7 Best Marketing Strategies of AirBNB For Your Rental Booking Business.


Let’s see the 7 best marketing strategies of Airbnb

Airbnb’s creative marketing endeavors and out-of-the-box thinking went through succeeding seamlessly; all thanks to the matchless features to build ideal marketing strategies of Airbnb.

Wondering how features can get you in the default favorite app-list of your customers?

Well, it is simple.

The more you try to connect with your end-users using creative ideas, the more you are to bond with your customers, and the more you are likely to get them retained.

Everything ultimately adds up to what you have to offer (Accommodations, Experiences, Restaurants) to get what your customers have to offer to you (Commissions, Fees, Retention, Word of Mouth Marketing).

Airbnb seems to match up to these steps in its venture to trail the path from a newcomer in the travel and hospitality industry to the one-stop giant handling all the travel-related offerings.

If you are not well-accustomed with Airbnb’s business model, I suggest you clasp your claws well here

1. City Hosts Listings


Although the main purpose of Airbnb is to list out the vacation rentals, it is setting out to take control of where the travelers stay, what they do there, and what they see.

In this effort, it has launched a completely new feature called experience for the travelers to plan their trip.

This is where the campaign falls into the perfect Airbnb business plan. It encourages the local hosts to list out their offerings and earn out of it.

How the Feature Works
The city host listing feature enables the local host to list their best offerings or services which they think cannot be replicated by others.

They submit good quality pictures of their offerings and submit it to Airbnb.

Airbnb then decides whether to list the experience on the application or not. Once listed, the travelers can make bookings for the experience by paying the deposit to Airbnb.

The Marketing Angle
When the local hosts put up their offerings on Airbnb, they are sure to share the platform with their social media audience.

See how marketing strategies of Airbnb works, when the local hosts post about their offerings, it in turn, creates a funnel for the marketing of Airbnb’s platform as it gets a wider audience.

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2. The Floating House

Airbnb remained devoid of the people of London as hosts, since the law of London didn’t allow the localities to rent their accommodations.

A deregulation law was passed in London in 2015 for the reduction of burdens resulting from the legislation for businesses.

In order to celebrate this event, Airbnb launched a floating house on the Thames river in London, confirming that the people of London can now rent their house for 90 days.

How the Feature Works
The stunt was more of typical marketing strategies of Airbnb, but when you observe it carefully, it can be considered as a press release feature.

This is highly recommended when targeting to build an app like Airbnb, since the current happenings and the latest launches in the application vicinity can be known.

The Marketing Angle
Before the law passed, the people of London were not allowed to rent their houses or places by the law.

Now, when the deregulation law passed in 2015, it was obvious that very few people would be updated and very few would know how to exhaust this power of the law.

So, Airbnb boldly performed the stunt by organizing a competition and the winners were to get a stay in the floating house.

The result of the competition?

It navigated 73,500 users just from London to the platform, out of which 28,000 users were new to Airbnb.

This not only gained Airbnb the users of London, with the power of Social Media Platforms, the reach of the post touted to 19M.

An effective campaign that was!

3. The Belo Logo

The brand Airbnb needed to be restructured. There was a need to deeply connect with the Airbnb users and what better than an emotional logo!

Taking a cue from the blue color of Silicon Valley, Airbnb was initially blue in color. But when considering about the vacation platform that it was, it did not match up to the tone of the purpose it had.

Airbnb rebranded its logo, which represents four aspects: People, Places, Love, and Airbnb.

The logo is called ‘Belo logo’ signifying the message that Airbnb believes in with ‘Belong Anywhere’.

How the Feature Works
While it is not at all a feature, it is solely the identity of Airbnb. The focus here is more on the experience. When Airbnb started, the only thing it had to offer was accommodation. But today, it has shifted its focus on providing the entire trip experience for its users.

Looking at the color scheme and the logo of the time when Airbnb initiated, the bounce rate of the users was quite high.

This resulted in the users visiting the site and bouncing off as quickly as possible.

Now that the entire focus is shifted to the opportunities with people, places, experiences, and photography, Airbnb renews its focus on what the hosts and travelers need.

The Marketing Angle
The logo and rebranding were considered as one of the best marketing strategies of Airbnb, it was created to deeply connect with the users.

It was the start of Airbnb, and in the social age for Airbnb, it is the crowd that is important for the platform.

The crowd will not only be the online advocates of the service but will also help the platform with their loyalty.

This serves the purpose of word of mouth marketing and more users get connected to the brand.

4. Neighborhood Guides


The Airbnb guests while browsing for the accommodations are well-accustomed to their surroundings using a feature called neighborhood guides.

