6 Amazing Competitors of Thumbtack making the business field healthy

Before talking about the competitors of Thumbtack, let’s take a quick look at Thumbtack.



Thumbtack is one of the leading online podium to effortlessly search for a local freelance service across the US.

Homeowners, working parents, travelers, pet care and various tasks of the people with a big to-do list get complete support to get them done on time.

Adding it on, this online arena gives a full fulcrum from an entry route to becoming a famous expert, bringing out the riches of what they are good at.

A friendly partner that every new entrant searches for- clever, kind and motivator to give the freelancers a push to make their business a better one.

Thumbtack is all about a whole lot more to enhance (not expand) the business.

The Mantra of Thumbtack’s Success

Current time of Thumbtack business see’s all riches of growth with 2,00,000 experts in the different tasks that are helping people who shop for valuable freelance assistance.

In addition to this, It gives a high five to engaging in 5 million plus yearly assignments.

A 1000 plus offered services across the US make it more effective. Employing more than 350 staff members to deal with the challenges to enhance Thumbtack services every other day.

The Secret Ingredients Leading To Their Success…


  • A ‘Pay per intro’ model was implemented by the geek co-founders of Thumbtack that steals the show to give a simple user-friendly payment structure to the people. As monetizing was a chasing shark to the burning demands of such an effective project. So many payment models attempted to fit the subscription and commission outlay before implementing the ‘’Pay per intro’ payment structure.
  • The extensive categories of services make it easier for the customer to pick the exact service package they hunt for.
  • To hire experts without a middleman to get a cost-effective price outlay.
  • The ‘Thumbtack guarantee’ makes the customer more secured on a fixed deal for a specific task.
  • A freelancer can take all the pleasure of keeping 100% income without giving a penny commission to the middlemen. This idea also acted as a boon to the once who are stepping out of the university to make a career that he/she is passionate for.
  • Professional community, live chat, and a phone call are what the experts can communicate through to talk with the Thumbtack team.
  • The blogs on the Thumbtack website also focus on guiding a new customer to get things done optimally and also guide a new expert on making an effective proposal and attractive profile.

These brownie points may generate a series of question marks.

How to get a similar website like Thumbtack? Who are the competitors of Thumbtack? What are the alternatives to Thumbtack online freelancing services? Will it work out for me? Whom to contact for proper assistance in planning?

Sip a glass of wine and continue reading. we will try to give you all the information regarding sites similar to thumbtack.

Thumbtack website has been much more successful to conquer every setback.
Sensing this, the competitors of Thumbtack are all over the map.

Revealing the big names of Thumbtack Competitors

Amazon Home Services

A proficient shopping cart to get an expert service with a guarantee. It is also a huge yielding floor for the freelancers to get the leads and make money.


It’s an online platform that connects the individuals looking for home services with pre-screened expert freelancers nearby their location.


Connecting the clients and certified self-employed experts in home remodeling and home improvement activities.

PRO Referral

A free online service for searching a local expert for home development, especially for the ones who want to get the 'do it yourself' task completed.

Talk Local

People who want to converse and negotiate on the required services from the freelancer through an interview or a phone call. A more personalized approach with also focusing on privacy at its best.


Gentask is a highly interactive online marketplace of services for the US audience. The best part is, the app has secured and customized options for the users to get privacy in information sharing on the app.

Task Rabbit

It puts more weight on the quality of services to the people who need a service specialist.

Amazon Home Services

Amazon home services - the competitors of thumbtack

Opening the list of competitors of Thumbtack the first contender is Amazon Home Services.

It is one of the biggest shopping carts to shop for any type of skilled service.

All that one needs to do is select a service needed, add it to the cart, get it done and make a payment.

As simple as that! They also prove best when it comes to handpicking a competent expert.


Amazon Home Services has its presence in many cities in the US. More and more locations are added to the list every other day.

