An Enterprise Work Collaboration Tool Will Give You 85% Increase In Productivity



“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

The above quote by Henry Ford indeed depicts the truth. Haven’t we heard in our school days “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”? Sure we have.

In a work environment, working together-collaboratively is the most prudent method to increase productivity. In any organization, there are multiple employees working, most of the times on the same project and there are many such projects ongoing. Work Collaboration is the combined work of colleagues where they commonly share the same resources, goals, files, deadlines, and data. It includes internal communication among employees and managers.

Think of a company having 50 employees and 5 managers. If there are 3 big projects undertaken by the company, and 12 members assigned to each project, it becomes chaotic if they work independently on their own. Hence they need a digital collaboration tool.

Yes digital. You read right! Today, there’s little use of board meetings, business calls, reporting, and email sharing. In the era of cloud computing, there emerges a need to quench the covet for digital collaboration. A place where conference calls, cloud data access, instant messaging, task progress analysis, and remote work is promoted.

The best part is, your employees feel important as their work collaborates with other teammates for the final outcome. If you satisfy your employees, they, in turn, satisfy your clients, and this earns you client-satisfaction with boosting profits and revenue.

Have a look at some of the great CASE STUDIES of well-known companies that are using 
Enterprise Work Collaboration Tool.

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Absence of Enterprise Work Collaboration Tool

Here is a list of troubles, faced by organizations that still manage the projects and internal communications manually or the orthodox traditional way:


1. Hard time chasing the project progress

Each manager has several projects assigned and for each project, there are a number of employees allotted for specific tasks. In such a hierarchical system, it gets difficult to gauge the progress of the project.
In a normal scenario, humans tend to attain their aims when they have a clear picture of the current status and an expected route map to the aim. But when working in a team, it’s difficult to chase every member’s individual progress which hinders the project’s progress.

2. No time to manage project tasks

While working in an organization, tasks are divided amongst the employees and it a tough task in itself to manage all those allocated tasks. Thus, the manager has difficulty in task management.
Moreover, employees waste a lot of time in internal communications via e-mails and boardroom meetings which many times are not so useful for all. This leads them to time- management issues. They are unable to derive the project outcomes in sufficient time and thus the company suffers.

3. Missed-communication

There are times when employees working for the same organization, do not know each other and still, they work together for the same mutual goals. This is an irony! As they are dependent on each other, it is impossible to gain mutual goals as they lack mutual communication.
Sometimes, a decision is kept pending because of the absenteeism of a team member. You can’t get to that person while he/she is on leave.

4. Manipulated Messages

Longer the communication channel altered and misinterpreted will be the message! Due to the obvious communication barriers, a message sent by the Boss to the developer/employee changes drastically in the way passing through the hierarchy of manager, team leader and then finally to the destination. These occurrences lead to blunders.

5. Credit Takers

Due to the hierarchical chain and a large number of employees on one project, there might arise a situation when a solution provided by one loses its identity in the name of other. In simple terms, it may be possible that a superintendent takes the credit of an idea provided actually by his/her subordinate. This is surely an ethical violation.

6. Absence of Unity of Command

As there will be many employees and managers working in a company, there will be many employees working on multiple projects of the company. Meaning they will be entitled to work under more than one manager. This may create a troublesome situation as the employee gets confused as to whose orders to follow? This situation can be defined as an absence of unity of command.

7. Unnecessary Meetings

Generally, most of the office day is taken by meetings. Normally, an organization conducts one annual meeting, 12 monthly meetings, 4 quarterly meetings, 52 weekly meetings, and 260 everyday meetings apart from the occasional or emergency meetings. The time spent by employees in meetings is quite too much. Most of the topics covered in all these meetings are repetitive. Some of the meetings are not even addressed to everyone attending the meeting. This way, employees are wasting a lot of time in unnecessary meetings every work year.

8. Dependencies for updates

It might happen that more than one employees are working on the same file and if the manager wants to view that file, it will be a mess to find the most updated version of the file.
File sharing generally happens via email, and there is an email sent with each update and change. Thus, when the final version is anticipated, the manager searches in his emails. He would find many emails with that particular file attached, and so the confusion for the most updated version. This is a wastage of time and it also utilizes a lot of space and memory.

