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Education industry has been constantly investing in technology to improve the overall learning environment. What would take a lot of effort in the past can now be performed with just a click. Remote learning environments have been setup so that students from all corners of the world can gain the benefits of certain teaching methods and style. From basic education to various languages to arts & sciences, everything has reached your doorstep with technology.

Apart from imparting knowledge, education technology is also performing another major duty, one that is basic and makes your education highly functional. The one major duty is administrating all the verticals of education in order to streamline the functioning of your school, campus, college and even the examination.

Education technology has given wings to the teachers and students too. Half of their time and work management has been taken over by technology, thus leaving the teachers and students to concentrate on the core. From desktop application to mobile application, education technology has come a far way. Your teachers and student can manage their tasks using the smartphones, while on the move. How? There are many apps that are meant to help you through your day, month and year at the school. Let’s have a look at some of the interesting apps that students around the world have loved, and taken to in order to ensure all their tasks are taken care of.

Sound Note

For students, taking notes during the lecture is an important activity. But, most of you refrain from doing it. Why? It is time consuming and requires a lot of efforts. Come exam time and you look forward to someone sharing the class notes with you. Why depend on anyone build your own app to take care of your needs? Sound Note helps you take down the notes conveniently with fewer efforts. You are not only able to take down notes but also draw sketches with this app. In fact, the audio recorder available with this app allows you to record the entire lecture, and take down notes later. Sharing is also easy with this app. You can share your recording with your friend via Email or PC transfer.


As a student you often get to hear the word deadline. Managing the numerous tasks handed over to you within the time period mentioned can become quite trying, and you may end up not finishing some of them on time. Either you have forgotten the deadline or, you were unable to prioritize the tasks efficiently. With Todoist, you can manage your tasks efficiently, prioritize them and not miss out on a single deadline. You can even add, finish or reschedule the tasks from multiple devices and even when you are offline. Set reminders for deadline, so that you know which task requires your attention first.


Information overload is something that you experience right from the time when you are a student. There is a lot of material that you need to read and understand, but that requires a lot of time. With Conceptmeister, you can get the basic concept behind the text, which makes reading easy and fast. This app analyzes the different texts quickly, and helps you get the main idea of the document. What you need to do? Take a photo of the text you want to analyze, load it to your Google Disk, Dropbox or One Drive, and get the app started. Now that’s easy, isn’t it?

Easy Bib

In your research paper, compiling the bibliography according to the citation specified can become a tiring task. You waste a lot of time just trying to figure a way out to do it, and finally end up being manual. What if you had an app that would help you through? Easy Bib is one of the best citation generators of this generation. You can create bibliography in the particular citation with ease using this app, and it is pretty accurate. You can even send it via email to share it with other fellow mates.

Math Alarm

Don’t want to miss out on a class or, be late for them? With Math Alarm, you simply cannot escape the alarm by turning it off. You need to answer a math problem, before it turns off. This alarm includes a music library, from where you can choose a song that will help you wake up. So, next time you try to sleep through the alarm, remember there is a math problem waiting for you.

Are these apps fun? Do you think you would download them? Try them to start managing your schedule.

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