The Arsenal Of The Big Gun

  • Featuring a ‘Happiness Guarantee’ that involves working with the expert and the customer to sort the problem or pay back the money under a few conditions if not happy with the work
  • Rigorous follow up on the case if the expert doesn’t go to complete the task
  • Simplified business model
  • Effortless scheduling for the end users
  • Upfront service rates
  • It offers pre-packaged service through the gift cards.
  • No extra tip charges for the services other than mentioned in the price outlay
  • Easy rescheduling or canceling the expert services

Explore the Power of Thumbtack’s Business Model

Download the Series of Videos Showing How The Business Model adopted by Different Niches Like Wedding Planning, Mental Health, and More… 


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handy - the competitors of thumbtack

Handy is considered as one of the biggest competitors of Thumbtack and it is one of those sites that is similar to thumbtack.

It is an online platform that best networks the individuals looking for home services with pre-screened expert freelancers.

The users can easily search for any type of home services right from home cleaning, moving help, handyman to furniture assembly or even artistic home services like the painting.

What’s unique about Handy is the 60-second booking process for the customers.

It not only provides unique app services for the customers but also to the professionals. One can choose to be a professional or a retail partner with Handy.


Handy networks thousands of service seekers every week with expert professionals across the globe.

The Handy Features Of The Platform

  • The customers can apply for the Handy Happiness Guarantee within 72 hours of the service appointment to claim the damages or to get help in making the services right.
  • Students can also apply for Handy Scholarships to improve their skill set to change the globe for a better place.
  • The service providers can get high flexibility in schedules simply by choosing when and how much they want to work for a week.
  • Integrating a third-party payment processor that will charge the customers with the finalized amount including the order, purchases, trust & support fees and any other expenses that they have to pay to book a professional service.


porch - the competitors of thumbtack

In the never ending list of thumbtack competitors, Porch with its two-way marketplace for home development services has immerged as one of the fierce competitors of Thumbtack. Probably one of the best place for the homeowners to post the assignment and get competitive bids on the project.

Also, the experts or contractor can give quotations and get work. The services and contracts offered are driven by a complete guarantee of home services.

Be it damages at home, no proper follow-ups by the contractors and much more. It offers 40 different expertise followed by subcategories of home improvement jobs.


Porch serves its expertise all across the US. Atlanta, GA, Memphis, TN, Phoenix, AZ, and San Francisco, CA to name a few.

The Passage Connecting The Needs

  • The expert carries the license or certification required for a specific task
  • Service satisfaction promises from Porch
  • Quick quotes
  • Agreeable selection of date and time of appointment
  • Finalization of the appointment by Porch
  • Can talk to an expert through a phone call
  • Cancel the service for free before 24 hours of the decided time of appointment
  • They do provide property protection reimbursements

Check Out

PRO Referral

proreferral - the competitors of thumbtack

Among the competitors of Thumbtack, Pro Referral powered by Home Depot has the latest technology in-store and online platform to search and connect with the home service craftsman for free to craft a perfect home.

The main focus lies in providing best buddies for a ‘do it yourself’ projects. It takes even the basic house requirements much seriously.

As in, installing a ceiling fan, painting the home exteriors, modifying the old furniture or even cleaning the gutters.

The website has an easily operated structure to search a right pro and also an effective stage to become a pro.


It has spread its wings in major cities of the United States.

The Masterkey For Home Improvement

  • It has niched the target market to home improvements
  • Users can review the expert information even if they don’t want to hire them
  • They can screen out five experts to connect to for their home requirements
  • A well-planned website that is as easy as a pie for the users
  • It also helps to guide the prospects in the right direction
  • No charges for the services to search the pro or get the leads
  • Recommends the top matched pro experts relating to the request sent
  • It is flexible to allow users to share or block their contact with the pros

Talk Local

talklocal - the competitors of thumbtack

A comfortable and effective web presence that proves best for the once in need of an artist, professional or an old hand at their doorsteps Talk Local has emerged as one of the tough competitors of Thumbtack in the major city of US.

The key element that differentiates it from that of others is- its business model is more personalized and localized.