9. Immobility

Suppose a mother who is working as a writer, wants to work from home one day as her toddler is not well, she cannot do so even if her work can be done from home. This is because there is no way she can access the files stored in her work PC. This situation makes her immobile to her work-place.

10. Organization Issues

After tasks being assigned to all, each one doesn’t know which tasks are allotted to whom and who does what and when? Thus, every employee works individually.
For instance, if one employee is simultaneously working with two different projects, his superintendent manager will not be aware of the same. The manager might assign more and more tasks to that employee whereas another employee who is currently not assigned any project might be idle. This creates an imbalance and injustice in the office environment.

11. Dissatisfied employees

Employees quitting their jobs mainly complain about the dissatisfaction they have faced at a company which led them to quit. It is inevitable to take care of the employee’s satisfaction by providing transparent communication, virtual workplace (work from home options), promoting teamwork, analyzing, and acknowledging their efforts.

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Presence of Enterprise Work Collaboration Tool

All the above-mentioned problems can be solved by implementing work collaboration. You can reach us to implement the explicit benefits of Work Collaboration App for your business or read ahead to know in detail about it.

Q. What is Work Collaboration? What features are included by an enterprise work collaboration tool?

Collaboration means the intentional and united work of employees, team leaders, and managers to plan, coordinate, control, and monitor the project they are working on. An enterprise work collaboration tool includes a single platform where everyone mentioned above can work simultaneously, collaboratively, and synchronously. It includes the general tools required in any work such as word processing, shared calendars, documents, instant messaging, file sharing etc.


Let’s see how the use of enterprise work collaboration tool will benefit any enterprise:

1. Task Management

Using a work collaboration software, everything and everybody can be in one place. Literally, like virtually all are connected at a single platform whether or not physically at one place. This will improve task management, as the dashboard will show everyone’s tasks and their progress as well.
Moreover, which tasks are assigned to others will also be known through work collaboration software. This will ease the work of the managers. Also, there will be speedy attainability of targets.

2. Easy to track progress and other key parameters

With work collaboration software, the project life cycle will be depicted highlighting the part which is complete and separately the part which is yet to address. It will also keep a track of employee attendance, their contributions in a project, resources available, and the project timeline.

3. Quick Action

In the traditional way, before a manager takes a decision, he/she meets each team member and asks for their reports. He needs to wait for everyone to respond

Whereas, with a web app development of enterprise work collaboration tool, decisions can be made instantly as all the updated data is available on the collaboration platform. The manager no more has to wait for meetings and employee reports to come to a decision.

4. Faster Access to Experts

Through work collaboration apps, video conference calls can be arranged with the industry/technology experts. This can replace traditional seminars and workshops for the betterment of employees. So the expert being on any physical location can be connected to a workplace whose employee might be at home down with fever, still attending the seminar.

This also saves the company’s travel costs for inviting the expert at their location.

Being virtually connected, the employees can reach the expert whenever they want, provided the expert is available. This solves their queries to reach the goals early.

5. Assign Responsibility and set accountability

Here, the managers can assign work to those employees through the collaboration platform which keeps a track of that information. In return, the employee must set himself/herself accountable for the assigned task/work.

6. Universal Information for all

There must be certain reference links and research data pertaining to a project which can be kept on the collaboration platform openly accessible by anyone working on that project. This will be beneficial to all as the employees will not have to undergo the research. Many new employees joining a company in between of project execution, they can easily join by referring the research data and the reference links.

7. Easy to use and accessible

The work collaboration platform can also be made available on mobile devices like most of the software today. This will be so easy for the employees that they can always be updated about their projects and clients anywhere anytime. The employees can be a part of important sessions while they are traveling or are at home.

8. Keep yourself updated with all information and work details

Work can be easily monitored online through enterprise work collaboration tool. Suppose a teammate returns after a holiday trip of a month. It might at least take him a week to grasp the present status of the project. However, with the collaboration tool, the employee can view all the benchmarks achieved by the teams in his/her absence with all the details. This will boost him to adjoin the work as soon as he is back to work.

9. Easy reporting

Employees waste a lot of time in everyday report emails and filling excel sheets. The collaborative solution allows an easy reporting structure for the employee and managers can have a glance at each employee’s report online to gauge his/her performance.

10. Storage of all documents

The work collaboration platform can be a single place for archiving everybody’s work. Whether it is the manager or an employee, or the admin personnel, everyone saves their work online. Thus, at any point in time, data or files can be accessed.

