Poshmark Similar Home and Decor Business: An Idea of Mobile App For Re-Commerce


Niche for Poshmark Similar Application Development

Adding a page to the trends of digitization, social commerce and re-selling, Poshmark is here with its staggering features to conquer the market of re-commerce, giving a tough fight to the contemporaries.

Enduring our campaign of similar application development, we have taken up Poshmark to create a disruption in the market of re-selling and social commerce as well. Now you might having a lot many questions on this one, I know, but first you need to go through the study on Poshmark to clear you head about the elephant in the room.

Task of complete study of Poshmark and its features — Done

Next task is to brainstorm about the niches for which you can come up with an application similar to Poshmark

Don’t’ stress your brain too much, as we have a solution for the second task as well.

We are coming up with a series of informative contents on each of the niche for which a Poshmark similar application can be developed.

Meanwhile you can share if you have any business requirements that need an application similar to Poshmark and get an instant feedback from us.

There are n numbers of niches, but we are focusing only on the most lucrative ones. Let’s get started with the first one, Poshmark similar Home and Decor business.

Such a short generalized term for almost everything that is visible to your eyes while roaming around in your house. We conceptualize the development of application for this niche by covering all the items that are subject to re-selling and fulfill our first and mandatory criteria of re-commerce.

Let’s embark upon the Poshmark similar Home and Decor business niche by enlisting the categories that can be added in this application.

Lets have a look at the options that will be available for the members to access the application with ease. It includes various options such as:




My Shack















Here List Of Basic Item Categories You Should Have to Add For Your Home and Decor Digital Business



Furniture refers to any kind of objects that make the house worth living and comfortable such as table, chair beds etc. And this category has maximum number of products that are available as well as needed in every house and so maximum products will be posted for reselling after use owing to changing tastes and time. Even there can be lot many buyers looking for furniture missing in their house, and that’s what we need!

This category for Poshmark similar Home and Decor business can be further classified into following categories to make the task easier for buyer as well as seller.

Living Room

1. Living Room_2_Trootech Business Solutions

Products under this category are enlisted here, we can even create sub-categories in each section too.

For example in the sofa set there can be categories such as number of seats, material, etc.



In bedroom there are a lot of items that can be added such as



3. Decor_Trootech Business Solution

So done with the furniture, now comes second half, the Décor category. This category includes various items that are used for enhancing the beauty of home indoors or outdoors.

If you sit down to list out the decoration items for an entire house than it may take a while, so we are presenting you some of the most trending items that are re-sold online that can be added in our.



4. Kitchen_Trootech Business Solution

How can we forget this category, it contains number of products but we have tried to categorize all the items in few parts. Here you go..




Along with all the household items even there a lot of people wanting to get rid off the kids stuff, because alas, they grew up! In this application we have kept an entire category for kids, and you can sell almost anything that is gently used and can be sold online maintaining the applications standards.

Almost all the kids stuff can be sold but here are a few examples of the sub-categories.

How it works


Owing to the features and functionalities that we are going to borrow from Poshmark’s business model, the main role of the sellers and buyers will be as the members of this social commerce application and will than become sellers and buyers depending on their needs.

Features that will be replicated from Poshmark are:

    • Registration
    • Listing items
    • Feed
    • Filters
    • Chat Module
    • Sharing Social Media
    • On-site Search Option
    • Likes and Comments
    • Notifications
    • Buy Now
    • Multiple Payment Options
    • Pre-addressed Labels
    • Inventory management
    • Bundle
    • Reserve



Features that can enhance the Poshmark similar Home and Decor business application and customized for it by TRooTech are:

o Shack — where you can save items

Its like the wish list, you like something and you add that to your shack, it even notifies the seller when you add his item to your shack, so you get notified when it is no longer available.

o Pick-up from home

Just click picture, post add, negotiate and lay back, you can provide this feature to your sellers to ease their work and make the entire shipping thing more reliable.

o Community

Members can form communities based on location, choices, categories, etc. whichever suits them and can communicate and post queries and discussions can be carried out.

o Notifications of items

You can star any item for which you need notification, whether it is available or not.

o Notifications of price variation

Whenever there is any change in the price of the item you have starred, you get instant notification with the price and an option to buy or discard.

o Send as a gift

This is an added feature for the buyers, buyers can buy an item and then select the send as a gift option, and it will delivered to the mentioned address gift wrapped and a pre-mentioned note.

o Requesting an offer as a negotiation module

You can create offer on any item to negotiate the price, if the seller like your offer, he accepts it or he can reject it. It saves time and cuts unnecessary communication.

o Events management

This feature is very important from business point of view, user can create an event, invite other users, set notifications for each event , etc.

o Offers and discounts

You can even provide discounts and offer on certain items based upon social activity or the seller themselves can provide offer for his/her products.

o Tracking of order

Owing to the pick up from home feature, tracking of order becomes mandatory now a days as people are eager to know when they will get their product.

o Discounts on a bundle of items

Discount shall be provided on purchase of a certain number of items, this can entice buyers even more and eventually its a plus for the business’ profit.

These many features in one application, anyone would be interested to hop in this business model right..!!

Did this idea kick your brain than quickly contact us and let us know what are your business requirements or you want us to tailor features for your business?

Who knows we can can collaborate to make something more astounding than this, share what’s bubbling in your mind after reading this chapter and keep visiting until we come with next chapter and a new niche!!


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