Searching up on Talk Local rings a phone call to three experts in a nearby location that one can talk to.


One can find professionals in top cities of US through Talk Local.

Localizing The Local Services

  • ‘Pay per conversation’ policy actually benefits the user to only pay when they want to talk to an expert of their choice
  • Best for the people who are open for talking on a phone call with the experts
  • An internal automated system to call the experts and notify the requirement
  • Flexible timings as per the convenience of the prospect

The Power Lies In Your Hands.

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Gentask has emerged as one of the competitors of Thumbtack with the highly interactive online marketplaces of services.

A very simple process for searching any type of service professional from personal training to house painting has been USP of Gentask.

It’s free for the users to get quotes from the selected experts simply by mentioning their requirements.

The Gentask’s app does the rest of the things needed to list out related results of service providers for the users.

The functioning on the app is much interactive for all the users to make it a smooth process for comparing reviews, profiles, and quotes to hire the right pro for the task.

Also, the professionals listed on the app can upfront provide a quote to their leads.


GenTask is especially for people looking for services at any states of the US like Alabama, Alaska, Maryland, Michigan, and California to name a few.

Advanced Interactive Approach:

  • Making the search options more interactive with few questions asked to the users to provide them with the related search results of the services professionals.
  • The user information collected on the app is completely secured with the electronic, and managerial procedures on the app.
  • Service providers can easily track the leads and interact with them on the app to understand their requirements and give quotes.
  • Making it a highly competitive platform for service providers makes it easy for customers to get reasonable quotes much speedier.

Task Rabbit

taskrabbit - the competitors of thumbtack

TaskRabbit is an online arena where the Task posters (people who look for an expert help) can easily connect with the Task rabbits (validated and pre-approved individuals who have talent in a specific task).

It basically supports the people who have money but no time to complete specific tasks. They can get the work done by hiring an agent nearby their location.

Also become a helping hand to the freelancers that want to ace the profession behind the business.

The business model of Task Rabbit is more similar to Thumbtack compared to other competitors of Thumbtack.

The community has always considered Thumbtack as biggest TaskRabbit competitors and vise versa, the debate of Thumbtack vs TaskRabbit is always going to be one of the hottest topic in on-demand service industry.


Its services reach out across the Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Boston, LA & OC, Portland, Phoenix, San Antonia, Chicago, Washington DC, Dallas, Miami, Denver, Philadelphia, New York City, Seattle, San Diego, SF Bay area and in London.

Pulses of Task Rabbit

  • Quality at its best when it comes to the task doers
  • Freebie to choose any convenient timings
  • Smooth freelancing of simple tasks
  • Crowdsourced’ trade model with fierce competition to propose a much lower price of the service.
  • Added value for the price paid
  • A ready field of leads that provides quick turnaround on profit to the freelancers
  • All the riches of task insurance
  • Instant payment features


Copying is beneficial when done inteligently. Every competitor did!

After going through the above pluses of Thumbtack and sites similar to Thumbtack one can easily niche out space which needs more emphasis.

Designing a pricing outlay and the simplified functioning of the business mechanism is also in the mainstream to get a similar app like Thumbtack.

Take A Note

Before taking a look at the features of the Ideal Marketplace, it is important to clear the basics.

The app owner should understand their niche and the target audience for that niche, then they must decide which platform is best suited for their target audience. Website Deveolopment, Android App Development, iOS App Development or multi-channel solution is needed.

Then they need to strategize and design the UI & UX best suited to the niche they are targeting.

Here, simplified functioning relates to the business processes. Read on to get a dummy idea on the same.

