The B2B eCommerce: Expectations through 2016


It seems like B2B has a good chance of gaining conversions in the coming year. 2016 is going to be an uphill path for B2B, and specifically the B2B eCommerce development. Till date, B2C has been glorified, and many channels have been explored to build the path for B2C. Today, B2C has gained the height it had been looking out for, in terms of both conversions and profitability. Since long, efforts have been made to make B2C work online. A lot of channels were being explored, and multi-channel retail was being considered to attract those who don’t convert using a single channel alone.

But, if predictions are to be honored, then this year will glorify the existence of B2B eCommerce website development. Till date B2B companies have been wary of going online, or adopting e-Commerce technologies online. Things are going to change with the opportunities that are being offered to the B2B companies.

Why things have been slow for B2B enterprises? Firstly, the B2B companies are pretty complex in structure and the needs are intense for these companies. Chances of price fluctuation as well as the involvement of taxes and duties make e-Commerce for B2B challenging for the businesses. The trends are changing, which will help the B2B companies grow online. Here are a few trends that will help B2B companies boost in 2016 online.

The Shift to e-Commerce

Gone are the age old methods of selling. In fact, they no longer exist for most people now. It is no longer an option to opt for eCommerce platforms. It has become a norm for survival for most businesses. As per a survey conducted for the different B2B businesses, it can be said that 59% are already looking out for a viable eCommerce business solution, while close to 24% are planning to get involved with B2B eCommerce in the next 6 months. The B2B businesses need to offer experiences that are similar or better than that offered by B2C, as the B2C businesses have already set the benchmark for the businesses. Of the B2B businesses surveyed, 80% feel that technology is essential for their survival in this highly competitive environment, and are slowly planning to move forward.

Consumerization for B2B

Consumers are important for B2B as much as they are for the B2C businesses. B2C businesses have enhanced their online approach by offering incredible interfaces, and user-friendly designs. They have understood consumerization perfectly, and aim to offer experiences that are designed to build. With B2B entering the online segment, it is essentially important for the B2B businesses to start considering consumerization and planning for the same by building eCommerce app development. They need to make the experience easy and similar for the consumers looking to shop online or offline. Intuitive navigation as well as a good interface suggests a user-centric design, which should be the aim of B2B businesses aiming to go online.

Go Neat with Content

Content is at the core of every business, and it is important for B2B businesses to consider their content well before actually assigning it. But, in case of B2B or B2B eCommerce, content happens to be the sales representative. It is the content that does the selling, as it offers complete insight into the product. It is important for you as the B2B business marketer to ensure a good product description is written on the website, which can sell the product. Good images and detailed content will also help sell the product in a much better way. Also include guidelines to help sell. You need to make sure you have considered all aspects of content to come out with the best design possible.

Market on Marketplaces

Many B2B businesses have found an affinity towards marketplaces. They feel it is better to be listed on a marketplace, as it will help reach out to more people, as against direct virtual marketing. But, going direct with marketing or choosing a marketplace needs to be a well thought out process. You should take into consideration the need posed by your business, and how either of the possibilities will help you with the business, before opting for one solution. With marketplaces, B2B can start running immediately as they will handle all the complex business requirements, giving you the wings to run your business with expertise.

With eCommerce 2016 ringing in some amazing opportunities for B2B businesses, let’s see how these businesses explore their online opportunities, and grow big.

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