Perks Of Mobile Application Development in Travel & Tourism Businesses


This is the era of the millennialsm who are looking for personalized experience in almost all segments of their lives. They have a good amount of disposable income that they are willing to spend in leisure activities. They are ready to go that extra mile to get out of their comfort zone, and try something exciting. The millennials are indeed the target for many brands across the globe.

The travel and tourism industry has flourished owing to the presence of the millennials, one of the best example is Airbnb. The end customer is interacting with processes at every instant using all the available interaction mediums. Travel and tourism industry needs to grow and offer an omni channel presence if they want to win more conversions, and improve their visibility across their target customers. They need to know their end users, and how they consume travel to offer better.

The travel and tourism industry is facing fierce competition with many players owing to the transforming nature of the industry as well as Internet. There are different types of traveler, and the needs of all types of traveler differ from each other. A business traveler may pose different needs when compared to the solo traveler, who has different needs as compared to a family traveling. As a business, you need to consider how they consume travel, their needs from a travel business, and what they are likely to buy. Above everything else, the traveler looks out for good customer service that can personalize the experience for them.

Challenges for Travel & Tourism Industry

The travel and tourism industry is a service-oriented industry, wherein customer service plays an important role. If you are unable to satisfy the end customer, you are likely to lose out on a major chunk of your conversions.

Here we will talk of the challenges that the travel & tourism industry faces:

  • You cannot strategize targeted marketing in this case. The main reason being you are looking at different types of travelers and travel needs. The travel needs of a travel savvy person will differ from that of a single family traveling. The one-size-fits-all philosophy may not work in this case
  • Customer service and their satisfaction marks your travel business’ profitability. If your visitors are unable to serve themselves with what they want, you are again in for a loss
  • Quality and highly efficient resources help make your business profitable. If you are unable to get them on board, you will not be able to offer the personalized experience that your customer is looking for
  • Omni channel presence is a must for travelers in this digital time and age. If you are not present on the medium, your millennial traveler is likely to come, you are considering a huge loss for your business
  • Managing fuel costs while reducing the margins effectively and channelizing the turnover toward a positive side can be challenging to the travel business. With the high-level of competition present in the industry, you will need to approach your business while strategizing for all these points.

How Mobile Apps will Help?

Mobile apps help resolve these issues and overcome the challenges posed to the travel and tourism industry. With mobile apps, you can integrate the different processes and increase operational efficiency to maximize profitability.

  • Simplifies Booking Process: Who wants to go through a tedious and long booking process, when they can book the tickets within minutes with the app? Not only does a mobile app increase the speed of booking but also manages to make it quick and convenient. From adding your personal information to including travel preferences, it has been made easy with the mobile application development.
  • Alerts on Special Discounts: With a solid presence on the mobile app, reaching out to the customers with apt discounts and offers is made easy for the businesses. This will not only increase operational efficiency, but also induce profitability
  • Customers are Satisfied: What used to be done by the agents earlier is now performed by you through the mobile app. This self-service mode helps you find the best option for your travel plan and budget. No wonder, mobile apps are leading to satisfied customers
  • Reduces Investment: The overall traveling cost is reduced significantly, as travel businesses no longer need to invest much in promoting their business. This in turn reduces the cost of travel, which ultimately improves the profits. It is a win-win situation for both the traveler and the business
  • Omni-channel presence: A mobile app gives you the appropriate omni-channel presence that you had been vying for. With a solution that can run across various devices and form factors as well as resolutions, you are reaching out to maximum customers thus increasing your visibility and reach
  • Increased Security: For booking your travel, the mobile app seems to be the most appropriate solution. They are designed keeping in mind all the security aspects, thus leading to secure transactions

With the appropriate mobile solution, your business can win more customers and gain more visibility.

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