A dummy process for professionals

  1. Send a detailed requirement to the professionals as received from the customer
  2. Know the feasibility of the professional
  3. Suggest a medium of conversation
  4. Let the professional understand the requirement and make a proposal
  5. Communicate the proposal with the person in need of an expert freelancer
  6. Fix the deal
  7. Fix an appointment
  8. Provide services as per the appointment
  9. Follow up
  10. Get a payment
  11. Post payment activities

A dummy process for service seekers

  1. Post a requirement
  2. Get to see related tasks and offered deals
  3. Select the preferred task
  4. Confirm the task
  5. Get a list of experts
  6. Make a choice
  7. Converse with the professionals
  8. Get a proposal
  9. Fix a deal
  10. Make a payment
  11. Give an appointment
  12. Get the task done
  13. Check the quality
  14. Give feedback
  15. Proceed with the reimbursements if any, or if applied

Every day is showtime if you have the spark!

Today, the world of instant-everything gives the fortune to sit on a Firebolt magic broom and fly over to shop for exact professional assistance in just a couple of minutes.

It’s very vital to stay conscious of the cause and effects of having strong competitors, especially when the type of services is pretty extensive.

Also, how well will the policies work when you have a pool of competitors become a prime facet to consider. Like:

  • The high ratio of the ‘tire kickers’, one who digs into the information and takes the advantage but never go for a purchase.
  • The ‘Pay for leads’ policy demands great assurance on the authenticity of the leads.

Usage for price comparison can help the prospects bargain with the local expert they know.

It’s just that the startups or enterprises need to focus on the user-friendly app features and simplified business processes on the app to make it a hit show.Interested in developing a service marketplace like Thumbtack or any of the competitors of Thumbtack?

Thumbtack Pricing

Thumbtack pricing is based on a pay-per-lead model, where professionals are charged when a customer contacts them through the platform. However, the exact cost per lead can vary and is influenced by several factors. Here's what we can gather from the search results:

  • Thumbtack does not charge professionals an entry or annual fee to list their business on the platform.
  • The cost per lead on Thumbtack is not straightforward and can vary depending on different variables.
  • Some professionals have reported a significant increase in lead prices on Thumbtack, which has affected their profitability.
  • Thumbtack allows professionals to set their prices for their services, giving them control over their pricing.
  • Thumbtack does not charge customers to use the platform; instead, professionals pay to have the ability to provide quotes to customers.

Here, in this blog, we are adding a few new competitors of Thumbtack that have become one of the preferred choices of homeowners today, whether they are looking to refurnish or reconstruct their homes or searching for interior designing solutions.

Angi is a leading home improvement service provider connecting homeowners with skilled professionals, ensuring reliable and convenient solutions for all their home improvement needs. 

If you are searching for a reliable digital marketplace for getting all professional home improvement, maintenance, and remodeling projects under one roof, you can connect with HomeAdvisor. 

Houzz, the ultimate design and renovation platform, empowers homeowners to transform their spaces with endless inspiration and access to top professionals in the industry.


Angi is considered one of the biggest competitors of Thumbtack. It is a publicly-traded company enabling users to search for home contractors and paid home improvement services.

The platform has shifted from a subscription-based model to a freemium edition, offering a wide range of services, such as home cleaning, roof repair, fence repair, plumbing, electrical, remodeling, and much more. 
It offers a user-friendly and intuitive user interface making it much easier for users to book their services conveniently. 

Angi is widely offering its services throughout the United States covering all its major cities and areas.

Core Features of Angi 

  1. Angi offers a comprehensive platform for homeowners to find trusted professionals for various home projects, including routine maintenance, repairs, renovations, and more.
  2. Angi connects users with vetted professionals who have been thoroughly screened and reviewed by other homeowners. This ensures that customers can find reliable and trustworthy service providers.
  3. With Angi, customers can easily book home services with upfront pricing, allowing them to get the help they need quickly and conveniently.
  4. The marketplace provides a wealth of information and inspiration for homeowners, helping them kick-start bigger home projects and connect with trusted professionals to bring their visions to life.
  5. The platform offers two levels of membership. The free membership allows users to store project details and search for professionals, while the Angi Key membership provides additional benefits such as discounts on many services, online scheduling, exclusive members-only deals, and coverage under the Happiness Guarantee.
  6. It offers customer support through direct messaging for members.


HomeAdvisor, a leading home services marketplace, connects homeowners with trusted professionals to tackle their home improvement projects.

