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When you think about marketing your business, you would first think of mobile technology at least in the digital marketing era. You simply cannot ignore the importance of mobile, what with billions of smartphone owners waiting for you to step out of your closet. Your target is waiting for you on this platform, and you need to simply establish your presence.

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as it sounds. The reason being you are not convinced why you should be on the mobile platform at all. Many are still confounded with the thoughts that mobile app is for an established business, and not for you. You would be surprised to find the nearby start-up food truck having their mobile app; in fact, even the salon you pay a visit to occasionally has established its mobile presence. So, what are you waiting for? Still need more convincing?

You are not just about interacting with people, but also about interacting with your processes, and monitoring the activities. You have too many decentralized tasks that you need to integrate. Things keep changing each day, and you need to keep evolving with these changes. Transformation should not compromise on your need for consistency. You cannot ignore the need for customer satisfaction; you will need to ensure the needs of your stakeholders are met. Tracking, monitoring and making the necessary changes real-time is the need of the hour. For key decision makers to make the decisions on time requires understanding of the data available. That’s precisely where mobile apps come to your rescue. Not only do they help you interact with your customers in real-time, but also ensure you can make informed decisions with the analytics data made available to you.

This will help you as an organization become more efficient and productive, while ensuring proper streamlining of all your activities and processes. Of course you will need to keep up with the latest mobile trends to come up with an accurate app.

Let’s understand how mobile apps are beneficial to your business.

Improves your Visibility

For a business, visibility to the customers is very important. They need to be present in front of the customers, so as to get the desired conversions. The customer is using the smartphone for various activities, from messaging to calling to using the apps for shopping and browsing. There is already enough clutter in this space, and you will definitely gain visibility if you aim to stand out. Remember, you will be noticed if you have some value to deliver to your end user with the iOS mobile app. This is the place you want to be in, if you want to make sure your customer gives you a second glance and chance.

A Direct Marketing Environment

An Android mobile app is your direct connect with the end customer. Apps offer many services that will help your end users. There are the information based apps, the review apps, the booking apps, the browsing apps, and the gaming apps. These functions help build engagement, and keep the customers rooted to you. There are ways to include sales and promotions too in the app, which is your direct marketing funnel. Your app is your connect with your customer, and selling here would be a direct marketing for your business. Conversions increase with such direct marketing ideas in the app, which will help build profitability for your app.

Brand Building

You are new, and you are yet to build an image in the eyes of your customer. There’s no better way to get acknowledgement and the required user base than mobile solutions. An aesthetically designed app with intuitive features and the necessary information will help build your user base.

You can even work on recognition for your business using the app. For this you will need to get the users involved with the app. The principle of “Effective Frequency”, which means seeing or hearing about your brand at least 20 times will get you noticed, will work with the mobile app.

When you are planning application design and development, the budget will definitely worry you. That’s one of the reasons why people think not having an app is good idea. If you think of the cost taking into account the time and the efforts as well as the money that goes into app building, you will have a much better chance of accepting the budget. The ROI is dependent on your total cost of ownership, which will be justified in terms of time, efforts as well as the app building.

So, if you have thought of going mobile, think of how you want your mobile presence to be established, and call for mobile app development.

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