but it is the competition that will help understand what gaps are yet to be closed, and what all you can do with your idea. What is your competition doing, and what is it that makes them successful in the market? How are they targeting their audience? It is important to understand the competition completely.

Do you have a budget?

When you are creating a proposal for mobile application development, you need to have a budget in hand. Even a rough budget will help. The budget will help prioritize the critical features, and achieve the best possible solution in the budget determined by you. It is always good to have an estimate, so that you don’t pay out too much.

What is your monetization strategy?

This is an important question- do you have a monetization strategy in place? If yes, what is it? There are different monetization models available for apps; you will need to choose one that will help you achieve the best monetary benefits. This is an important criterion from app success perspective.

Start only when you have proper and well-defined answers for all these questions. It would be good to have a plan in hand, so that you know your mobile application development road map.

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