This saves you from carrying your office laptop to home every day so wind up work. You can access all your office files and documents from your home PC, or maybe from your tab.

11. Flexible Workplaces

With the commencing of work collaboration, employees get the freedom of work from home more prominently.

Unless your company owns a work collaboration app, there won’t be need of working at your desk. Employees would have the privilege to work at home or any possible remote location if they have a work collaboration app. This would give them the flexibility of work, lesser pressure, and a comfort zone. The company’s infrastructure maintenance cost would be reduced as well as the employee’s travel and commute expenses will be saved.

12. Save Travel cost

Many times the company sends its employees to remote locations for work, research, or work training purposes. By the means of work collaboration, video conferencing will aid them all the above without needing to travel. Hence, the company will save the money spent after employee’s travel expenses.

13. Seamless and effective communication

Forget the emails and intercom calls; with the work collaboration app, instant messaging, voice calls, video calls, and conference calls will be the most used which will be glitch-free.

This will adhere to their mutual relations and if they will work together better if they know each other well.

14. Satisfy your employee

Because of the ease and fluency of work, transparent communication, hassle-free reporting, fast communication, and reduced travel costs, the employees working for you will be more than satisfied and thus they bring you reliable clients with binding them the trust you oblige to. A workplace that is all positive and satisfied will earn more for sure.

If you satisfy your employee, your employees will satisfy you. With their reviews, you get to meet better potent employees.

15. Skyrocket Efficiency

Employees are not able to work efficiently as they are more tangled with the system, work-flow, reporting etc. But with the great user-friendly design of work collaboration app, all the rest is handled by its own, and so employees can concentrate more on their work. This ultimately improves their work efficiency.

Improved efficiency turns out to bring profound profits and company growth.

16. Foster Speedy Activities

The work collaboration will cut down the inter-dependencies. The employees will no more have to wait for a pre-required task as it will be available online. Also, the file sharing time will be reduced. This will lead to overall speedy updates and transitions accelerating the project completion in the expected time.

This will allow you on-time project submission to the client. The client might share positive feedback about you.

17. Online Meetings

The casual and general meetings of the office can be conducted online instead of a conference table and chairs. Important meeting agendas can be broadcasted to all the employees bound to the project. Work collaboration apps promote seamless communication including conferencing which will replace the boardroom meetings and thus save the infrastructure, time and electricity.

18. Easy Collaborations of teams

A project may include simultaneous working of different teams like design, development, marketing etc. Till date, the teams which have been working in isolation to each other can integrate easily via the collaboration platform. Communication helps the employees to know each other better.

19. Nurture healthy Client Relationships

When you as an organization are liable to answer the client’s questions, you need to be peculiarly smart. As the dependencies are cut short amongst the teams and employees, so are they cut- down for you and your managers. Because you will be able to track the project’s progress all the time, you will be updated about each and every tide and wave of the project. This will make you answerable to your clients and an answered client turns to be a satisfied client!

20. Budget control

Often, the budget of the project rises which is a trouble for the company as well as for the client. Surely, the client would not be ready to pay more than what has been decided. Over-budgeting happens due to wasted work due to miscommunication mess. This, however, is sorted by the work collaboration platform.

Even if sometimes the budget increases, it can be anticipated by the finance managers because the project history and progress is traceable all the time. So, they can inform the client at the right time.

21. Stress-free work zone

Most employees and managers carry the work stress to their homes and this eventually is worsening the condition. The main cause behind the stress is unclear status and non-traceable project goals. Nonetheless, the collaboration tools will work like an anti-stress medicine for the managers and also for the employees.

22. Appoint offshore employees

With omnipresent work collaboration software, why restrict to a particular location when hiring employees? If your employees can work remotely even you can hire employees from across the globe. Keep no barriers to the physical locations of the employees; if they have the talent, just hire them and promote remote work through the collaboration.

The final step to reach The Maximum Productivity

Witnessing the problems faced by the organizations that do not use enterprise work collaboration tool, you must have surely understood its importance. Moreover, there’s not one but several benefits of using it.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to stick to the old school methods or change with the changing technological world.

TRooTech has foreseen work collaboration and its advantages for the healthcare industry, fashion industry, education industry, IT company, and many more.

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