How the Feature Works
This consists of all well-labeled maps as well as the listings of the attractions along with a lot of advice about the transportation. The neighborhood guides are integrated into the Airbnb platform and hence offers a genuine value to the users.

The place where the guest is traveling to in most of the cases is a foreign land and so the guests necessarily would want to be habitual to what the place holds for them.

They would browse through to get as much detailed information they get about the place.

However, with the help of neighborhood guides, the guests can browse through and find the data from the platform itself. This can help keep the guest engaged on the platform.

The Marketing Angle
When a place is listed on Airbnb along with the neighborhood information, the photography is targeted. Airbnb can get on board more photographers since the neighborhood guide feature demands a high quality of pictures.

The local photographers click the pictures and at the end of each picture, their website name is mentioned.

This helps the photographers to self-promoted about their business on the portal as well as make money by clicking the pictures for the neighborhoods.


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5. AirBNB Experience

The local hosts who choose to collaborate with Airbnb list out their offerings. When the feature was launched in 2016, it builds a lot of the value proposition to Airbnb in terms of travel, communities, people, and experiences.

The live their campaign intellectually summarizes the feature that compliments the Airbnb functioning.

How the Feature Works
With experience, Airbnb moved towards controlling the user behavior into what they should be doing when they reach the new place along with the accommodations.

The experience feature connects the local hosts with the guests by the offerings they have to provide. Airbnb is expanding its support for experiences in cities around the globe and it allows the local hosts to create the experience they can offer on Airbnb.

They have to submit their experience and they receive an email from Airbnb.

On confirmation from Airbnb, the hosts can put up the images of their experiences and are eligible to getting requests from the guests.

The Marketing Angle
The purpose of experience feature as one of the marketing strategies of Airbnb is that it opens a completely untraded path for acquiring more customers in the form of the local hosts and photographers.

The local hosts and photographers can make some money out of their service.

This way Airbnb gives a chance the local hosts and the photographers an opportunity to generate revenue while offering the customers with a complete experience.

6. Guidebooks


As a part of its ‘Live there’ campaign, Airbnb launched guidebooks for the guests to decide what activities they can dive into when they visit the place.

How the Feature Works
The guidebooks cover the information about the neighborhood guides and are much more about planning activities, rather than deciding where to stay.

It consists of the comments from the hosts, there is a handy map with all the attractions marked, browseability, filtration, external links to useful websites, etc.

It allows the hosts to create their own personal guidebooks and others can view it and comment on it. This way the number sums up to thousands of guidebooks for the guests to view it and choose activities for their stay.

The Marketing Angle
The guidebook feature is launched under the ‘Live There’ campaign it is considered as one of the very unique marketing strategies by Airbnb

The guidebooks help the guests acquire knowledge about the neighborhood and places listed.

The details of this are asked about from hosts who are invited to add their recommendations to their platform. This makes the data more authentic, personal, and valuable.

The entire guidebook is made up of user-generated content and so it feels more personal to the guests – one of the marketing aspect that is built by getting personal to the customers.

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7. The ‘AirbnbMag’ Proposition


“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not present in the room.” – Airbnb seems to rightly follow it.

It exhibits its ability to give its guests a pleasant experience that is far more affordable and more personal than the hotel rooms.

The best place to display this feature is your homepage as it is the first one to greet your customers.

How the Feature Works
The ‘Airbnbmag’ basically provides information about the happenings around the world in the context of Airbnb.

This feature is a source of revenue model as well for the customers. Airbnb charges a fixed amount of $15 for 6 issues.

The issues can be read from the platform, thereby increasing the engagement of the platform.

This consists of human stories from around the globe that are wrapped up with a local flavor. It consistently gets updated and latest stories are added for the guests to read about the hottest vacation destinations along with the experiences they provide.

The Marketing Angle
The ‘Airbnbmag’ is a content marketing strategy which is unfailingly noticed by the customers when they visit the Airbnb site.It talks about what Airbnb is and what it has to offer segmenting into trips, homes, restaurants, experience in a very explicit manner so as to touch the audience.It says about what Airbnb is about and the customers can choose to subscribe to the magazine for more information.

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The Final Words…

When setting out to develop an application like Airbnb, it is important that the marketing aspects you form should be in line with the features and functionality of your application.

When your customers find more of what they can give in return, they are naturally enticed towards your platform.

This is your chance to acquire them instantly by showing that you have a deep concern about your customers and have come up with the functionalities that help them connect the dots to their purpose easily.

Marketing is, after all, striking the chords with your customers and what better than doing it with your features!

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