What sets HomeAdvisor apart is its innovative ProFinder technology, which uses advanced algorithms to match homeowners with service providers based on their specific project requirements, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.

With HomeAdvisor, finding the perfect professional for your home becomes a breeze, taking the stress out of the process and turning your vision into reality.

HomeAdvisor is available in various parts of the United States. They have a national directory that covers multiple states, including Alabama, California, Florida, New York, Texas, and many others.

The Core USPs of HomeAdvisor 

  1. HomeAdvisor offers a platform that connects homeowners with a variety of trusted professionals for home repair, improvement, and renovation projects.
  2. HomeAdvisor utilizes advanced algorithms and ProFinder technology to match homeowners with service providers based on their specific project requirements, ensuring a personalized and efficient experience.
  3. HomeAdvisor conducts background checks on the owners or principals of businesses in their network to ensure that homeowners are connected with reliable and trustworthy professionals.
  4. HomeAdvisor provides access to millions of reviews from homeowners who have used their services, allowing users to make informed decisions when selecting a service provider.
  5. HomeAdvisor offers information about project costs, helping homeowners estimate and plan their budgets for various home improvement projects.
  6. Homeowners can create a free account on HomeAdvisor to search for professionals. They can browse a directory of professionals by service type or enter their ZIP code to find local service providers.


Houzz is an online platform that connects homeowners, design enthusiasts, and professionals in the home improvement industry. It offers a vast collection of home design photos, a collaborative environment, and tools like augmented reality to visualize design ideas.

Houzz's marketplace provides access to a wide range of home products. It also facilitates direct connections between homeowners and professionals, allowing users to hire the right professionals for their projects.

Overall, Houzz offers a comprehensive and unique experience for home design and renovation.

Houzz provides home improvement interior designing, and remodeling services throughout the world including countries like the US, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, India, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and many more. 

What Makes Houzz Different from Others?

  1. Houzz provides a vast collection of home design photos, allowing users to browse and save beautiful images of inspiring homes.
  2. The platform facilitates connections between homeowners and professionals in the home renovation industry, making it easier to find and hire the right professionals for projects.
  3. It offers a marketplace where users can shop for a wide range of home products, furniture, and materials from various vendors.
  4. Houzz provides tools like augmented reality and virtual mood boards to help users visualize their design ideas and create personalized spaces.
  5. The marketplace creates a collaborative environment where users can connect with professionals, ask questions, and get advice on their home improvement projects.
  6. It boasts the largest residential design database in the world, empowering users to find inspiration, get advice, and hire professionals to turn their ideas into reality.


Thumbtack is a software application service that connects consumers with local professionals for various tasks, from home repairs to event planning. The Thumbtack software application facilitates this connection by allowing users to search for services, compare prices, read reviews, and hire professionals directly through the platform.

The Thumbtack application offers a range of features to facilitate the connection between users and local professionals. Users can search for services based on their needs, compare prices and reviews, communicate directly with professionals, schedule appointments, and make payments securely. Additionally, professionals can create profiles, showcase their work, manage bookings, and interact with potential clients, making it a comprehensive platform for service-based transactions.

The main competitors of Thumbtack are TaskRabbit, Angie's List, and HomeAdvisor. TaskRabbit provides similar services for various tasks and errands. Angie's List and HomeAdvisor focus on home services, offering listings of local professionals and reviews. However, Thumbtack distinguishes itself with its broader range of services.

Thumbtack and TaskRabbit connect users with local service professionals, but they differ in focus and scope. Thumbtack offers a broader range of services, including home repairs, events, and wellness, while TaskRabbit specializes in various tasks and errands. Additionally, Thumbtack allows professionals to bid on projects, while TaskRabbit sets hourly rates.

Entrepreneurs and business owners planning to build an application, similar to Thumbtack must consider a reliable and leading custom software development company, such as TRooTech which has 10+ years of wide experience and a pool of expert developers to cater to diverse project requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.

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