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A visible online presence can help increase your user base, and can maximize your conversions. If you are visible, and can grab attention of your customers, you can easily achieve your revenue goals. In the mobility era, you need a visible mobile presence to maximize your reach, as there are more than 1.7 Bn people using smartphones.

But, despite having a good presence, a lot of businesses are losing out on their mobile customers. They keep abandoning your mobile website or, app, thus causing customer attrition. Why does this happen once too often? One of the major reasons being, your app or website is unable to fulfill their expectations or, grant them the experience they have been seeking.

Your app or website is far from being mobile friendly, and the reasons could be many. Your customer has a short attention span, and if your mobile app design does not cater to this attention span, you are likely to lose out on potential customers. Lack of patience is another reason why customers move away from your app or website. A mobile customer is least patient, and if you keep this customer waiting, then you are definitely sailing through troubled waters.

There are some mistakes that you need to avoid, which can help make your app more mobile friendly. Here, we will take you through these mistakes that you need to avoid, so that you can prevent your customers from moving to competitor’s app.

The basic step is to build a responsive website which is lasting long trend that offers consistent user-experience across different devices

Poor Content Placement

It is one of the major factors that affects retail sites, and causes customer attrition for them. But, it is not restricted to the retail sites alone. There are other businesses as well that face customer attrition owing to poor content placement on the mobile site.

You need to remember that unlike the desktop screen, the mobile devices come with narrow fields and limited space. A lot of businesses have a habit of including call to action at the bottom or the screen, which can be painful to the mobile customer. They cannot scroll down easily on their small devices with a smaller screen. Plus they need to pinch the screen to zoom into the button. The content should be placed in a one scroll way, with the call-to-action prominent even for mobile devices, to make it more mobile friendly.

Problems with Fonts

When you are accessing the website on the mobile, then there could be font issues that can cause customer attrition. The two main issues include font size and font shifting. The text size, if too small cannot be readable on the small device. This means the user has to constantly zoom in/out to go through the content, which can be highly testing for the user.

Instead, you can have product details on a single screen, with a good font size to make it mobile friendly. The user will need to swipe through the screens to view the different products/services.

The second main issue is font shifting, which you need to convert the font into something that is available. This translation of font should occur without any overlapping; else it can cause customer attrition.

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Web Development Trends

Web Development Trends

Video Formats

You believe that having a video on the mobile site or app can be beneficial for your business. But, who will be viewing the video, and where will they view it will help you define the type of video you should be uploading on the site or app.

A flash video is not compatible with iOS devices, while certain videos are not displayed properly on older/cheaper models. You need to use video content that will play irrespective of the device it is being played on. Don’t forget to take presentation seriously, before uploading the video.

Slow Loading Time

Your visitor or user is known for being impatient. Waiting for your screen to load up is the last thing on their mind. Your loading time should be 3 seconds or lower. If it goes beyond 3 seconds, you are definitely losing them to your competition. Optimization for incredible loading time can guarantee you conversions.

Not Loading on Certain Devices

If you have defined your target audience across a range of devices, but your site or app refuses to load on all the devices your target is probably using, you are in for user attrition. If it does not load on their device that customer is no longer going to follow you. This is another problem worth looking into.

You need to understand that if your mobile site or app poses any of the problems mentioned above, it will directly affect your bottom line, and make you lose out on probable conversions. You need to optimize your site for performance, and conduct thorough testing to make sure you have reduced or no attrition of users. The idea is to maximize your reach and increase your revenues with professional web development.

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